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What Is Bloktopia (BLOK), How Does It Operate?

What Is Bloktopia (BLOK), How Does It Operate?

Bloktopia is described as a Skyscraper that consists of 21 levels that offer a virtual reality (VR) experience for the whole community of Bloktopians.

The metaverse is a trending topic in the worlds of Crypto and technology in general, as well as in the gaming and art sectors. The term originated in the early 1990s coined by American science fiction writer Neal Stephenson. In his work titled Snow Crash, he described the virtual world in an imagined future where the virtual reality (VR) goggle-wearing users inhabit three-dimensional (3D) avatars.

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In the metaverse space, users can sell and buy virtual real estate on a planet-encircling market. Generally, the concept refers to a determined simulated online digital universe that integrates many elements of technology including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), and blockchain, coupled with social media concepts.

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Fundamentally, the decentralized metaverse is an imminent iteration of the internet that develops environments that enrich the users’ interaction by imitating the real world. Metaverses let users work, play games, go shopping, meet, socialize, and perform various activities that they engage in their daily lives.

Moreover, video games are seen to provide the closest metaverse experience available normally by developing virtual economies and hosting various in-game events.

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Bloktopia $BLOK are launching

What Is Bloktopia?

Blocktopia is a metaverse that strives to be an entertainment and educational hub for all levels of crypto experience with knowledge and immersive experience concentrated in one place. Developed on the Polygon network and powered by Unity, a cross-platform game engine, Bloktopia is seen to leverage the technology to develop incredible visualizations and user experiences.

The Bloktopia metaverse platform is well-designed as a decentralized VR skyscraper made of 21 floors. The number 21 was selected not by chance but in honor of Bitcoin’s total supply of 21 million, programmed by the inventor Satoshi Nakamoto.

The high-tech Bloktopia tower’s AR and VR technologies, together with blockchain and crypto, all merge to develop a decentralized environment for future investors, entrepreneurs, developers, and players.

Bloktopia metaverse’s economy is primarily based on a dedicated nonfungible token (NFT) mechanism that enables its users, Bloktopians, to develop and own land as virtual real estate, with events and advertisements that set up earning opportunities for the visitors.

Notably, the Bloktopia metaverse is perceived to be a giant shopping mall, where the stores exist together with other kinds of activities where blockchain and NFTs projects, influencers, exchanges, and brands showcase their product. To sum everything up, Bloktopia is used for income, education, creativity, gaming, and VR social experience.

In case you wonder who is behind Bloktopia, the answer is one: experienced blockchain veterans who have been very active in the tech, crypto, and film spaces for many years. They are chief technology officer Simon Benson, co-founder and chief marketing officer Paddy Carrol, and co-founder and CEO Ross Tavakoli.

How Does Bloktopia (BLOK) Work?

By offering a virtual reality (VR) experience for the community of Bloktopians, the Bloktopia users can engage in an immersive environment based on the project’s four core pillars: play, learn, create, and earn. In general, Bloktopia’s high-end metaverse enables visitors to:

  • Get trained in the basics of cryptos
  • Earn revenue
  • Play games with friends
  • Engage in basic and advanced learning
  • Build networks via an immersive and first-person perspective of a virtual world

First, to engage with Bloktopia, users have to develop avatars that sprout outside the Bloktopia 21-story skyscraper. Then, after the users develop their avatars, they enter the first level which is described as a first-class commercial space.

There they can acquire information about crypto prices, use the navigation section and help desk, contact support, and see the agenda of the events and the summary of all events. The level one users can also participate in the events through registration.

Fundamentally, level one presents an overview of what is going on in the Metaverse and it is the area for cryptocurrency influencers for advertising. Bloktopia provides advertising boards named totems: 21 large and 84 small ones that are situated on the floor and are considered ideal advertising opportunities.

The Auditorium is found on floor six. This place hosts some immersive and interactive video presentations from the crypto influencers and features part of the critical events in the Bloktopia metaverse. Some of the crypto talks and presentations are promoted within this metaverse and users get rewards for attending them.

