Ethereum (ETH) Continues to Hold Distance from Ripple’s XRP by Market Cap


January 5th, 2018 – Ethereum (ETH), the second largest digital coin by market capitalization continues to showcase strong community support for the upcoming hard fork as its value presents staying in the green for a longer period of time comparing to the other leading cryptocurrencies.

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Source: coinmarketcap

The being tested $160.00 level has not been touched by the pair ETH/USD since mid-November when the violent market sell-off took place during the infamous hashwars.

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Together with Litecoin’s LTC/USD  10.15% gain, TRON TRX/USD  4.94% – ETH/USD 3.58% is leading the recovery momentum which failed two-three days ago when Bitcoin BTC could not make it above $4000.00.

Its two billion market cap difference with the speedy and 2018 rival XRP stays put as the third largest cryptocoin battles sellers to not drop below $0.3500.

Ethereum ETH

The Constantinople hard fork is a blockchain upgrade that will implement five improvement protocols into Ethereum’s blockchain. Four are focusing on short-term scaling, while the other is centered around reducing Ether issuance from three ETH to two ETH a block. [Read]

According to a video posted online by the Ethereum foundation, the ETH dev team has seemingly come to a consensus in regards to the implementation of its new proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm.

Martin Holst Swende – top of Security:

“Our Current PoW algorithm, Ethash, has flaws which are currently being targeted, that’s why I would like to switch as soon as possible to give us time to move to proof-of-stake.”

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Bitcoin (BTC) $ 8,907.24
Ethereum (ETH) $ 203.89
Tether (USDT) $ 0.999610
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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $ 228.63
Bitcoin SV (BSV) $ 184.51
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