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What Is The Fudge Token?

Fudge token is a high-tech blockchain-based digital currency that majorly resembles Ethereum and Bitcoin. However, the token comes with remarkable and exciting distinctions. It is designed to fix a majority of the challenges that most altcoins encounter and, in turn, significantly rewards the community via constant token burns and massive monthly free token distributions to all the holders.

The developers say that the Fudge token is 100% community-focused and driven. This token is in the process of launch and final development rollout and its roadmap seems quite impressive and can take the project to great heights if fulfilled. The developers want to deploy a new decentralized financing platform that is dedicated to solving the existing crypto-related volatility issues.

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Many altcoins are exploding in the current crypto boom. However, each of these projects comes with some shortfalls. Notably, the Annual Percentage Yield is vulnerable to the risk of instant losses due to liquidity and volatility. Furthermore, the new investors are currently trapped in the hopes and promises of massive returns and staking awards.


The Fudge token is geared towards the community offering an assortment of services. Notably, the governance regularity bodies have been made accessible by Fudge token holders which guarantees an exchange platform for the investors to the contributor.

The developers are also in the process of creating a platform on which the HODLERS can vote and make future suggestions of where the ecosystem should go in the future. Fudge token is working to create the “The Power is yours” ecosystem. Developers of the project believe in the advantages of being community-driven. The token holders will be allowed to access the governance system where they can vote and make suggestions of what they want for the future of the project.

“The Fudge Token team is set to deliver ahead of time, a much-needed solution to the pricing volatility that plagues crypto communities globally.”

Why Invest In The Fudge Token?

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The proponents and developers of this project have said that the crypto space will be revolutionized by the Fudge token. It will equally distribute the power among the members sharing rewards. Fudge will adopt a static reward system where the network of issues can get addressed.

Notably, the net supply of the coins will be 618 trillion. If implemented ideally, the static mechanism of the token will revolutionize the entire crypto market by inflicting penalties on investors, and the money collected is then distributed among the users in the form of the Fudge token. This feature of the token is interesting for the coin holders who have hopes of a bright future heading towards the boom.

The developers are also implementing a burn strategy to offer benefits to the coin holders and the strategy is expected to distribute shares equally. The token burning process needs to improve to ensure that it does not become infinite in the future. Burning fudge tokens in a regulated manner will benefit its community through the multiple exchange platform updates.

Fudge is destined for manual token burns with its tracking monitored and advertised often. The burning process is wholly transparent for a defined tracking and circulation of supply whenever necessary.

What Does The Token Offer?

The automatic liquidity feature that comes with Fudge is expected to offer some benefit to the coin holders. The existing decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens are showing multiple issues that can be resolved using the unique LP procedure that makes the Fudge token a reliable and safe online trading ecosystem.

Developers have created a product that will revolutionize the past models and protocols that have several limitations. The team behind this project will initiate the deployment of the FUDGE ATM Kiosks to allow the quick and easy purchase of the tokens even while on the move. The ATM Kiosks will also support other tokens and crypto-assets.

Furthermore, the developers are planning to create on smart charity wallet.  They highlighted using a significant amount of the accumulated transaction tax to send to charities and good causes chosen by the community. Charity work will be periodic to support different charities since Fudge is a community-driven initiative.

In the coming months, the holders can also use the Fudge token to farm NFTs in the cloud. Several partnerships with various global artists are already in the pipeline. The rapid rollout and deployment of this token are scheduled to take place by June 2022. Its early bird pre-sale closes on June 25, 2021.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.