Op-Ed: Why Now is the Time for Decentralization in Telecoms

  Maria Lema, Co-founder, Weaver Labs Connectivity is one of the most important drivers in economic growth and has transitioned in the last 20 years to become a critical service....
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Op-Ed: Colonising the Cryptosphere

 by Radha Stirling It is entirely possible that the heyday of cryptocurrencies is already over.  The era of brilliant young visionaries imagining a world of decentralized finance, in which every...
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adopting blockchain

Opinion Ed: Adopting Blockchain Shouldn’t be Painful for Users

According to Deloitte, over 50% of worldwide organizations see adopting blockchain as their strategic priority, with 86% of executives expecting it to go mainstream, and 77% recognize that not adopting...
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Opinion Ed:The Surge of Bitcoin after the Financial Crisis & New Challenges to Cybersecurity

Bitcoin became a safe haven for investors in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, after which bitcoin was introduced in January 2009. There were several reasons for this. Like...
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Op-Ed: An Open Letter to Yanis Varoufakis About Bitcoin

Yanis Varoufakis was Greece’s finance minister during the Greek economic crisis. In 2012, he explored utilizing a blockchain-based system to help manage some of the crisis. Varoufakis has spoken critically...
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Op Ed: Three Bitcoin Trends That Left Their Mark on 2019

It has been an eventful year for bitcoin. Digital Assets Data, which records, collates and analyzes cryptocurrency and blockchain transaction, value and popularity information, has identified a few essential trends...
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Op Ed: Pitching Bitcoin During the Holidays

It’s that time of year again! When you can’t decide whether to get a pumpkin spice or eggnog-flavored latte, and your local mall reeks of cinnamon, pine needles and dirty...
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Op Ed: Tendencies and Opportunities of Bitcoin Taxation in the EU

In the U.S., the IRS is progressively clarifying the ambiguity persisting on the taxation of cryptocurrencies, as illustrated by the recent publication of a fairly detailed FAQ. In parallel, the...
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Op Ed: U.S. Cryptocurrency Regulation Faces Uncertainty in 2020

The future of cryptocurrency regulation in the United States remains uncertain. The lack of a clear regulatory framework makes it difficult for market participants to act without fear of reprisal....
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Op Ed: IRS Doesn’t Get Cryptocurrencies: Here’s Why

After five long years, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the U.S. finally decided to release additional guidelines in October 2019 regarding crypto taxes. While the guidelines have brought some...
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