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The Ultimate ChatGPT Guide for 2023

The Ultimate ChatGPT Guide


Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the course of the internet and impacting the future of business, education, and the world in general. One popular AI platform is ChatGPT. Unleashed by OpenAI in November of 2022, the chatbot attracted over one million users in just five days.

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Its popularity is so high that ChatGPT is currently at capacity and not accessible for days despite relentless attempts by the E-crypto news team.

While some people fear that it might have negative economic repercussions by replacing people in various jobs, this AI is also serving as a game-changer tool helping different businesses grow and increasing their efficiency. Some early users say that it is helping them with lead generation and content creation.

ChatGPT, being a generative dialogue AI application can create lots of new content and its potential use cases are nearly unlimited – from writing full academic essays to song lyrics, blog posts to cover letters, and all sorts of resumes. It can even help in drafting legal contracts using local regulations and statutes pulled from multiple public sources.

Here's What To Know About OpenAI's ChatGPT

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For coding, ChatGPT can write and explain code, find errors in the existing code, and build different kinds of websites. The master chatbot is characterized by incredible accuracy and its biggest asset is an ability to replicate organic and lifelike conversations.

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Due to its far-reaching capabilities, ChatGPT can be used in most industries and for businesses of all sizes. Here are some of the potential uses of this AI:

  • Customer Service – ChatGPT can work as a great solution to the ineffectual results of live chat queries on websites. It can handle all sorts of customer inquiries and offer satisfactory answers to common questions. This leaves more time for the customer service team to deal with other demanding and complicated issues. Since ChatGPT can converse with clients using natural language, it boosts the website experience. But, please note that this AI tool applies a general language model and may lack specialized knowledge in particular areas.
  • Content Creation – in a digital marketplace where content is king, ChatGPT (currently in free mode for the public) can write social media posts and blog posts using particular parameters that fit customized needs. It may also assist in generating new content concepts. You can command it to create a list of ideas for videos or podcasts, then prepare a whole script based on the ideas. If you are not satisfied with the first results, command it to rewrite in a particular tone or simplify or make copies that are more exhaustive and complex. ChatGPT can also edit pre-written content to guarantee that the results have no errors and adhere to set guidelines and tones.
  • Hiring and Recruitment – reading through resumes and cover letters can be tedious for growing a team. However, ChatGPT users simply copy and paste cover letters and ask it to search for key job criteria. It combs through text to determine where candidates have needed experience and that saves time for the involved company.

ChatGPT Is Causing Lots Of Waves In The Education Sector

The latest reports indicate that ChatGPT is passing tests needed for medical licenses and business degrees. The viral chatbot has raised many fears from teachers and academics over its intensive ability to cheat on exams and essays. It has already passed a Wharton MBA final exam, the US Medical Licensing Exam, and components of the bar exam.

Recently, a Wharton Professor conducted a study where he used OpenAI’s GPT-3, the language infrastructure on which ChatGPT is built, to take on the final exam of an important MBA course. He eventually concluded that GPT-3 would have scored a B to B- on the exam.

The professor, Christian Terwiesch, discovered that GPT-3 works the best “at basic operations management and process[ing] analysis questions.” For these tests, the chatbot offered correct answers and excellent explanations as to why an answer was chosen.

In the paper’s overview, Tewriesch acknowledged that GPT-3 is not yet perfect. Sometimes the bot made mistakes in simple mathematical calculations and failed to handle more advanced process analysis questions.

This study also fueled the debate that academics are having challenges due to ChatGPT’s advanced writing skills. Some students are compromising and circumventing exam policies by using the chatbot to write their essays. But, analysts and academics say that it should be used as a resource and not a replacement for various skills and writing essays.

Studies have also been conducted on the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) using ChatGPT. USMLE is a three-part exam that is needed for medical licensure in the United States by all medical school graduates. It was discovered that ChatGPT performed almost or at the passing threshold for the three examinations and showed advanced levels of consistency and insight in all its explanations.

