E-Crypto News talks to Laurent Dedenis, CEO of Chainstack

There have been a few tech firms within the crypto space that are redefining how the crypto space functions. So much so that Chainstack entered into a partnership with Digital Asset.

This partnership brought with it the entrée of DAML into the Chainstack ecosystem. DAML is an all-purpose markup language that allows for the deployment of blockchain systems in a seamless fashion.

E-Crypto News spoke with Laurent Dedenis,  CEO of Chainstack about this. Here is what he had to say.

Laurent Dedenis, CEO, Chainstack

E-Crypto News:

  1. Why did Chainstack support DAML on its platform?

DAML and Chainstack are a natural fit in our robust ecosystem of partnerships that brings best-in-class offerings to our platform users. Our goal is to enable enterprises and developers to take full advantage of the available features and support to accelerate their blockchain deployments in their Web 3.0 journey.

DAML is a programming language to build full-stack, distributed applications for DLT, Blockchain, or databases in days. I believe DAML will be playing a critical role in how businesses will innovate through blockchain, collaborating within and across industries because it allows developers to focus entirely on the application logic without worrying about the underlying technology – blockchain, cloud, or database technologies.

Chainstack’s goal is very much aligned with this, we want to make enterprise blockchain innovation and collaboration accessible, easy and scalable.

Our platform is protocol agnostic, and we work towards creating a blockchain business environment that fosters innovation that is as portable, interoperable and flexible as possible.

For innovators of any size, deploying DAML on Chainstack means cutting go-to-market time and costs by a large margin. This to me means succeeding in opening the doors to more and better players in the space, a win-win for everyone in the industry.

E-Crypto News:

2. How does Chainstack accelerate DAML deployment?

The partnership between Chainstack and Digital Asset is designed to further democratize go-to-market strategies and options for all innovators, regardless of size and existing infrastructure.

DAML is a functional language designed for distributed business workflows. It aims to focus developer time on programming business processes rather than needing to deal with the innards of blockchain and encryption.

Deploying DAML on Chainstack means adding the flexibility of deploying decentralized applications on any cloud and, as we progress with deeper integration, on any protocol.

In fact, Chainstack currently supports all the major private and public protocols (Hyperledger Fabric, Corda and Corda Network, ConsenSys Quorum, Ethereum, Multichain, and Bitcoin), as well as clouds (AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure). This gives great flexibility, and a turnkey enterprise-grade solution for quick and safe deployment.

The combination of DAML and Chainstack is really exciting, as it creates a business-friendly enterprise blockchain environment to build decentralized application from POC all the way to production and scaling.

The net result is efficiencies for developers and analysts, by being able to develop in a faster and less error-prone way.

In addition, with Chainstack’s intuitive console and turnkey deployment feature, the integration of DAML on Chainstack platform will allow enterprises and developers to embed blockchain applications and networks speedily with existing legacy systems.

E-Crypto News:

3. What are the benefits that Chainstack offers to developers who want to come into the DAML ecosystem?

For developers who join the community and deploy DAML, our platform’s managed infrastructure can significantly lower time, cost and resources used to deploy, manage and scale decentralized applications.

Consortium and enterprise partners can build and manage multiple blockchain projects with configurations using multiple protocols and clouds, all from a single platform.

Through the Chainstack platform, DAML deployment can now be accomplished flexibly and comprehensively, in minutes rather than weeks.

E-Crypto News:

4. What are the details of Chainstack’s recent partnership with Digital Asset? How does this partnership factor in DAML’s deployment?

The first phase of the partnership with Digital Asset will see DAML being made available on Chainstack for Corda as an early access feature. Other protocols and platforms including Corda Enterprise and Hyperledger Fabric will be added over time.

This is just the first step in a long-term partnership. Both organizations are committed to growing the DAML ecosystem, numerous initiatives will be rolled out over the coming weeks and months to encourage new adoption and experimentation.

E-Crypto News:

5. Why did you create the Chainstack platform, and what are your future release plans?

Our mission from day one, back in 2018 when the company was formed, was to create the most accessible and easy to use platform to build, run and scale blockchain applications.

Eugene and I wanted help accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology by enterprises and the world at large. We launched the Chainstack 1.0 platform in April 2019.

Chainstack was born as an ecosystem of blockchain management solutions built with a high degree of automation, standardization, and compatibility, rooted in precision engineering.

A little over two years after launch, the team now comprises an international group of best-in-class blockchain professionals in DevOps, software engineering, product management, design, sales, and marketing.

I am very proud of what we have accomplished so far, but I know that we are just getting started.

E-Crypto News:

6. What market is Chainstack targeting and what is your go-to-market strategies?

The Chainstack platform is targeted at the enterprise space and this includes developers and partners, system integrators, consulting companies, decentralized application (DApp) building decentralized solutions across supply chain, banking and finance, healthcare, and transport industries.

Chainstack was founded to bridge the infrastructure gap that developers encounter today when attempting to build decentralized solutions.

By addressing some of the largest challenges impeding enterprise blockchain adoption, Chainstack aims to make blockchain experimentation, implementation, and management simple, reliable, and more accessible to enterprises and developers.

This way, enterprises can fully experience and leverage blockchain’s key benefits.

As of now, our partner ecosystem encompasses a wide variety of companies, each with their unique strengths, whether it is consulting on digital transformation, developing decentralized apps, providing thought leadership or educating businesses.

Chainstack enables our leading partners to offer blockchain-as-a-service to global enterprise customers.

E-Crypto News:

7. Can you give us a glimpse of your expansion or business plan for Chainstack in the next 6 to 12 months?

Over the next months, we will continue to introduce more cloud and blockchain support and features to the Chainstack platform, following the release in September of Chainstack 2.0 and Chainstack Marketplace.

The Marketplace, which now adds DAML to its offering, is an extensive resource solution complete with the latest and most popular services, applications and development tools to help enterprises accelerate their Web 3.0 journey and business transformation.

We have many exciting partnerships in the pipeline that will make the Chainstack ecosystem as vibrant as ever, many more events and bootcamps already being planned, and of course new exciting features to make the platform even more intuitive and comprehensive.

Our community is growing every day, we are so proud of the amount of traction and enthusiasm we are seeing, and we look forward to continuing in this incredible journey with our community and ecosystem partners.

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