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The age of the Social Network has ended. 

Welcome to the age of the Metaverse!

At E-Crypto News, we remain committed to covering cutting-edge Metaverse projects that we believe will change the world. 

Social Networks came and changed how humanity interacted. Metaverses are going to do a lot more. 

Metaverses are already here, but we don’t realize it yet. Metaverses are also the new paradigm of human interaction on every level and every scale. 

At E-Crypto News, we look at Metaverse projects, their founders, their benefits, the innovations they bring to the table, and the implications of the existence of these projects. 

We also consider the allied technologies that come with Metaverses. 

This new world needs other forms of technology to work.

We cover these forms of technology and ensure there is no stone left unturned in our Metaverse articles and interviews.

We dive deep into never-seen-before concepts and technologies for our audience and help start the Metaverse conversation!

Join us as we explore how humans interact in the twenty-first century!


Fintoch Adopts Advanced Technology to Develop the FinSoul Metaverse Platform and Goes Live

The FinSoul platform, created by Fintoch in the United States, was officially launched on May 22, 2023 at PST (Pacific Standard Time). As Fintoch’s first metaverse platform, FinSoul is an innovative...
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$JOKE and TCG World to Ignite the Metaverse with ROASTED: The Biggest Comedy Festival in Virtual Space

The Metaverse is About to Get Funnier! $JOKE and TCG World Metaverse Join Forces to Launch “Roasted”, A Game-changing Global Comedy Festival in Web 3.0 Prepare for a laughter invasion...
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Limoverse Token ($LIMO) to List on Bitmart and Hotbit

On 24th April Limoverse proudly announces that its team will officially list the $LIMO token on Hotbit and Bitmart. The token will go live on these two premier cryptocurrency exchange...
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Is the Metaverse Ever Going to Take Off?

The Metaverse, which was first mentioned in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 novel “Snow Crash”, is a virtual space that allows people to interact with digital objects and other people. Although the...
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Spatial Labs Is Revolutionizing The ‘Phygital’ Apparel World

Spatial Labs Is Revolutionizing The ‘Phygital’ Apparel World

  Iddris Sandu never uses the word ‘community’ a lot in conversations that describe his ‘phygital’ apparel project. Contextually, Sandu is an American entrepreneur, engineer, programmer, and digital architect. He...
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RLTY, Sotheby's Paris Blockchain

RLTY Partners with Paris Blockchain Week and Sotheby’s to Bring Flagship Web3 Event and NFT Auction

 To The Metaverse RLTY will present Paris Blockchain Week in its customisable RLTY World, with Sotheby’s hosting an exhibition of auctioned artworks by the likes of  Beeple, Julien Rivoire, Brinkman...
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MyHealthVerse to Become the Go-to Healthcare Data Platform for Pharma Companies

The blockchain-powered platform puts users in control of their healthcare data while increasing accessibility to biomarkers Biomarkers are at the heart of all clinical research, whether elementary or extremely sophisticated,...
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Dolce & Gabbana and UNXD Collaborate in a Contest for Fashion Innovators

Dolce & Gabbana and UNXD are promoting a revolutionary digital wearable challenge as part of the 2023 Metaverse Fashion Week. Their one-of-a-kind Future Rewind Competition will spotlight emerging designers in the...
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Nuritopia Surprises Community with a New Airdrop Voting Event

Nuritopia, the social dating metaverse aiming at connecting people together worldwide, is offering its community a new and exciting opportunity to earn free tokens. An Airdrop Voting Event has just...
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Mazimatic Announces Biggest Metaverse Crypto Launch of 2023

  MaziMatic is revolutionizing the entertainment industry with their adoption of blockchain, NFTs, and the Metaverse, making NFTs a crucial part of the sector and bringing a new level of excitement...
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