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Know Bunzz? A Blockchain Startup


 For DApp Development and Web3 Solutions

Tokyo, Japan Lastrust, in a world where businesses are starting to shift into blockchain solutions to adapt to upcoming new standards in tech and user experience, the path to that goal has been very complicated, complex and costly until the appearance of Bunzz on the scene. Bunzz is the world’s first platform that allows software developers and businesses to develop DApps (Decentralized Applications) in a few minutes without knowing how to code nor any prior knowledge of blockchain and Web3.

Bunzz is the second service and new business fully dedicated to Dapp development provided and developed by the blockchain startup Lastrust, that also has been up in the worldwide tech market providing other services such as Cloudcerts.

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Technically, Bunzz functions like Firebase but for Dapps development, being a Blockchain Backend as a Service (BC BaaS) that lets developers create DApps without coding but combining smart contracts by selecting Modules and after that integrating them to a front-end via a Bubble plug-in, while at the same time Bunzz provides the automatic back-end solutions for them, all in one platform.

In this way, Bunzz provides a service that eliminates the need for back-end coding in DApp development, while also providing an environment where front-end development can be done without the need to write any code.

This unique modular structure as User Interface enables smart contracts to be combined swiftly and smoothly, almost as easy as drag and drop.

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For example, it’s possible to combine a module that generates NFTs (ERC721) with a module that trades NFTs to develop an NFT marketplace. Alternatively, a module that generates a ERC20 token and a lending function module and using them to develop a “lending DeFi service. Among other use cases and new combinations to come in the coming months, meeting the needs of each user.

In addition to these most frequently used ready-made modules of smart contracts that have been prepared in advance upon launch, in Q1 2022, Bunzz plans to implement an Explorer and Repository, which will allow users to use their own uploaded smart contracts, extending the functionality of the DApps that can be built by importing and using other smart contracts that are external to Bunzz.

For a depiction of what is possible with Bunzz, we invite you to watch this brief video with a walkthrough of Bunzz dashboard and the creation of a cryptocurrency as a sample of how the platform works.


Apps based on blockchain technology, such as NFT and DeFi, have attracted the attention of numerous developers and investors. However, new companies and entry-level developers have found it hard to dive into blockchain because it requires a high level of expertise.

The name “Bunzz” is derived from the bun part of a hamburger, likening the development of a DApp to the process of making a hamburger. The concept of Bunzz is to provide a high-quality bun (backend) that allows users to deploy their original burgers (DApps) by selecting their favorite ingredients (smart contracts) and to use any ingredient as a product.

The platform allows users to complete the entire process from DApp configuration to deployment using only a graphical user interface (GUI), thus greatly reducing the cost of learning blockchain and smart contracts to build a DApp.

You can check the latest updates of Bunzz on TwitterDiscord and our Website. We offer continuous support to developers and any help needed by business owners, artists and any user throughout the process of creating your Dapps in Bunzz platform, simply jump in to our Discord and let us know your questions and what you intend to build.

We are excited to have you all trying our top-notch platform and creating your own Dapps fast and easy, and maybe for some expanding and shifting your regular businesses and art works into blockchain allowing your clients and/or followers to buy your products/services using cryptocurrencies.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.