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What Is ‘Helpfull’ Software And How Does It Operate?

What Is Helpfull Software And How Does It Operate?

Helpfull is a real-time survey platform that is designed to give users instant feedback on anything from thousands of United States-based panelists in minutes. The software can be used in the comparison of two brand names, logos, book covers, Amazon product images, graphic designs, product images, videos, advertising copies, and a lot more.

The platform has a massive pool of thousands of US-based panelists who are ready and willing to help users within minutes. All you need to do is to choose your preferred demographics to ensure that they suit your organization’s target audience.

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When you create a survey on Helpfull, you are assured of fast and informative feedback from real people on whatever it is that you wanted to test. All you need to do to start using the platform is to create a free account and then you are ready to run your first survey.

You can sign up for the free Helpfull account to see why thousands of business owners, graphic designers, Amazon sellers, authors, e-commerce firms, marketers, content creators, and researchers use the platform to minimize their worries and boost their sales.

Benefits Of Using Helpfull

The platform provides you with actionable feedback that you can use to make better decisions rapidly. Since you get replies from real people who are your potential audience, you will make informed decisions that will improve your product and guarantee market penetration.

All the panelists are real US-based people that are ready to help out your brand. Thus, you can rest assured that the feedback you can is real and not any automated responses. Unlike the feedback that you get from family and friends, the panelists at Helpfull give you raw and honest feedback that will quickly help your brand.

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Analysts have proven that this platform creates the ideal panel of people using various demographics to get to the most preferred target audience. You can also use the practical feedback to see a lot of real changes to your bottom line enabling you to boost your revenue.

Helpfull offers simplified A/B testing services with results in minutes instead of waiting for weeks like was the case previously. For those who have ideas that they feel are great, they can now discover whether they are on the right track by using the platform for ideal validation. In some cases, you may change your mind on a business idea based on the feedback you get from Helpfull.

The demographic options available on this platform enable you to easily and readily do power market research for your brand.

Helpfull instant feedback

Survey Your Audience In Real-Time

Not many platforms can promise to offer you real-time feedback for your survey. But, the Helpfull mobile app testing tool uses instant-surveying technology, enabling users to quickly access their AB test results once their respondents submit a reply. The ability to collect real-time data and feedback from hundreds and thousands of pollsters in real-time enables you to integrate their critique and raw advice into your brand without wasting time.

Whenever you are working with a deadline or wish to remain on top of the ever-evolving consumer trends, time becomes highly valuable. Traditional surveying methods like phone polling and door-to-door soliciting were tedious and expensive. Furthermore, the polls and surveys were limited to the clients living within the immediate vicinity of the business and those who had phones.

All these limitations mostly resulted in issues arising from the survey results, mainly connected to selection bias and over-representation. Irrespective of the product that you are selling, doing extensive and exhaustive research of target audiences generates positive results for the business.

A/B Testing Amazon Ads

Helpfull offers Amazon split testing that can boost a business’s earning potential for your products. These surveys are an easy method that brands and designers can create their visual design elements or brand imagery cheaply and quickly.

This platform offers various survey templates that are designed to help brands and businesses to get a lot out of their listings. The surveys are formatted to collect the data that you need to increase your product’s capacity to appear on the Amazon internal search engine. Whether you want split testing images for your brand, or wish to tweak the latest iterations for product titles; Helpfull has a template that fits.

The traditional split testing services offer users the ability to direct portions of Amazon traffic to multiple product variations. While they were useful in some instances, the services that these tools offer are limited.

They need you to have huge amounts of traffic routing through to your listings already. In some instances, users have to continue paying for these services to continue having their variations analyzed and tested continuously. These tests are normally long and tedious and do not offer conclusive results until many days after the survey is submitted.

Using live traffic to test design iterations may be risky and eventually influence sales in case your variations underperform.

By using Helpfull’s ‍instant A/B testing services, businesses on Amazon can gather instant feedback on their product variations, and with mitigated risk compared to the traditional platforms. Those are just a few of the features and components that make Helpfull an important tool for those that want to push their product listings to the next level.

Helpfull does not have any locked-in price plan, you pay for what you use. Their surveying options are affordable and they develop simple surveys that come with pre-set questions, or you can design your customized questions to suit your brand.

The platform does not charge extra for the multiple questions that appear within a single survey. There is a massive pool of polling demographics for you to choose from to get the best results from your survey. Helpfull allows you to save your favorite responses for easy future reference. The platform comes with an aesthetically pleasing UI and easy-to-use interface and it is easy to access past surveys.

Helpfull - Get Honest Feedback In Minutes

Testing Creative Image And Design Variations

Presentation is important in the maintenance of a successful Amazon product listing. How you present products to your target audience can have a massive effect on the way your listing gets received by the market. The advantage of Amazon split-testing visual design elements on Helpfull is that the users can rapidly gather audience sentiment on many design iterations.

With Helpfull’s AB testing platform, the Amazon sellers may test eight product titles and pictures with only one question.

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Helpfull Author Feedback Survey Increase Book Sales

Creative success needs collaborative effort. In that context, writers develop their work with their audiences by implementing author feedback to come up with a better end-product. Authors sell more books using Helpfull to test titles, book-cover art, and a lot more.

The platform lets even lone writers get external feedback on their work. In most cases, the work of a professional author normally passes via many sets of hands before it is printed: fact-checkers, editors, and publishers.

In most cases, authors can save money, time, and headache by aiming to focus test their ideas with a general audience. Always develop your best work when you can integrate meaningful, productive critique into your designs.

For the content creators that cater to niche demographics, a targeted survey discovers powerful insights into the minds of the target audiences. By using the Helpfull platform, users can refine their audiences along different lines of shared demographic traits.

Irrespective of the target audience, or what their preferences are, the Helpfull community has every user covered. The diverse community consists of thousands of unique people from around the United States. These people are always waiting and eager to offer raw and genuine feedback on a user’s latest work. Thus, always incorporate their input to better your products and brands.

Through the use of Helpfull’s instant surveying features and capabilities, the authors and seasoned literary veterans can get instant feedback on their title ideas. Just like all other fine works of art, a title needs to undergo keen and intense scrutiny and lots of changes before the audience can be fully satisfied with its perfection.

When selecting a book title, the author has to remember that the titles are not for them, but instead they are for their audiences. When you want to collect sentiment on the merits of your creative design selections, you need to seek outside critique to improve.

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Family and friends offer biased critique most of the time. Furthermore, you can never rely on unqualified relatives and friends to help you in the development of your creative works. An impartial audience can offer the ideal critique needed to improve your work, products, and services.

The Helpfull pollsters are ready to help your work succeed. This community is ready to give you the guidance that you require to come up with a stunning end product that will take the market by storm. Helpfull is used by Amazon, mobile apps, content creators, marketing, authors, businesses, e-commerce, and marketing teams.

There is always something for everyone that wants to use the platform to improve their brands. Helpfull even lets you select a customized demographic of respondents enabling you to simulate your target audience letting you get the best real-time feedback that will boost the success of your brand.

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