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Things You Must Know Before Playing Online Slots



Most people consider that luck is the only factor determining winning when playing online slots like Cash Stax slots. Nonetheless, although luck is a major factor in both life and slot machines there are so much more that one can learn in order to improve their winning chances. You can discover more about playing online slots and the different aspects of the game.

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Each slot machine is quite different, offering different opportunities to players but there some basic principles that are consistent across all slot games.

Online Slots

Getting Started with slots

Pick the game that you want to play amongst the various that are available in the market and set a bet amount; there is a button enabling players to do that by transferring money from their account. 

Bets across different games vary greatly, so this might be a factor that you should keep in mind when you are picking a slot game. Bets usually start from £0.10 and go up to £200. Although the gameplay is identical indifferently of your bet, the reward prizes are affected significantly by it. Keep in mind that if you want to go after a progressive jackpot you will have to place the maximum bet available. 

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Before you begin your game check the number of paylines available and how much you are betting on each. This will determine whether you will qualify for some of the rewards available.

Let’s Spin?

After you have set your bet you can hit the Spin/Play button which will make the wheels spin; this is the moment that gets most players excited, the one that they could potentially win any prize as the different symbols follow one after the other. After the symbols stop spinning the system will tell you automatically whether you won or not.

How much did I win?

According to your bet and the combination of symbols that has formed across the paylines the system will show you how much you did win.

If you want to find it in advance how much money you could potentially win and which symbols you should look out for, then you should go through the paytable, which is available in all slot machines, before you start betting. 

Some extra things to keep in mind

Although offline slots usually involve 3 reels, online slot machines have 5 reels and multiple paylines. As these characteristics of the game alter so do the ways in which the player can win.

In these slot types, the matching symbols don’t have to appear in the middle of the reel, since there are numerous different paying combinations. Some slot machines offer over 1000 different ways for players to win. 

If you win but you don’t understand why, it could be that you found the scatter or the wild symbol. This differ from game to game, but generally they don’t follow the same rules that apply to normal symbols.

That about can prepare players to enter the exciting world of iGaming; however, keep in mind that each different slot machine has its own rules, so don’t forget to check them before you start spinning.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.