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What Is An NFT Token Offering (NTO)?

What Is An NFT Token Offering (NTO)?


NFT token offering (NTO) is defined as a unique form of token distribution mostly accompanied by NFT minting. This distribution helps in boosting secondary sales of valuable tokens. The new strategy uses a new asset concept known as overcollateralized NFTs. In that context, the mechanism behind NTOs strives to revitalize the dwindling crypto market.

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The use of an NFT token offering attaches a fixed price to NFT, thereby offering a slight price regulation. Mostly, NFT offers nonfungible token creators immunity against irrational sellers and a bearish season. Moving forward, NFTs will have a better secondary market value. NFT Token Offering (NTO) can, thus, be described as a new upgrade to NFT.

Many wonder whether NTO will redefine the world of NFT. Is there something more to this distribution strategy?

The inception of NFTs created lots of ‘noise’ in the blockchain sector. Most critics termed NFTs are simple digital pictures and artistic works with no significant market value. Although NFTs were initially invented to help resolve ownership and authenticity challenges, the naysayers believed that anybody could screenshot an NFT for use.

NFT Token Development

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Within a short time, nonfungible tokens became highly valuable and dominated the crypto/blockchain space. Also, the use of NFT evolved as more use cases came up. Interestingly, NFT sales exploded by more than 21,000% in 2021, generating a revenue of nearly $17 billion.

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Despite all these incredible features, NFTs encountered lots of challenges. These issues range from value depreciation, distribution, hacking, and a lot more. In 2022, NFT sales plummeted steeply to about $466 million in sales. Because of the persistent bearish market, developers could not regulate the prices of NFTs as owners offloaded them at lower prices.

NFT token offering seems to offer solutions to some of the challenges in the budding market. NTO is a reviving innovation that would affect the distribution and value of NFT by generating lots of income from secondary and primary sales.

NTO Overview

Choise.com is a crypto company and earn marketplace. It announced the completion of the first stage of its NFT Token Offering on January 3. The firm is currently in Stage Two intended to run until January 18.

On January 3, 2022, Choise.com concluded the first “Green” stage of its NFT Token Offering, selling out 100% of Choby NFTs reserved for that stage and raising up to $750,000 in the process. That success shows that the new kind of NFT offering introduced by Choise.com has the interest of most of the crypto community and has the chance to become successful in the current market.

Apart from being a new kind of token distribution, NTO introduces a new asset class concept – overcollateralized NFTs. All nonfungible tokens offered through the Choise.com NTO are backed by the firm’s native CHO tokens that are already trading on exchanges. Thus, every NFT comes with real market value, a major step-up compared to the previously vague and, thus, risky NFT investment models.

The NTO project has six stages planned in the launch, with the number of NFTs offered set to increase with every stage. Choise.com has moved to the second, “Yellow” stage of the offering. With the price now set at $200, Choby tokens represent a highly attractive opportunity for those that want to buy CHO tokens at a price below the market one, currently set at $900 per 1,000 CHO tokens.

Every Choby NFT has 1,000 CHO tokens and the 5th Choby gives way to different bonuses and perks, including cashback of up to 99%. Moreover, if the second stage concludes with a 100% sellout, the holders of over 5 Chobies with one minted during the current stage have a chance of winning the grand prize – a Tesla electric car.

Chobies NTO sale

In the long term, Choise.com wants to introduce new standards of NFT and token distribution. The Chobies NFT token offering collection marks the firm’s first step in that direction. Nonfungible tokens offer a great tool for tokenizing different creative and financial assets, and they are now in great focus in the current crypto market.

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Notably, Choise.com’s latest NFT offering model denotes a new method for firms to raise needed funds for the development of their products while catering to the market’s needs. That will enable everyone to benefit and revolutionize the NFT market eventually.

Interested investors can visit Choise.com to learn more about the NTO.

How Was NTO Developed?

NFT token offering was created by Choice.com, a top cryptocurrency marketplace launched in 2017. This platform is a unified ecosystem where the users and investors can explore a galore of financial strategies required to earn from digital assets.

This offers investors the best financial product enhanced with a high return on investment (ROI). Apart from that, investors avoid the stressful processes of conducting technical analysis on the assets. They can trade assets without having to know the current market direction. This strategy minimized the common TA challenge faced by promising traders and investors.

