E-Crypto News talks to Deeper Network CTO, Chao Ma, on their Blockchain Hardware

The Blockchain space has come up with several innovations lately. One of those innovations is blockchain hardware.

The use of hardware for blockchain applications has been limited to storage and processing until now.

One company is set to change all of that. Deeper Network has come up with what is the World’s first blockchain hardware device for their services.

While this is a first, it points to another niche within the blockchain industry: hardware for applications.

E-Crypto News reached out to Chao Ma, CTO of Deeper Network for more insights on this little-known but interesting niche of the blockchain space.  Here is what he had to say.


E-Crypto News:


  1. What are the benefits of using blockchain hardware? 



The blockchain hardware that we have developed can be understood as a truly  decentralized network gateway that allows users to access the internet without going through a centralized server, where their personal information can be logged, accessed, and hacked by others.

E-Crypto News:

2. What inspired the creation of the Deeper Network?

During this decade we have witnessed a massive increase in Internet users: billions of people are joining social media networks and expressing their opinions on an infinite number of subjects; and millions are purchasing all kinds of goods and even completing degrees online.

Who would have imagined that this vehicle, whose primary purpose seemed to be the democratization of information access and empowerment of the vox populi, could be used against the same people who made it a success?

It’s no secret that powerful corporations have monopolized the Internet by charging their users for “free” platforms via colossal data collection.

We can paraphrase Steve Wozniak here, when he says Facebook makes a fortune selling the value of user information while users don’t get a cent in return.

E-Crypto News:


3. As a device, what does Deeper Connect do?


Deeper Connect is our flagship device. It’s a blockchain-powered all-in-one solution that combines internet security, privacy protection, network sharing, and blockchain mining.

Internet Security: Deeper Connect Mini serves as an enterprise-level secure gateway and firewall for home networks.

Network attacks from the entire network will be unified into a database, which can be understood as a distributed firewall, solving the defects of a traditional firewall of independent, one-sided protection.

Privacy Protection: Deeper Connect Mini offers the next-generation VPN in the form of a decentralized private network technology, or DPN.

Without the need for a central server, DPN is able to provide a fast and reliable internet experience without logs, avoiding one of the common pitfalls of traditional VPN services.

Network Sharing: Each Deeper Connect device serves as a node and shares a portion of their bandwidth to the community.

The decentralized network allows each device to identify the fastest node available in different countries, offering a fast and stable connection for the user.

Blockchain Mining: Deeper Connect users are encouraged and incentivized to share their bandwidth with rewards of Deeper’s native tokens – DPR.

As the device is extremely efficient in energy-use, users have the opportunity to mine DPR tokens on the Deeper’s mainnet through everyday usage rather than tinkering with ASICs and mining pools.

E-Crypto News:

4. Do you think blockchains and their related devices are insecure? Will they be insecure in the future?

Blockchain technology was created to facilitate and ensure secure and transparent transactions. It is the foundation of the Web 3.0 revolution.

There have been many cases where people have taken advantage of the technology for unethical practices due to the decentralized nature, resulting in controversial opinions about the blockchain industry.

Yet, as the industry develops and matures, only the projects that can truly ensure security will survive.

That’s why we have created a network security gateway, where users can access the web with security ensured. We envision that Deeper Network’s technology will help build the future of a Web 3.0 infrastructure.

E-Crypto News:


5. Does slow internet speed affect Deeper Connect’s services? Please give us reasons for your answer. 

Slowdowns affect all VPN and DPN services alike. What sets our devices apart is our tunnel layer congestion control, zero-copy networking, and QoS which serves to eliminate as much of the slowdown as possible.

Our IP multiplexing also enables the seamless transition between different tunnels to optimize connection without the need for user configuration.

E-Crypto News:


6. How does the token economy work within the Deeper Network?

Deeper uses its own native token called DPR as a form of economic incentivization, as well as for service provider micropayments.

DPR serves as the main unit of value in the Deeper Network. Through applications such as bandwidth sharing, users will acquire or consume tokens.

The total supply is capped by 10 billion. 6 billion of them are distributed as block rewards. The initial block reward is 90 DPR. The amount of DPR created during each block decays over time, which is similar to e.g., Bitcoin.

