Metaverse Real Estate

How to Buy Metaverse Real Estate

Metaverse has been a buzzword in the tech and business world for a while, with good reason. It is a new and decentralised blockchain-based technology. It promises to revolutionise many...
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How to profit from NFTs

How to Profit From NFTs

NFTs are a new type of cryptocurrency that has been gaining a lot of attention in the last few years. They’re also known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and they can...
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Comics, NFTs and Gaming? Geoff McCabe of LightningWorks Talks to us about it all!

  We all know how comics were a phenomenon, especially for baby boomers and millennials.  Once mobile technology became popular in the early to late 2000s, every comic form from...
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Three Methods For Businesses to Use NFTs to Increase Their Investment Portfolios

Entrepreneurship entails a high degree of danger. Even though 90% of companies fail during the first decade of operation, this doesn’t deter individuals who are determined to follow their own...
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Mintable Now Supports NFT Transactions and Minting on the XRP Ledger

Mintable’s partnership with Ripple is a step forward in the multi-chain future of the NFT ecosystem, bringing one of the most trusted and sustainable blockchains to the wider NFT community...
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NFTs 2023

What Are Fractional NFTs And How Do They Impact Real-World Investments?

  Fractional NFTs are nonfungible tokens that let users divide an NFT into many fractions. The division helps in reducing the barrier to entry for investing in real-world assets. While...
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How NFTs Are Changing Video Games

  Ever since the first mainstream games console launched back in 1972, the landscape has grown through technology, with a “next-gen” always in the works. Currently, many gamers are looking...
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Uhuru NFT’s- A New African Web3 Company

    One of Africa’s most exciting web 3 companies has launched its first NFT project – Uhuru NFT- A collection of limited Afrocentric NFTs housed on the Ethereum blockchain....
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MetaFans Acquires The NFT League

  MetaFans Media, LLC, the company behind MetaFans NFT (, is acquiring The NFT League (, an on-chain fantasy sports product currently in its second year and boasting a $250,000...
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NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace Development: One-Stop Software Solution for Generating Smart Contracts

In a wide range of blockchain use cases, smart contracts are crucial. The importance of NFT smart contracts in particular is rising as interest in the metaverse and Web3 rises....
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