Researchers concluded that massive language models like ChatGPT have immense potential to assist with medical education and decision-making. The study revealed that clinicians within a virtual clinic, Ansible Health, have already started experimenting with ChatGPT to assist with writing tasks. They are using the chatbot to compose appeal letters and simplify complex medical reports to help patients to understand their conditions better.

Increasing its range of expertise, ChatGPT scored a 50% accuracy rate on the multiple-choice component of the Bar Exam, or the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE). The Bar Exam is the test that law school graduates require to pass to officially practice law and it features three parts, with the MBE coming in first.

ChatGPT in Education

Lisa Maione, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at the Kansas City Art Institute, commented:

“I’m embracing ChatGPT…I teach graphic design, which means I work with students on how to work in creative ways as we communicate through relationships between text, image, and space.”

“I will be activating ChatGPT as a partner in our projects. As our department embraces an inquiry-based model for education, ChatGPT is one more place from which we can consider how a question might affect our sense of the answer…I hope that ChatGPT, along with all the tools we use both analog and digital, will be playful partners in our creative and critical work.”

“But, ChatGPT does not replace critical thinking or critical reading, or critical writing. In some ways, I sense this tool will encourage both my students and me to engage with even more reading, writing, and editing.”

Based on a study, GPT-3.5’s score of 50% is higher than the baseline guessing rate of 25%, which is the possibility of a correct answer when randomly picking from the four multiple-choice options. GPT-3.5 managed to reach the average passing rate for Torts and Evidence, two of the seven subject areas.

The researchers concluded that because of these results, a huge language model like GPT will manage to “pass the MBE component of the Bar Exam soon.”

A Professor of Economics at George Mason University, Alex Tabarrok, tested GPT competitor Claude AI on a GMU law and economics exam, and the AI earned a “marginal pass” on the test.

As huge language models like ChatGPT exceed many humans in their ability to take high-level examinations without putting in years of studying and obtaining degrees, they are starting to destabilize the measurements used to determine academic success.

While ChatGPT might not make higher education obsolete, most people are striving to safeguard against the uninhibited use of the tool. One 22-year-old college student, Edward Tian, is developing an app that can help detect ChatGPT-generated text. He said:

“Everyone deserves to reap the benefits of AI, so we need safeguards so that these new technologies are not abused.”

Although ChatGPT is still in beta, this tool has been used by millions for different purposes. It has been used to negotiate internet bills and even create a virtual ‘wife.’ Microsoft recently increased its investment in OpenAI, the parent firm behind ChatGPT, from $1 billion to $10 billion.

ChatGPT Will Not Replace Google Search (Yet)

Even in the extensive noise and news of early 2023, the ChatGPT discussion has come up. The GPT-3-powered chatbot can now simulate human-like responses. GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) is described as a deep learning system that generates text based on expertly predicting language patterns after it is pre-trained with a huge set of documents.

Although ChatGPT can do all these things, it has not achieved the natural language levels that search engines and users look for. In some cases, the answers offered by this chatbot are biased depending on the sources of its language development. But, with more advancements coming up and the ability of ChatGPT to self-improve, some proponents and enthusiasts think that it might challenge Google and other search engines in the future.

How To Use ChatGPT In Various Ways

As ChatGPT keeps evolving, more resources prompts, and general tips are coming up to help entrepreneurs improve their businesses using the AI tool. The potential of this tool is unreal but here are some of the use cases:


You can ask ChatGPT to develop timestamps from a transcript, change YouTube videos into blog posts with correct formatting, and use it to come up with a video outline or script. You can also use the chatbot to respond to comments on videos.

In other cases, you can easily use ChatGPT to give you ingenious ideas for your thumbnails or analyze your scripts and transcripts and tell you their tone of it. This AI tool has also been tested to produce video ideas on any given topic. With all these use cases and lots more, YouTube content creators can do more within a shorter time which may boost the profitability of their business.

