Big Tech and Information Gathering: What we are Missing?

What are human beings missing when it comes to big tech?


The rise of Big Tech in our lives has brought so many advantages.

Life is easier, tasks get done quicker, everything that used to take years now takes minutes.

In exchange, we submit our information.

Hidden within this information are our habits, behavioral patterns and a whole lot of stuff that we don’t even know about ourselves.

This information in many cases predicts our wants and needs and we go where they lead us in the form of adverts and other subtle suggestions that guide our behavior.

This, of course, has been guided and guarded by the various privacy laws that are meant to protect our privacy.

However, information is never static and the systems that study us as we use technology have forever changed the way we behave.

In one form, way, manner or the other, the big tech companies control and influence us as human beings.

As to the question of this being a good or a bad thing, it is just like a knife.

It can either be used to cook great food or to kill.

The big question however that we need to ask ourselves is: What are we missing?

In this era of big technology where even ovens and are controlled but Artificial intelligent virtual assistants and they can decipher issues about us without us even knowing.

What do we need to do to be able to prevent some sort of “terminator” scenario from ever occurring?

The Great Advantage of Big Tech

Technology presents us with some great advantages which if we harness properly can either advance or throw humanity back a hundred years.

With science and technology, some of the greatest cures to diseases that were once commonplace no longer exist.

Technology has also increased the rate at which education has spread globally. 

We are now able to transact across cultures and continents with no need for one person to be naturally afraid of another once the intent of truth has been established.

One global economy is on the rise and there isn’t much that can stop it.

This is the advantage of an open society where honesty, truthfulness, transparency, integrity and all the great things which people are capable of offers to those who will partake.

It also comes at one critical cost and that is that of privacy and secrecy.

The end of an individual going unnoticed in the most technologically advanced societies has virtually ended.

However, all the great advantages that such societies have to offer outweigh the cost of privacy.

The Great Disadvantage of Technology

Wars are no longer physical.

They are mainly psychological or electronic.

In this day and age, it is easier to for example get someone to commit suicide through trolling or other means that would have been considered inconsequential only a decade ago.

When wars get physical, they destroy everything in their path.

Also, the rise of the fake lifestyle where people fake their lives on open platforms such as social media and the like exist.

The open society itself is also under threat due to the mindset of the few criminals who wish to take advantage of the global system.

Nation-states are getting weaker or stronger due to their understanding and application of technology.

It is easier to spread lies and hate with the rise of phenomena like deep fakes where no one knows what is true or false.

People have become more interested in self and not in the collective advancement of society.

Everyone is so busy with devices that the normal traditional human touch is no longer common; it has become a rare sight.

Weapons have become deadlier and can hit targets with more precision.

Finance is also subject to security issues now and then.

Global unity and hegemony are also under threat.

Do we face our fears and rise or do we face everything and run?

Dealing with Information Gathering

If Humanity continues to fear technology, technology shall destroy humanity.

The only way between the proverbial devil and the deep blue sea will be to stand and face the devil within humanity or humanity will be thrown into the sea.

As much as there will always be new inventions and innovations, data collected should be open to scrutiny by the users who it was collected from in the first place.

The common identifiers which include biometric data must be stored using the most secure ways, means, and methods.

Criminal elements must as a matter of urgency be dealt with severely and given a chance to be retrained to live within the new open society in which we have found ourselves.

Educational systems must be integrated with checks and balances that contain the worst impulses of human nature so that the next generation doesn’t get to deal with the mistakes and issues of the previous one. 

Technologically advanced countries must as a matter of responsibility treat the less fortunate countries who don’t have access to innovation as the babies of the global family and their leader should be taught how to foster innovation.

The best and brightest of those countries should be taught how to innovate and transfer these innovations to the next generation.

Finally, Big tech should at all cost be held accountable; no matter how powerful Big tech has become.

So, in answer to the question, yes! We are missing something!

We are missing our humanity.

What do you think?

What are we missing as it concerns the rise of big tech and information gathering?

Please let us know in the comments below!

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