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Op Ed: Why We Think The Metaverse is the Future…You Didn’t know You Needed


By the Dreamster Team

Dreamster is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that was founded by Mario Butler in 2021. Dreamster has built an ecosystem of services on multiple layer-one blockchains and Artificial Intelligence (A.I) to give individuals from around the globe the accessibility to participate in Web 3.0 applications and the Metaverse.

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Somehow technology evolves in many ways possible that could help our daily lives with much ease. Scientists started to develop these experiments out of curiosity then became an accidental project that turned into something which we could say is a not so-called outcome on what we really expect but in the end rather a useful thing to help us.


This mentality is what we believe is why the metaverse is the FUTURE. We are not saying it’s a failed experiment but rather we don’t know what to expect in the end. Whether it would be great or not. With all honesty, we believe this would be a game-changer for years to come especially in monetizing digital ownership of items, services, commodities, and other possible stuff that we could fill in the metaverse itself.


The Future

So why is the Metaverse the future? We at Dreamster believe in the concept of adapting through change, just like what I said earlier, we don’t know what will happen next but somehow we need to try to learn more about it. The word META means metamorphosis,  a change is a key factor here in order to learn how we can make our lives easier, faster, and more sophisticated than before.
Why is it, that we need to adapt? Let’s make an example of gaming. Before, if we wanted to play branded games, all we needed to have was a gaming console, a PC, or a laptop to play it, but now we just simply need our smartphones to play games and on top of that we could earn crypto while playing. Rewarding while just playing games. That’s insane! How come people before did not think of that before?
Also owning land. Physical land requires a lot of things to acquire, a lot of paperwork to accomplish, and time spent while acquiring that property and changing it under your name. It is a bit of a hassle but that’s how the process goes. In the metaverse, acquiring a virtual land is really simple, with just a tap of a button you could have that and you could establish a cyber business of your choice as much faster and much more unique than others. That is really cool.

NFTs in the Metaverse

Another thing is having digital arts(music, arts, etc) via NFT. Before artists join art galleries,  auction or have it sold directly just to get your artwork monetized as much as possible. Musicians before sold their music/albums via cd or even digital media files just to have that song on your playlist. The old really is gold but metaverse has its ways of keeping things pumped up!
In NFT Art, Digital artist can sell their artwork in a variety of ways possible and the utility of the said NFT is a major plus by adding tokenomics onto this NFT to earn fiat cash in the future. On NFT tracks, the user has the power not only to play the set of tracks he has but rather he has the ability to earn on this NFT if the said track gets on the hit charts and what’s really interesting is you could have this as your own personal collection if you are a massive fan of the said musician.
That is really a massive add-on compared to the old style of having discs, media files, or art which could also tear in a long run.

Big Tech in the Metaverse

These are some examples of what the metaverse could do today, even if some of us just say it’s just a concept of virtual reality but what matters most is how we manage to reward its users not just by acquiring it but rather investing in the work you made. That’s what our team sees in the metaverse. It is bound for Endless possibilities that could potentially be more in the future.
At present, the metaverse is already shaken up some of the major businesses around the world such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook(Meta), Tesla, Shopify, and a lot more. The main reason is they adapt to change and can also be one of the catalysts of making it work for the benefit of the users who are deemed to believe in its concept from its early stages until the present.
So let me ask you, friends, do we need the metaverse right now?? Your answer would be -probably not, because we are too tired or too lazy to learn new stuff on the internet. A lot of opportunities are knocking on the door really fast and soon after we realized it is already over if we only knew its purpose and how rewarding is to be a part of it.

The Early Stages of the Metaverse

This is what the metaverse is in its early stages- opportunities that some of us say it is not needed but then we manage to skip it yet we heard it from a news flash that some pizza guy sold  2  pizzas for 10,000 bitcoin. Now that guy is freaking rich, and one of the most ridiculous success stories in the world of crypto (Opportunity).
So do you agree, that we need it now? Who knows, you might be on the same level as Logan Paul, Snoop, Gary Vee, or Paris Hilton someday because these prominent celebrities believe in the metaverse. They have their success story already but they manage to be a part of the metaverse because they believe it will be useful and also earn more than ever before.
Some may use this as a passive income, some may use it as a collection, who knows, it is really an endless loop of possibilities that we need by just tapping on your phone. Amazing!

Dreamster and Metaverse

Our team at Dreamster, believes that more than one person deserves to be a part of this change. Be one of the catalysts that would shake up the metaverse not just only by collecting, but rather make a move to have their own dream business in virtual reality and make it a real earning business.  Who knows right? You may beat Elon or Jeff by just being creative.
Dreamster’s way of contributing to the metaverse is simple. We want our users to realize their potential to visualize their ideas, their creative thinking, and their possible unique creativity turned into a useful product that could make an impact to the users who also believe in the product you made for them.

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So does Dreamster answer the question-is the metaverse the future? Our answer is YES! we believe that everyone has his shot to be great and become someone in the future. We are the ones who will extend our hand to help these people achieve their dream. And that’s what Dreamster is all about, Dreams made into a reality.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.