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Another notable space is a penthouse and gaming section. The floor is developed and well-designed to refresh the mood of Bloktopians. Within it, Bloktopians can play poker or some multiplayer games of chance. Apart from having fun, one of the advantages of playing them is the chance to win Bloktopia metaverse’s native tokens

Moreover, apart from the prominent Bloktopia use cases like access to educational and learning tools about cryptocurrency, virtual gatherings, and events, Bloktopia users can unlock many streams of passive and active income, and staking.

One of the monetization opportunities is an option to buy real estate blocks in the form of nonfungible tokens that can later be leased to advertising parties or used to host Bloktopian events.

Bloktopia; The Metaverse

Tokens Within Bloktopia

The native token of Bloktopia is known as BLOK. It is primarily a utility token with which the users can access exclusive events and purchase things within the Bloktopia metaverse. Particularly, BLOK is needed in the purchase of customized avatars or leasing of all virtual real estate within Bloktopia.

This makes BLOK tokens valuable and essential for the ecosystem to function optimally. For example, it is used for the upgrading of real estate space and buying items from within the Bloktopia marketplace. BLOK is an ERC-20 token that is developed on the Polygon network, a layer-2 scaling solution of Ethereum, and on the BNB Chain (previously known as Binance Smart Chain, BSC).

BLOK was unveiled in October 2021 and has a cumulative emission of 200 billion BLOK. All of the BLOK tokens from the original real estate purchases are publicly burned, reducing the total supply of the token. Bloktopians can buy and sell BLOK through decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

BLOK is available to sell and buy on KuCoin, OKEx, QuickSwap, and Gate.io, among others. There are also nonfungible tokens that are readily purchasable through BLOK crypto tokens: ADBLOK NFTs used to purchase or rent advertising space within the metaverse, REBLOK NFTs to purchase or rent virtual real estate, and BLOKG governance NFTs that eventually become vital power of Bloktopia’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

To put it simply, BLOK NFTs enable its holders to buy nonfungible tokens, which represent ownership for ADBLOK and REBLOK, and vote with BLOKG.


ReBLOK is the act of buying a property in the Bloktopia metaverse, and platform users can buy the assets via the Marketplace. Virtual real estate assets, which can be purchased using a non-fungible token (NFT) mechanism, will enable investors to own two kinds of property:

  • Exclusive ownership – shows that a part of the BLOK property is owned by one NFT.
  • Joint ownership – means that a piece of BLOK property is owned through many nonfungible tokens.

Other Ways To Unlock ReBLOK

The exclusive ownership of a BLOK provides the owner with the privilege to create and customize their REBLOK with the platform’s software development kit. Another major benefit of REBLOK is that, whether underdeveloped or developed, both of them are available for sale on the Bloktopia Marketplace, which gives sellers flexibility and offers buyers widespread options.

REBLOK can also be a great source of passive income because homeowners can rent them out to different events or to long-term tenants. As Bloktopia follows a governance model, REBLOK NFT holders will have the privilege of being a part of the platform’s governance board.

The platform expects that cryptographic projects and firms will soon see the considerable value of their platform and will soon buy and lease REBLOKs.

“BLOKTOPIA” a virtual world related to the Metaverse

What Is The Future Of Bloktopia?

Bloktopia metaverse is a budding project that has already gotten the attention of the crypto community because of its potential to become a disruptive and informative hub of immersive entertainment and education.

Bloktopia is a great crypto project that strives to become a formidable competitor in the global augmented reality, virtual reality, and gaming markets, which are slowly moving to the next generation of gaming technologies.

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Some of the examples of prominent metaverse projects like The Sandbox and Decentraland already proved to the community that they can bring in something. So, why should you invest in Bloktopia? The primary idea and the scope of new platforms and technologies applied by Bloktopia are quite impressive. Nonetheless, consider the risks and benefits before investing in any project.

The Takeaway

Bloktopia is virtual eye candy. However, the most attractive thing about the platform is the many revenue streams it provides the players. With very many ways to win within the budding metaverse, there is no doubt that many players will soon start to notice the huge potential this virtual world offers.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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