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What is the Wild in Online Slots?

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The Wild is one of the most beneficial symbols in the slot. Appearing on the reels, this specialized symbol has the ability to transform into any other symbol of the game. In simple terms, if you’re missing a winning combination by one or two symbols, and there’s a Wild instead of an identical symbol.

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The Wild will transform into the corresponding symbol to complete the winning combination. Therefore, it allows you to get more out of a spin. In addition, the modern slots have different types of Wilds with their own distinctive features, making new online slots UK games much more interesting and exciting.


Types of Wild Symbols in Online Slots

Almost all of the major slots have a Wild symbol included in the game. Functionalities of wilds can vary with the slot; however, the basic concept remains the same. Based on their functionalities, we can categorize Wilds into 10 basic types:

  •     Regular Wilds: These are the simplest of the Wilds out there, with a single functionality of substituting for other symbols of the game, giving you a chance to form winning combinations even if you don’t have the required number of identical symbols.
  •     Stackable Wilds: These are the Wilds that can cover an entire reel of a slot machine and stay hooked to their positions for the next spins producing those high valued payouts.
  •     Expanding Wilds: Expanding Wilds are the ones that have the ability to expand into right, left, top, or bottom blocks, with each subsequent spin allowing you to score multiple payouts.
  •     Sticky Wilds: These are the ones that stick to their positions for the next couple of spins, allowing you to form a streak of winning combinations.
  •     Walking Wilds: Waking Wilds are the specialized wilds that have a tendency to change their positions on each subsequent spin traveling from left to right. These Wilds provide you with a chance to form new winning combinations on each spin.
  •     Trailing Wilds: These are a kind of Wilds that have the ability to clone themselves and produce offshoots. Basically, the original symbol stays in its position, while its offshoots keep moving on the reels on each subsequent reel.
  •     Wandering Wilds: As the name suggests, these Wilds tend to wander around on the reels, changing their positions on each subsequent spin without a predetermined path.
  •     Multiplier Wilds: The Multiplier Wilds have the power to multiply wins to which they contributed. In simple words, a winning combination produced by a Multiplier Wild will produce a 2x, 3x, or 4x of the expected payout.
  •     Colossal Wilds: These are the ones that appear in 2×2 or 3×3 blocks. As you can see, these wilds can exponentially increase your chances of forming a winning combination.
  •     Bonus Wilds: As the name suggests, these are the ones that have the ability to trigger some kind of a bonus round or mini-game during the base game.

Functionalities of Wilds in Slots

Wild symbols are the specialized symbols that can substitute for other symbols depending on their position on the reels. However, there are other functionalities of the wilds that can vary with the slot, and some of them are listed below.

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Highest Paying Symbols: Some slots might use wilds as the highest paying symbol.

Jackpots: Most often, Wilds has something to do with triggering the slots jackpots.

Multiplier: Wilds are used to trigger multipliers during slot’s bonus rounds.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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