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The SafeMoon Coin…Marketing at it’s Very Best

Safemoon Coin

I started hearing the whisper campaign about Safemoon Coin about 3 weeks ago, it was weird. Every Crypto Facebook Group I visited people were getting ready or trying to figure out how to buy the Safemoon Coin.

I do this every day, I hear about most everything before it happens. But whoever started this whisper campaign for Safemoon actually did a good job. Were writing about it.

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SafeMoon Coin is a decentralized finance (Defi) cryptocurrency token that encourages people to hold rather than trade it. The SafeMoon Protocol is a community-driven, fair launched DeFi Token that employs three main functions: Reflection (Static Rewards), LP Acquisition and Burn.

The Static Rewards enable holders to earn passive rewards through static reflection as they watch their SafeMoon balance grow. The Automatic LP creates stability with the benefit of a solid price floor and cushion for holders.

With the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi), several projects have come to light. They are changing how people see finance. 

These projects are also open to anyone anywhere, which is a first. 

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They are also setting the standard for the twenty-first century. Where everything is digital, and innovation will drive this digital age. 

Cryptocurrency Tokens in the DeFi Space Answer Economic Questions

One of the issues with centralized finance has been the issue of the various economic problems that have occurred in every clime. It has led to a society where expected expect market moves and market busts happen every few years. 

While this works in real life, the emergence of decentralized finance (DeFi) has helped solve some of the biggest issues in centralized finance and economics. 

It has also created space for new ideas where none existed before. 

SafeMoon Coin is one of those ideas.

Safemoon Coin


SafeMoon Coin: Hype or Reality? 

Since its emergence this year, many people have considered the emergence of SafeMoon Coin to be the regular hype of the DeFi space. 

Yes, some hype about the cryptocurrency token exists.

 Yet, there seem to be several reasons to think that maybe SafeMoon Coin is answering several questions which centralized finance instruments and projects have failed to answer over the years. 

It is the case with the emergence of several projects in the cryptocurrency space.

Innovation has driven the cryptocurrency industry to create several projects. Before now, this wasn’t possible with centralized technologies. 

Cryptocurrencies and their underlying technologies have been able to solve these problems seamlessly and securely. 

So is there some hype? Yes, but underneath the hype lies some hardcore features we have studied and think that there is a case for the ongoing interest in SafeMoon Coin. 

SafeMoon Coin Enhances the Idea of Long-Term Investment in Cryptocurrency Tokens

Many new entrants into the cryptocurrency space have become enticed by the lure of easy profits. 

It is these profits that are driving more of the interest in cryptocurrency tokens at the moment. 

SafeMoon Coin was set up as an antithesis to this mindset.

The underlying drivers of the SafeMoon Coin smart contract are geared towards two paradigms: holding the token and increasing demand. 

An initial perusal of the SafeMoon Coin whitepaper shows this. 

Static Rewards Provide Price Stability of Tokens

Imagine a scenario where holders of cryptocurrency tokens always have to check token prices and the returns those that are available. 

There would always be uncertainty, price volatility, and even variable returns on held tokens. 

It is the story of many tokens in the cryptocurrency space. 

The prices of such tokens are volatile, and returns are variable leading to the often obvious chaotic scenarios we see every day in the cryptocurrency industry. 

It is also why SafeMoon Coin provides a different scenario. 

With static rewards, holders of the SafeMoon cryptocurrency token get paid rewards for just holding the token. 

In several “ask-me-anything (AMA)” sessions, John Karony, the CEO of SafeMoon Coin, has indicated sellers are charged 10%, and this half of this surcharge (5%) is shared among holders of the cryptocurrency token. 

Half of the other 5% is converted back into BNB tokens for liquidity provision for the trading pair, and the remaining is paired with the BNB tokens. 

The many advantages of such a move are obvious. 

While serving as a deterrent to those who want to short sell the token, it also serves as a means of encouragement for those who plan to hold the currency for the long term. 

It also discourages the price manipulation of cryptocurrency tokens. 

Safemoon Coin

Manual Token Burns Help Improve Demand

We all know how token burns affect cryptocurrency prices. 

The issue with most token burns is how they are executed. 

The SafeMoon Coin, since its launch on March 8th, 2021, has remained committed to a transparent process for token burns. 

So far, the token burns have held push its prices even further on the pancake swap platform. 

How much further though remains to be seen, but it means the manual token burns are working, at least for now. 

One transparent feature that makes things interesting is the inclusion of the total number of tokens that have been burned. 

This inclusion allows for everyone to know what exactly is going on and also portrays the corporate culture of transparency SafeMoon Coin intends to show users. 

With transparent token burns, we’re going to see how exactly the burn activities affect the prices of the token itself. 

SafeMoon’s Automatic Liquidity Pool is the Ultimate Buffer Zone

The creation of a liquidity pool for cryptocurrency tokens is a relatively new idea. 

This concept garnered attention with the emergence of the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. 

With the new sets of advanced options that developers now have access to, it has become possible to do all sorts of things on smart-contract-enabled blockchains. 

The benefits of having a reserve for any instrument are many.

One of those benefits is the creation of a price floor for tokens. 

SafeMoon Coin is one of the New Kids on the Block with the creation of an automated liquidity pool, which has several advantages in itself.

It also improves price stabilization because of the existence of reserves, thus making it almost impossible for the market bears to drive prices to near zero. 

Reserves improve the standing of the project and automating the process allows for hitch-free operations.

The automated reserves also provide a price cushion for overheating prices once they begin to reverse course. 

It gives investors and token holders another reason to hold on to the cryptocurrency token without being afraid of the sudden volatility that has bedeviled most cryptocurrency projects. 

Will SAFEMOON Prices Keep Going up?

While it would seem SAFEMOON prices will keep going up, the truth is the cryptocurrency token prices will have to go into a cooling period before the next phase of its bullish period.

What we’re currently seeing is positive market sentiment about the various innovations that are incentive-based for holding the token. 

Like it or not, profit-takers will always emerge despite the various controls, and these will e the first set of guys to drive SAFEMOON token prices down.

Then we would have those who start to panic and think the project will crash. These will be the next set of guys. 

Finally, to create the coming seemingly downward spiral, the guys who live off fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) will provide momentum for the next bear wave to hit SAFEMOON. 

Then the hysterical guys who’re touchy about their money and assets will join in. 

By this time, the media and everyone else who is currently hyped up by the SafeMoon Coin phenomenon will now join the fray. 

They will scream and cry blue murder and paint the project black, giving it names. 

Then, after some time, when prices have been lackluster, there will be a steady uptick of the cryptocurrency token. 

People, institutions, and everyone else will now invest in the token based on their understanding of the fundamentals of the project and what its DeFi technology has to offer. 

Then prices will move up this time and will surpass what we’re currently seeing. 

It has happened before in the different cryptocurrency market cycles that have brought the cryptocurrency industry this far. 

It won’t be any different on our journey to the moon and beyond! 


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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.