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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer science fiction. Everything we do one way or the other these days has some automation backing it. 

We now have personalized AI technologies that perform tasks and advise us on optimal decisions. 

Amazons’ Alexa and Apples’ Siri are just but many examples of highly complex artificial intelligence projects that deliver.

At E-Crypto News, we offer insights through our articles and interviews on the latest projects and developments in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry. 

We give you a firsthand look at the trends, patterns, and direction of this emerging sector. 

We also provide an “under-the-hood” perspective of AI projects. 

While it may sound geeky or nerdy, we present these projects and the personalities and other details to our audience. 

Everyone wants to know what AI is, how it works, and what it can do. 

At E-Crypto news, we ensure that all of these are explored and much more!

So, dive in today and see what the future holds for automation via AI!


Tripedia Revolutionizes the Travel Ecosystem with an Artificial Intelligence Travel Designer

The Tripedia Foundation initiative has developed a new concept to serve the travel industry dubbed the Artificial Intelligence Travel Designer. According to the developers of Tripedia, it can solve the...
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Artificial Intelligence Chatbots and the Future of Marketing

    Do you want to establish your business online? It helps to know that many big and small businesses are now using Artificial Intelligence (AI) bots. According to statistics,...
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What Is DarkTrace And How Does Its AI Platform Boost Cybersecurity?

DarkTrace is mainly an innovative cybersecurity company that was set up to satisfy the need for an enhanced cybersecurity service in 2013. The firm was launched by experts in the...
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Artificial Intelligence-Generated NFTs Explode To Stardom In 2021

In recent months, nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency by storm. More artists and participants are joining the nascent sector as it continues to flourish...
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ShotSpotter Artificial Intelligence – How It Impacts Policing And Prosecution

ShotSpotter, when it was created, was meant to enhance policing and prosecution activities to reduce the rate of gun crimes in the communities that it was used. However, is this...
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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Smart Homes

Smart homes, by description, are homes that let the owners and inhabitants control them remotely through connected devices. These devices can communicate with each other using Internet of Things (IoT)...
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Uplogix CEO Lisa Frankovitch explains their Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Networks

The world has been steadily and increasingly dependent on automated systems for just about everything. These days, the mundane tasks of the administration of enterprise networks have been left to...
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Artificial Intelligence Projects Need Equity, Diversity, And Inclusion

Artificial intelligence (AI) sector has in the last several years been dominated by worries over ethics and fairness. Concurrently, the world has now awakened to the intrusive, structural problems of...
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Artificial Intelligence Birthes Fake Faces To Dominate Digital Worlds

Advancement in technology has resulted in the development of many new products. Among the new technologies is artificial intelligence (A.I.). This technology has enabled businesses to sell fake people. On...
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iRobot launches robot intelligence platform, new app, aims for quarterly updates

iRobot has built a new intelligence platform, called iRobot Home Genius Intelligence, that aims to change the way customers interact with their networked robots and may become the integration point...
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