The emission amount per block is recalculated every 518,400 blocks to remainder/77, 760, 000, where remainder is the difference between 6 billion and the current tokens mined so far.

Deeper Connect allows users to make part of their home network bandwidth available to the public to earn DPR as a service fee.

The users can configure the shared bandwidth or shared time period to ensure that their normal network use is not affected.

When another user takes advantage of that shared bandwidth, the user must pay a service fee in DPR based on the traffic volume and throughput.

E-Crypto News:

7. What happens if the Deeper Connect device gets stolen? Can thieves and criminals access it?

Deeper Connect Mini offers a truly decentralized private network with no centralized servers. All information is securely encrypted on device and can only be accessed by the user through AtomOS via the user set password.

Even if the device is stolen physically, no one will be able to access it without the password.

E-Crypto News:

8. Are there going to be enterprise versions of Deeper Connect where companies can secure their activities on the network? Please give us scenarios. Also, give us reasons for your answer?

The founders of Deeper Network had extensive experience in top enterprise cybersecurity companies. CEO Russell Liu was the chief engineer at Palo Alto Networks.

Our main focus now is to bring down the cost of our devices to be affordable to all the household families. In future, we can and possess the capability to build  tailored cybersecurity services for enterprise customers.

E-Crypto News:

9. What about the miniaturization of the Deeper Connect device? Will there be Miniature versions of Deeper Connect in the future?


One of our accomplishments this year was that we have released our 4th generation device, Deeper Connect Mini, on Indiegogo.

Compared to our previous prototype devices, Deeper Connect Mini is already a more powerful and miniaturized that is easy to travel with. Deeper Connect will keep it miniaturized in the future.

Our 5th generation device, Deeper Connect Nano, will be even smaller, with the same plug and play design and zero configuration.

E-Crypto News:

10. If you had three wishes for the blockchain space and a Genie who could make them come true what would your wishes be?

  1. More public blockchain applications that solve real world pain points, e.g. user confidential data misused by big companies. Currently, most public blockchain projects lack real world applications.


  1. Cross blockchain communication like bridge that can connect different blockchains together


  1. blockchain applications that can be adopted and used by majority of people that have less or even no technical background.


E-Crypto News:

11. What sets Deeper apart from other blockchain projects? 

Most blockchain projects aim to first build the blockchain and then try to find their applications and users. At Deeper, our vision has always been product and customers  first; developing useful products that can be used by many users across the world.

Deeper devices provide private, secure, plug and play DPN (decentralized private network) services to users.

This application layer serves as the bottom layer, also called the deeper layer.  Then we build the blockchain layer on top of that. This way, we already have a wide user base for our blockchain.

This two layer structure forms a closed loop: The blockchain layer incentivizes the users to join the deeper layer to share bandwidth using block rewards.

On the other hand, the devices in the deeper layer will earn micropayments and accumulate the credit scores when sharing the bandwidth, and they can delegate their credit scores into validators in the blockchain layer to secure the blockchain system. The close loop will help the network to grow and be sustainable.

In general, the Proof of Credit is the core component that makes our system secure and decentralized. The credit system we build can be used widely in various applications similar to traditional financial services.

From a broader point of view, our two layer blockchain system acts as backbone infrastructure to the future of a decentralized Web 3.0.


E-Crypto News:

12. Is there any new achievement of Deeper Network recently?

In the beginning of November, Deeper Network has been officially approved by the Parity committee to take part in the Substrate Builders Program for its visionary concept of bridging the gap to Web 3.0.

This milestone partnership marks the beginning of Deeper Network’s pivotal role in the Polkadot ecosystem and opens up a new world of possibilities for Deeper Network to expand upon its own blockchain ecosystem.

For its standout vision, Deeper Network was selected over numerous applicants to take part in the Substrate Builders Program, bringing us one step closer to the future of a truly decentralized web.



Deeper Network is committed to building a truly decentralized and secure gateway to a more democratic internet. The company aims to bring a better internet experience to every household and become the de facto portal to Web 3.0.


Contact Email: info@deeper.network

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