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HOFA Gallery Launches Artem Coin (ARTM)


 Creating a Cross-Chain Community for Collectors

The renowned London gallery becomes the first fine art gallery in the world to launch a native token. IDO 21 December 2021.

LONDON — HOFA Gallery will launch its own native altcoin, one which will support NFT curation by collectors, and enable them to work cross-chain on other platforms.

HOFA is the first fine art gallery to launch its own native ERC20 token, called Artem Coin (exchange symbol ARTM). The new native token will be launched at an Initial Dex Offering (IDO) on 21 December 2021. It will be launched cross-chain on the three leading launch pads Cardstarter (Cardano native launch), DaoMaker (Ethereum Launch) and Solanium (Solana Native launch).

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Artem will issue one billion coins in total, with 20 million reserved for public sale. Private investors will be offered 250 million of the new coins. The coins will debut at the price of $0.045.

Artem Coin’s launch will become the latest accomplishment of innovative co-founders Elio D’Anna (CEO) and Simonida Pavicevic (President). After launching HOFA Gallery together in 2012, this traditional art business has been through a metamorphosis when they became the first to offer their entire portfolio for sale via crypto in 2018. More recently launching Kreation.io, an NFT marketplace, and HOFA.io, a curated NFT platform with an auction house and special editions marketplace.

Artem Coin will support collectors in working across HOFA’s two NFT platforms Kreation.io and HOFA.io and the traditional art gallery – and this will become the first instance of this kind of integration for NFTs. HOFA will use this cross-chain solution to help bridge these platforms and offer different networks the potential to tap into some of the leading traditional artists and digital creators.

This unique consensus model will enable stakeholders on its blockchain to participate in making key decisions about the cryptocurrency, helping the platform to evolve into substantial support for NFT collecting.

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This global art and crypto operation is run between Zug and London, with many more satellites such as fine art galleries in Mykonos and LA.

Elio D’Anna, CEO of Artem Coin, says about the forthcoming launch, “Artem Coin will sit at the core of HOFA’s business, interacting with each of the metaverse marketplaces, and affiliated networks, building a community of collectors and art lovers around the opportunity for rewards and incentives as well as offering artists full transparency on sales and acquisitions.”

HOFA Gallery launches Artem Coin (ARTM) on 21 December 2021; the IDO will take place via launchpads Cardstarter, DaoMaker & Solanium.

2018 – HOFA became the first gallery in the world to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, available in 21 different cryptocurrencies in partnership with leading exchange Uphold. (Article by Forbes).

2020 – HOFA launches a first-of-its-kind tokenized exhibition in partnership with sister company ARTCELS, promoting accessibility and democratizing the acquisition process of fine arts investments. (Article by Conde Nast Traveller).

2020 – HOFA launches its own virtual reality program with its own developed technology and is featured as one of the first galleries to launch their virtuality program alongside Tate Modern, The British Museum and The National Gallery. (Article by Forbes).

March 2021 – HOFA launches its inaugural NFT release “Pink Flower” by Zhuang Hong Yi. (Article by Financial Times).

April 2021 – HOFA launches the pioneering exhibition “Matter and Form,” combining the traditional artwork mediums alongside NFTs by 16 global artists and hosted in partnership with Makers Place, Rarible and Known Origin. It instantly sold out and Jan Kalab’s NFT artwork “Lost Ultramatine Shell” sold for 11.8 ETH (44,000 USD) to high profile Hong Kong-based collector – Galen Law Kun. (Article by Financial Times).

September 2021 – HOFA announces “Portrait of an Era” billed as the world’s most valuable gallery NFT exhibition ever, with CryptoPunks and BAYC headlining. The same night it announces its ground-breaking mobile App. (Article by Christie’s International).

September 2021 – HOFA mints and auctions its first set of artworks on its own smart contract and NFT platform HOFA.io, which is built on the Ethereum Network and founded with sustainable ethics. The HOFA.io platform does not strictly require a crypto wallet to acquire digital art, as the platform accepts multiple forms of payments including cards and wires. This hybrid version has a lower impact on the environment by reducing its carbon footprint. It also opens the NFT space to collectors of every age and background (article by Christie’s International).

December 2021 – HOFA presents Beyond the Heavens as its latest NFT and contemporary art show at Art Miami, celebrating the launch of its new curatorial program via the native token Artem Coin (ARTM).

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.