Crypto Scams

Cryptocurrencies run on blockchain networks to maintain records and
power transactions. All activities are encrypted and spread across the
blockchain platform in a distributed ledger. However, a report
published by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) shows that
cryptocurrency scams are increasing continually.

Many of these crypto scams and phony schemes have scared off investors
in the past. On several occasions, cybercriminals have taken off with
chunks of their funds. The standard tactic is the false promise of a
‘significant’ return on investment in cryptocurrencies. These posts
will highlight and educate everything about crypto scams and how to
avoid them.

Who Is ZachXBT?

Who Is ZachXBT?

  ZachXBT is Crypto Twitter’s masked on-chain detective. Using their on-chain analysis expertise and skills, ZachXBT has managed to expose projects and venture capitalists (VCs) that behaved badly. Also, the...
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Crypto Scammers

Defend Assets Against Scammer Coming after Your Crypto and NFTs

  The cryptocurrency craze has caught on, and almost everyone you come across shares plans to invest in it. Yet, how it works and can be used are questions that...
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Stressed about crypto

The Worst Places in the World to Buy and Hold Crypto

There’s no point referencing the current value of the crypto market. By the time you’re reading this, it might have soared back into the green or plummeted into the red...
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Crypto scam

Crypto Scams: 6 Things to Watch Out for According to Experts recently discovered* that cryptocurrency scams are the most highly discussed on TikTok – and it’s perhaps unsurprising. Recent reports claim young adults are twice as likely to fall victim to scams due to internet overconfidence....
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What Is An Ice Phishing Scam?

What Is An Ice Phishing Scam?

  Ice phishing is a form of blockchain-based attack which Microsoft raised concerns about earlier in 2022. It involves tricking a user into signing some malicious transaction so that the...
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The Biggest Crypto Hacks of 2022

  1.4B dollars lost in the five biggest cryptocurrency hacks this year At the moment, 37 million Americans own cryptocurrency. Since the number of cryptocurrency owners is rising yearly, cybersecurity...
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The 5 Security Risks That Financial Industries Might Face

The 5 Security Risks That Financial Industries Might Face

  From stockbrokers to loan servicers, every part of the financial services business presents hackers with valuable targets. If cybercriminals are able to effectively threaten and gain information, they may...
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The Rise Of Crypto Hackers And The Best Ways To Steer Clear Of Them

The Rise Of Crypto Hackers And The Best Ways To Steer Clear Of Them

  Crypto hacking is a growing problem in the cryptocurrency industry. With the rise of digital currencies and the rise in the value of some of these currencies, hackers are...
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How Can Investors Save Their Hard-Earned Cash From Potential Crypto Scams? 

How Can Investors Save Their Hard-Earned Cash From Potential Crypto Scams? 

  Experts in the field of cryptocurrencies, no matter how well-versed or enthusiastic they may be, are aware of the many recent and emerging threats that exist in the industry....
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Super Prototclo

Hacks and Data Leaks are Plaguing Web3-Is there a Cure?

. By The Super Protocol team Expensive Crypto Hacks Are Becoming Part of Web3 Life. In Q2, a total of $308,579,156 has been lost due to flash loan attacks, making...
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