Eutaria Introduces Passive Income Source for Token Holders

NUEVA ECIJA, Philippines, Dec. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Eutaria, an off-chain play-to-earn crypto company, has announced the introduction of a passive income source for all token holders. Currently exploring various aspects of the crypto market, this company requires gamers to hold some of its native tokens to unlock unique play-to-earn features. Aimed at providing sustainable rewards for gamers without gas fees, Eutaria will offer players the rare opportunity of earning an in-game currency equivalent to the US dollar.

Eutaria Introduces Passive Income Source for Token Holders 1

Built on Binance Smart Chain [BSC], these earnings can easily be converted to the Binance native token, BNB. Eutaria will introduce a Eutaria Token [EUT] and an in-game currency, Pleasure Potion [PP]. The former will neither be used as an in-game token nor as a reward. Eutaria simply requires gamers to hold it to unlock certain key features. The latter, on the other hand, is an in-game currency that is pegged at 1 PP to $1. This currency can be bought at the Eutaria in-game shop using BNB and an accompanying gas fee. Additionally, other in-game items like Eutarians, caverns, and taverns can be bought using PP.

Another Eutaria feature is a balanced and stable reward structure. Identifying the lack of a sustainable and remotely balanced reward system as a huge problem for the play-to-earn industry, Eutaria will offer off-chain transactions. Players do not have to worry about gas fees.

Integrating an in-game currency, this company will allow users to claim PP whenever they deem fit. Furthermore, an airdrop reward system on the 14th and 28th of each month has been implemented by Eutaria to enable players to convert to BNB without gas fees. A 10% tax will be imposed by Eutaria and will be sent to the rewards pool for claiming PP.

Eutaria has designed the play-to-earn game otherwise called Eutarise as a brain exercise where gamers will need to match a Eutarian — an in-game component that can be obtained by buying with PP or breeding compatible Eutarians. Each matching will comprise seven questions with a timer and a partner. Eutaria offers players an option to change a matching partner three times a day at zero cost, however, exceeding that stipulated time will attract a fee of 0.1 PP.

Eutarise comes in three difficulty modes — Easy, Normal, and Hard.

The rewards and timer for each set will depend solely on the difficulty mode selected. The Easy Mode, for example, will attract a 25% decrease in earnings whilst the Hard Mode will offer players a 25% increase.

Yet another fascinating project of Eutaria is the scholarship system. On the play-to-earn ecosystem, managers can assign Eutarians to scholars, however, these scholars are not required to hold EUT as a prerequisite to play, but managers must hold a substantial amount of the tokens to facilitate this move. Managers will simply need to add scholars’ addresses for them to participate at 1 PP per scholar.

Depending on the percentage set by the manager, rewards will be distributed automatically to the scholar or manager according to the selected percentage.

About Eutaria

Eutaria is a BSC-based off-chain play-to-earn company that has been designed to offer gamers rewards for playing and holding its native token, EUT. Aimed at creating a sustainable ecosystem for gamers, Eutaria has introduced an in-game currency that is pegged at $1. Incorporating in-game scholars, Euratising, exploring taverns, and other in-game components, Eutaria will create a platform where gamers can earn and seamlessly convert their winnings to BNB at zero cost.

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