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Exclusive: Uphold Launches Sand Token Rewards

Sand Token

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Sand Token Reward

Are you ready to explore the wonder that awaits when purchasing SAND tokens? The SAND token, ERC20, is the currency for The Sandbox. The Sandbox, a booming virtual metaverse, allows you to build, own and monetize your own gaming experience.

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Now through January 31st, 2022, new users to Uphold who join and subsequently purchase 10 SAND tokens will be rewarded with 10 more! Your account will receive an additional 10 SAND tokens, for a total of 20 tokens. In order to redeem this exclusive reward, you must be a new US customer and do the following. Begin by creating a new account with Uphold

Verify your account

Purchase 10 SAND tokens

Uphold will add an additional 10 SAND tokens to your account for free!

How Uphold’s Promotion Benefits You

This exclusive reward promotion is a limited offer that will increase your ability to access The Sandbox metaverse.

The Sandbox is community-driven. Not only are creators able to design their own virtual worlds, but they can also monetize assets alongside their invited guests. This allows for unique gaming experiences on the blockchain.

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So why is SAND so important? The answer is simple. SAND is necessary for all interactions and transactions. The virtual gaming world is decentralized and SAND facilitates all of the activities. Furthermore, with the SAND token, participants can demand authority in governance because SAND is the currency for governance.

Not only does the software used in Sandbox utilize and leverage Ethereum’s blockchain, but it also tracks NFT assets and digital land. All participants on this platform are able to engage with the ecosystem on a deeper level by utilizing Ethereum wallets. These wallets hold SAND tokens.

When you purchase SAND tokens from Uphold, you are participating in new and cutting-edge technology. The Sandbox was created to introduce exciting blockchain technology to the masses and launch the play-to earn model. The value of SAND has increased by 2,500% from November 2020 to October 2021.

This proves that in under a year’s time the value of SAND increased at an enthralling rate. Furthermore, it is the 127th-largest cryptocurrency asset, according to CoinGecko. The market capitalization for SAND is approximately $600 million.

SAND Price: Everything You Need to Know

The supply of SAND is finite, making it more exclusive than ever before.

This means there are 3 billion SAND tokens and the amount will never exceed this. As a SAND token owner, you are able to shape and mold the platform with your own say. With this token used in the ecosystem and governance, you are able to have your way with the platform. Involved and engaged players are able to contribute to additional upgrades.

The goal is mainly dedicated user-generated content. This is an incredible way to include users in the process of decentralized governance.

What’s Next for SAND Tokens & The Sandbox in 2022?

The SAND token is projected to grow exponentially in 2022, similar to the growth of The Sandbox. Inevitably as The Sandbox’s price increases, the SAND token will also rise in value. The current circulating supply of SAND is 705 million. The total token supply is 3 billion.

The digital assets as NFTs can be uploaded to The Sandbox marketplace and utilized for games with the assistance of Game Maker. There are many aspects to The Sandbox metaverse. The growth of The Sandbox is projected to continue all throughout 2022. Let’s take a look at some of the most FAQs regarding SAND.


What is LAND?

LAND in The Sandbox is a digital section of real estate.

The purpose of LAND is to buy it and build experiences on it. As soon as the users of this metaverse purchase LAND, they can begin populating it with both games and ASSETS. Furthermore, LANDS can be combined with one another for the purpose of creating an ESTATE. The total number of LANDS available will be 166,464.

The attributes, tier, and scarcity of ASSETS are defined by CATALYSTS and GEMS.

What are CATALYSTS and GEMS?

CATALYSTS are able to add empty sockets to NFTs. These can be filled with GEMS. The higher quality CATALYST you have, the greater number of sockets your ASSET can have.

How Can Users Monetize Their Time in The Sandbox?

Users are able to keep 95% of their SAND revenue by employing the following tactics.

-Selling Assets: Users and participants of The Sandbox are able to create and sell ASSETS as NFTs on the marketplace.
-Building Games with Game Maker: When users build and monetize their games using Game Maker, they can do this on LANDS owned by players on the platform.
-Owning a LAND: Alternatively, users can own LAND by purchasing it. They can be rented or populated with the user’s content.

This will subsequently increase the value of the LAND. It is important to note that a total of 50% SAND transactions are collected from the following sources and go to the Foundation.

-Premium NFTs
-LAND sales
-Transaction fees
-Subscription services

As mentioned previously, there are numerous aspects to The Sandbox metaverse.

These include Revenue, Company, Foundation, Market, and Community Rewards. Let’s take a look at each of these avenues and how they benefit users in the metaverse. Revenue: Revenue includes LAND sales, marketplace trx fees, premium NFTs, subscriptions, and services.

Company: Company includes company reserve and company treasurer. Company reserve is “lock-up 6 months” and company treasury is “lock-up 12 months.” Community Rewards: Community rewards include stacking rewards, creators funds, and a play-to-earn pool of prizes.

Foundation: The foundation helps support the ecosystem. This in due course contributes to the awareness of NFTs, $SAND, as well as the Metaverse. There are certain aspects the foundation is presently involved in. They include the following. Managing both the Creators Fund and Game Makers fund.

This offers grants for the purpose of incentivizing content that is high-quality. Funding an excess of 17 game projects. Certain game projects have been shown to the public. Grants were distributed to approximately 100 artists for the goal of producing NFTs.

Supporting local managers for the community, also known as community managers.

Sponsoring prizes

Supporting types of cross-gaming and play-to-earn contents or tournaments

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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