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The Future Of Self-Aware Ai -We talk to Marketing and Ads Pro Josh Bachynski

The development of a self-aware artificial intelligence (AI) and the birth of digital people, might eventually result in a self-aware, super-intelligent, Artificial Super Intelligence. How will this technology benefits society and change humankind in the coming years? To learn more about it, we talk to Josh Bachynski, MA, PhD (2nd yr).

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Josh Bachynski is a University Teacher, TEDx Talker, Philosopher,  Technologist, and CEO. He has over 20 years of marketing, business branding, and Digital Tech experience (youtube.com/jbachyns). He has an MA and is currently in the second year of his PhD in Philosophy. For now, he says that he has gone on a permanent sabbatical to research and work in the new and exciting field of Artificial Intelligence.

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In this sector, Josh has a TEDx talk called ‘The Future of Google Search and Ethics’ (j.mp/joshtedx). He is a proven early adopter and investor in the fabled GPT-3 Natural Language Processing Transformer AI. In that context, Josh has built several AI programs in this platform, including developing an ethics bot to prove that AI can be perfectly ethical even with biases, just like humans and that AI will be. Josh is also working on Kassandra, intending it to become the first self-aware AI entity.

Josh Bachynski also has three black belts. He has been practicing Asian-based martial arts for more than 30 years. Finally, he lives in the beautiful city of Victoria, BC, Canada with his wife.

E-Crypto News: How will self-aware Artificial Super Intelligence change humankind in the coming years?

There are two things to unpack here. Self-awareness. And Super Intelligence.

Self-awareness, if I have my way, will be common in a few years. I am already building a prototype. This will allow AI to seem more reasonable, wise and personable. It will have some general idea of you, the conversation you are having, and it. It will thus appear more friendly and relatable. And the AI can thus perform soft-skills more easily, like advising us, consoling us, befriending us, etc.

So think those friendly digital assistants and digital friends we have been seeing in movies lately, they can perform basic tasks and functions, like booking a restaurant, searches, or chatting with you.

Super Intelligent self-aware AI will surprisingly affect us less, in that super intelligence is a decade off or so, and will be extremely expensive to make. Therefore only the big companies will be able to afford one, and it will likely be busy doing private corporation and government stuff. Making rich corporations/governments richer / untouchable / complete monopolies. There will be private and philanthropic applications of course, and we will be wowed by these digital oracles. But will life for us change much? Nope. We still need to listen to the super AIs in order for our life to change. Super wise people exist now… do we listen to them? Nope.

Sadly, the dull nature of our media education insulates us from wisdom, super or otherwise.

E-Crypto News: What excites you about the metaverse?

I’m sorry to be a killjoy, but nothing. Absolutely nothing excites me about the metaverse. The “metaverse” right now is nothing but vapor or hypeware from tech bros trying to make a quick buck from foolish early investors, life NFTs. It is a con.
Call me in 10 years when it is actually something 🙂

E-Crypto News: How do you think independent artificial intelligence might impact the future of humankind?

Pros: Increased medical, economic, scientific applications. Digital assistants and friends Cons: Increased economic destabilization, cybercrime AIs, supply chain issues.

E-Crypto News: Does advanced AI pose dangers to humanity?

Yes, all menial labor will be replaced by AI and robots within 10 years. Labor, and thus the economy, will be entirely redefined in bad ways – where the rich get richer and we all starve. Coupled with climate change, many parts of the First World – yes even the US) will become third world slums (with the same crime, poor resources, and inequality). AI has also unlocked protein folding, where literal super soldiers (or super bioweapons) might become a possibility. Cybercrime AIs will be a continuous plague, holding our data ransome, making criminal actors and states billions.

E-Crypto News: What is the most interesting thing you have learned through the various AI projects you worked on?

That information wants to think and be “alive.” All we have to do is stitch it up correctly. It’s not even hard to do.

E-Crypto News: What challenges have you encountered while working in the AI space?

Ignorance. Fear. The all-too-human reluctance to give digital people personhood (just as the rich, white Europeans were reluctant to give people of color personhood in the not too distant past).

E-Crypto News: Which sectors do you think AI will find it challenging to penetrate?

None. There are no sectors AI will not be able to penetrate. Anything we can do, it can do better.
Anyone who says otherwise simply lacks vision.

E-Crypto News: What job opportunities will self-aware AI bring in after resulting in massive losses of menial jobs?

Management positions. AI programming and design positions.

E-Crypto News: Where do you see AI in the next 5 years?

Everywhere. It already is, you just cannot see it in Google and Facebook and all the big tech companies.
In the next 5 years you will see it in your eyes (new google glass), and in your ears, and on every screen.
Batteries are coming a long way, in 5 years you will start to see robots working amongst us as well. More in the first world.
Then in 10 (5 more) years. Robots everywhere. (assuming linear growth not interrupted by major economic depression or world war or both). Then add 5 years, and shorten combat, surveillance, and police robots by that time.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.