Tribeos Demos Bitcoin Cash-Powered Digital Advertising Marketplace 1

On April 3, digital advertising marketplace Tribeos published a demonstration of a software application that utilizes the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network. The ambitious platform plans to launch in Q3 of this year by unleashing one of the first fully transparent advertising applications.

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Tribeos Publishes Demo Video of Upcoming Digital Advertising Marketplace

This week Tribeos released a demonstration video which shows the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) driven marketplace that claims to “match the right people with the right ads at the right time.” Tribeos is a digital advertising provider that aims to compete with the likes of Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini, and Adroll. The recent demo video shows how Tribeos matches advertisers, publishers, and web users while using BCH in the background.

Tribeos Demos Bitcoin Cash-Powered Digital Advertising Marketplace
Tribeos advertising/campaign dashboard.

The demo starts with the Ad OS platform, which is an intuitive program that makes it simple to create digital advertising campaigns. To begin, advertisers explain what type of audience they want to reach and with Ad OS the registered user can target a specific audience by location, browser, platform, and language. Then they simply choose the type of ad they would like to run from a variety of choices including a text ad, responsive ads complete with images, and interactive HTML5 ads. On the publisher’s side of things, they simply register and set up ad space with Tribeos and the software provides the necessary code so it can be attached to the publisher’s online property.

Tribeos Demos Bitcoin Cash-Powered Digital Advertising Marketplace
Tribeos publisher’s dashboard.

Additionally, the video shows the company’s proprietary suite of cybersecurity tools called Adshield that detects fraud, shuts down bots, and protects the user’s ad spend. The demo claims that Adshield uses 12 different security protocols in order to enhance the process. This includes checking for traffic origin, red flag reaches, suspicious referrals, distrustful user agents, and fraudulent clicks. It also checks for sketchy automation, known violator IPs, known violator datacenter IPs, browser integrity, Javascript integrity, pages per session excess, and exceeded pages per minute. According to Tribeos, this makes sure that advertisers are serving their ad to real humans rather than bots.

Tribeos Demos Bitcoin Cash-Powered Digital Advertising Marketplace
Adshield dashboard.

Bitcoin Cash Brings 100% Transparent Advertising

The software exhibition shows Adshield fraud reports that give advertisers the ability to view fraud attempts in real time. Threat summary reports show advertisers block requests and gives users atomic traceability tools. These tools provide users with the ability to track micro engagements like mouse movements, scrolls, and clicks.

“The recent demo of the Tribeos advertising marketplace provides real world evidence of what digital advertisers and publishers can expect,” explained Matt Gallant, CEO of Tribeos. “12 different security protocols to stop ad scammers in their tracks — Who else does that?” Gallant continued, adding:

As someone who has lost millions to ad fraud crime, it’s time for a next generation, 100% transparent advertising marketplace built on blockchain — And that’s exactly how Tribeos will forever change how digital advertising is conducted online.

Tribeos Demos Bitcoin Cash-Powered Digital Advertising Marketplace
Adshield overview of undesired traffic reports.

The demonstration also shows the Tribeos Gold Lantern analytics software. Gold Lantern provides advertisers with true campaign performance data so they can make wiser decisions going forward. The analytics shows metrics like Return on Ad Spend (ROI) and users can also zero in on visitor value. Gallant also believes the Tribeos ad platform will bring lots of commerce to the BCH ecosystem because the project depends on the transparency and immutability of the BCH chain. As an added benefit to the system as a whole, all the Tribeos data built on top of the BCH blockchain gives the software an edge by being 100 percent auditable. According to the demo video, every buy and sell, every instance of fraud blocking, and every click is published on the BCH chain which makes it impossible to manipulate.


What do you think about the Tribeos system and video demonstration? Let us know what you think about this project in the comments section below.

Image credits: Shutterstock, Tribeos, Youtube, and Pixabay.

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Tribeos Demos Bitcoin Cash-Powered Digital Advertising Marketplace 2
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