Choise.com’s new initiative created a new dimension of tokens and distribution of nonfungible tokens in the crypto space. The crypto platform unleashed its maiden edition of NFT token offering known as Chobies NTO collection. Hopefully, this release will mark the start of a new trend in the crypto space. The launch of the Chobies NFT collection shows how tokens can back NFTs with real value.

Choise.com aims to split their launch into six different kinds starting with the minting stage. Within that launch, each successive step increases the price by $50. This strategy mostly simplifies the accessibility of nonfungible token prices and the effective method of managing price fluctuations. NTO campaigns under the tag “The NFT is dead, long live the NTO.”


Before the introduction of NTO, there were methods available for distributing tokens. These ways include initial coin offering (ICO), initial DEX offering (IDO), initial games offerings (IGO), initial exchange offerings (IEO), and security token offering (STO). Initial DEX offering (IDO), the most recent distribution method, differs from NTO in terms of the integrated token. While the tokens offered by NTO are already available for trading on the market, tokens on ICO are not.

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Besides that, the NTO distribution strategy comes with various rewards, perks, bonuses, and a lot more. NTO disregards the previous method for brand-new mechanics where the investors enjoy cases of low investment risks. Another incredible standout for NTO is the availability of financial licenses to cover all its backed assets.

In many cases, ICO turns out to be rug pulls carting away with the investors’ funds. NTO concurrently enables a firm with good tokenomics to raise funds for products and settle market players’ desires. In several years to come, the intensive adoption of NTO is set to liberate a new market trend in the nonfungible token industry.

NTO market development

The NTO Benefits

The revolutionary introduction of NTO comes with a chain of benefits for the blockchain space. Each odd method of NFT distribution and sales would get discredited and replaced with a spectacular mechanism. Here are some of the benefits that come with NFT token offering:

  • The token distribution of NFT token offerings (NTO) is perfectly organized and innovative with its approach. In that distribution, each digital item is filled with valuable tokens. NTO is discounted 3, 4, or 6 times off the initial prize of the gems attached. As an investor, it is hard not to imagine the massive gain acquired from buying NFT distributed by NTO.
  • Notably, NTO secures huge profits for owners who want to sell their assets. These resellers earn huge profits since NTO offers a valuable secondary market sale coupled with other royalties.
  • NFT token offering introduces a new phenomenon of possessing tokens that are already traded in an NFT. The innovation is described as the first sale of overcollateralized NFTs in history; buying such an NFT offers the buyer an extra value for the asset.
  • Apart from all mentioned above, NTO owners can also win huge rewards and cash prizes. Owning nonfungible tokens distributed using the NTO mechanism works as raffle tickets to share in a prize pool. For example, the Chobies NFT collection has a prize pool of $5 million for only the minters. Around 20% of the collection offers cashback together with cash prizes of up to $100,000. Eventually, Chobies NFT owners stand a chance to win a Lamborghini Spyder together with a Tesla car. The original nonfungible token developer eternally Gets 5% of every successive sale as royalties.
  • With the assistance of NFT token offerings, blockchain firms can grow their communities and increase their investment. A large number of people will readily join a community where royalties and other bonus perks are distributed irrespective of the market condition.
  • Eventually, the use of NFT token offerings will enhance the organization of token sales in the NFT space. Most nonfungible token projects have locked their wares for a specific duration to prevent unregulated sales from investors. Such kind of selling pressure devalues the price of the project’s nonfungible token.

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The Takeaway

Among the many challenges that plague the nonfungible token space, price regulation is taking shape with the introduction of NFT token offering (NTO). The innovation is designed to be beneficial to both the investors and developers.

While projects would not have to worry about market manipulations, investors would get some assurance of earning from their investments. The development of innovations like NTO will keep on growing the productivity and usability of the NFT sector.

Within a short period, the promising distribution strategy might grow into a yardstick for the whole market and multiple blockchain firms. NTO is expected to ease the organic growth of blockchain communities where the members get to enjoy Great incentives.

It would also help resurrect the crashing nonfungible token sector far beyond its past feat. Interestingly, the successful launch of NTO will offer a new method of generating funds for blockchain firms.

There may be some other advanced use of NTO beyond the developer’s periscope. But, it is interesting to have another blockchain solution to a long-lasting challenge. In general, NTO is expected to grow more trust among the NFT market operators and users.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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