Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Finishes his Africa Tour Plans

Twitter's CEO returns to the United States but plans to return next year.


In what has been seen by many as a fruitful tour of African Countries, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has just rounded up and is set to return to the United States. In a tweet that he sent to his Twitter handle apparently from Bole international airport, he described his “sadness” for leaving the continent but also spoke of “plans” to return to Africa by the middle of next year. He also made indications that he may spend some time in Africa indicating a timeline of within three to six months.

Before this, he had previously indicated during a town hall meeting in Nigeria about the move. The above tweet confirms the speculation about his return and stay in Africa. The question, however, remains as to which of the Countries he is planning to stay and what exactly his schedule will be like. What we do know however, is that inclusion and adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are going to play a big part during his visit next year. 

Many have further gone to speculate that jack may introduce square on the ground or applications that work with squares’ platform to increase the market share of the already highly successful fintech application.

So far, indications have emerged that Jack’s tour of several African countries has drawn attention to several issues surrounding technology on the continent. In Nigeria, for instance, earlier in the month he met technology entrepreneurs behind closed doors (also had a Bitcoin meetup) and also met with Bitcoin Entrepreneurs in Ghana as well. In Ethiopia, he met with several startups and they got the opportunity to pitch to him.

This indicates that jack has fallen in love with the Continent and that something is pulling him back there. It may not be just business for Jack, he may just be seeing something that everyone else hasn’t seen yet: Africa is on the rise and is the most untapped market for new technologies (in fact just about anything technology).

Already, the Nigerians are beginning to wonder if they lost out on the opportunity to make real change on the ground since in effect Jack Dorsey is already paying attention to different businesses in other countries. 


But they seem to neglect the fact that jack will still visit Nigeria again having also met with Bitcoin experts on the sidelines as well. 

Developing Countries will Boost Cryptocurrency Adoption

So far, in the advancement of the adoption of the Cryptospace, many have forgotten and neglected the fact that despite having a low prevalence of technology density, developing countries stand a good chance to be the very nations that lift the cryptospace into the limelight that many are searching for.

The population in terms of numbers presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs within the cryptospace to begin to define how best cryptocurrency adoption can take place.  

With issues such as low telecommunications density, insufficient power supply and lack of efficient funding as well, it may seem to many that the visits of the tech Billionaires will change everything. The truth, however, remains the same: Africans must rise to help themselves before anyone will help them. For now, though it seems as if the Sun has decided to shine over Africa as it is sung in French West Africa: “Quelle Beau Soleil Celui D’Afrique” (the beautiful Sun shines over Africa)…

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