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OVAL3 Fantasy NFT Rugby Collection launches on Binance NFT Marketplace

As the Rugby World Cup approaches in September, OVAL3, which holds the official licenses for LNR and MLR, is launching its NFT collection on Binance’s NFT marketplace.

After the NFT frenzy in the fields of football and basketball, OVAL3 has come to fulfill the rugby fans’ desires by quickly becoming the global leader in digital entertainment for this sport. OVAL3 is the web3 fantasy game dedicated to rugby and is now on the verge of launching a portion of its unique NFT collection on Binance NFT. With this timely partnership, just before the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France in September, OVAL3 enhances its visibility and offers its collection on one of the largest NFT marketplaces in the industry: the renowned Binance NFT marketplace.

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Is OVAL3 the next Sorare of rugby?

OVAL3 aims to bring all professional rugby clubs to the heart of Web 3.0. They want to offer supporters and players an immersive fantasy league game that combines this magical sport with NFTs. To achieve this, the company has already signed several exclusive partnerships with the french Ligue Nationale de Rugby (LNR) and the american Major League Rugby (MLR).

With the official license from the Ligue Nationale de Rugby for a duration of 9 years, which covers the prestigious TOP14 and its second division PROD2, OVAL3 has associated more than 1500 players and 30 professional clubs with the project. The platform quickly gained global prominence through its partnership with the rapidly growing Major League Rugby (MLR), the American rugby championship, which presents significant potential for OVAL3 in the transatlantic sports market.

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Since the opening of the Marketplace on April 7, 2023, players have been able to purchase their cards through auction-style bidding on Polygon and start assembling their team of stars. In just two months, the fantasy web3 has generated over $100,000 in sales.

OVAL3’s NFT collection will be available on Binance NFT for a period of 2 months

It’s official! For two months, some OVAL3’s NFTs will be exclusively available on Binance NFT. Discover an exceptional selection of cards representing players from TOP14, PRO D2, and MLR clubs.

Each week, one club from each championship will be featured, and different cards will be auctioned off for 24 hours each day. The available supply per day will be:

  • 1 unique card ;
  • 2 super rare cards ;
  • 4 rare cards ;
  • Approximately 15 limited cards (featuring all available players from the three clubs for the week)

The first cards will be available on Monday, June 19, at 8 pm on Binance’s NFT marketplace. Among them will be the reigning European champions, Stade Rochelais, Oyonnax, the current PRO D2 champions, and the New England Free Jacks, who are currently leading the Eastern Conference in the United States. In this first release, the available unique cards will be:

  • Stade Rochelais : Grégory Alldritt, Antoine Hastoy and Jonathan Danty ;
  • Oyonnax : Charlie Cassang and Aurélien Callandret ;
  • New England Free Jacks : Paula Balekana and Mills Sanerivi.

The next release will arrive during the week of June 19, after the TOP14 final. The adventure will continue with Antoine Dupont (the ambassador of OVAL3) and Stade Toulousain, the most decorated club in Europe, the Utah Warriors with Paul Lasike as the American ambassador of OVAL3, and Mont de Marsan, who reached the semifinals this season in PRO D2. Several unique cards will be present:

  • Stade Toulousain : Antoine Dupont, Thomas Ramos and Romain N’tamack
  • Mont de Marsan : Alexandre de Nardi and Wame Naituvi
  • Utah Warriors : Franco van den Berg and Zion Going

The NFT card collection of OVAL3:

Similar to Sorare and other fantasy leagues, the cards represent players and provide all the relevant information about them. Each card features the player’s name, first name, age, nationality, club, position, and a photo. The cards have a beautiful design and come in five levels of rarity: common, limited, rare, super rare, and unique.

In this list, you will only find the common cards, which are available in unlimited quantities to support the free-to-play aspect. The other types of cards will be available in limited quantities, and the number of prints will depend on their rarity level. For example, unique cards will have only one copy available, while super rare cards will be limited to five copies.

OVAL3’s cards are NFTs created on the Polygon blockchain, and their rarity level allows access to specific competitions. The rarer the card, the higher the rewards in the competition. Additionally, the rarity provides a percentage of bonus points during various competitions.

How to play OVAL3 ?

In its rugby quest, OVAL3 aims to be the global platform for digital entertainment in this sport. Firstly, through NFT fantasy similar to Sorare, but also going further in terms of gameplay experience (with different types of cards, competitions, game modes, etc.) and the utilization of web3 technologies (including its own token).

To play OVAL3’s fantasy game, it’s very simple:

  • Collect: your first “player” cards (on the Oval Oval3 marketplace or on Binance NFT);
  • Play: form your team of 5 players and participate in competitions against other managers (the 5 players must have different positions);
  • Win: rank high on the leaderboard and earn rewards (cards, OVL3 tokens, merchandise, match tickets, and real-life fan experiences).

Now it’s your turn to score a try! To stay updated with the latest news about OVAL3, visit their website and follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

About OVAL3

OVAL3 is a project developed by Bamg Sports, a leading company since the creation of the Fantasy Rugby World game, a web2 rugby game that already brings together over 50,000 users worldwide. OVAL3 is the sole holder of the rights for TOP 14, PRO D2, and MLR (Major League Rugby in the United States). OVAL3 is a collaborative project built with rugby leagues, clubs, and players. The official licenses from LNR and MLR allow the commercialization of cards featuring 42 professional clubs and over 2,000 players under professional or prospect contracts. OVAL3 is already in negotiations with several other major rugby leagues and federations ready to join the project.

The team consists of various industry experts, including Antoine Dupont (World Player of the Year and captain of the French national team).

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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