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Developers can also use ChatGPT to boost their efficiency and consistency while coding. As a developer, you can ask the AI to change the HTML of a line of code, alter the CSS of a line of code, and explain why a line of code is not working properly. You can also use the chatbot to explain what a piece of code means or even code a whole Software program.

The program is faster and more efficient than human coders but it requires enough commands to enable it to come up with the kind of code that you want.

Writing And Blogging

Writers and bloggers can use ChatGPT to do a lot of work within a short time. The AI tool can be used to generate content ideas, create outlines, and even create appealing titles to suit any of your creative writing projects. It can also create entire blog posts and summarize any text that you give it.

ChatGPT can change the general tone of your writing, proofread or edit your writing, format text with headings to improve blog posts, and expand on sentences, paragraphs, or long text selections. This tool can be used to check any text for bias and detect plagiarism in any text that you input.

In the more advanced roles, ChatGPT can provide you with domain name ideas and even create WordPress Schema.

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General Use

If you are a new investor, you can ask ChatGPT to name your business or idea. The AI tool can help you prepare for a job interview by asking you questions related to the particular position that you wish to go for. This platform is so advanced that it can give you gift ideas for customers or business ideas. Some users say that ChatGPT has enabled them to create a course or training program for their staff.

This tool can be used in many other ways online and even for physical world purposes.

Some People Are Using ChatGPT To Create Workout Plans

Fitness advice from OpenAI’s massive language model is impressive and can make training for many athletes fresh and interesting to achieve desired results in the long term. Some people are using ChatGPT as a proxy personal trainer while others are even packaging up ChatGPT fitness plans and selling them.

The platform is highly appealing because it answers questions in seconds, avoiding the need to sift through lots of information. You can also specific questions and get detailed and customized answers. The ChatGPT chatty tone is perfect for dispensing fitness advice, and the information is delivered clearly.

But when put to test by some athletes, the AI tool offered different workout plans for the same questions asked. An OpenAI spokesperson was quick to comment:

“This is because it is not a database. It is generating a new response with each question or query.”

OpenAI says that although ChatGPT can learn from back-and-forth within conversations, it cannot use past conversations to inform future responses. The spokesperson added:

“It’s important to remind readers that ChatGPT is a research preview— and we let people know up front that it may occasionally generate incorrect information and may also occasionally produce harmful instructions or biased content.”

People are already using ChatGPT to create workout plans

Fitness fanatic Austin Goodwin, based in Tennessee, said that ChatGPT is like putting a Google or Wikipedia search on steroids. Google’s management has also allegedly declared it a “code red” threat.

Other fitness fanatic users who have found success using the OpenAI platform include Alex Cohen, John Yu (a TikTok content creator), and Lee Lem (a bodybuilding content creator). For other people, the appeal of an AI-produced workout is irresistible and they are willing to pay for it. A software engineer based in London, Ahmed Mire, is already selling ChatGPT-produced customized plans for $15 each.

But, most of these users are treating ChatGPT’s training suggestions only as entertainment experiments. With time, AI platforms like ChatGPT might be used to create viable workout plans. But for now, it is advisable to only use them as a fun way to spice up your workouts.

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The Takeaway

AI experts say to get the best out of ChatGPT, be as descriptive as possible. Do not underestimate its intelligence. Whenever you start broad, you can continue asking the chatbot to change answers with new conditions.

Whenever your output is cut off since it is quite long, click ‘submit again’ for it to continue loading. You can also use “explain like I’m 5” to get easy-to-understand responses.

Experts also say that you can use “Act as + (any type of person or thing)” to help in turning ChatGPT into a unique personality. An example is “Act as a police officer,” and ask it to help you solve a crime mystery.

Since ChatGPT keeps evolving, more use cases will come up to help boost operations in most industries. Thus, you need to learn how such AI models operate to enable you to use them to boost your business and all sorts of activities efficiently.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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