E-Crypto News Talks to Clem Chambers, CEO of ADVFN & Online Blockchain

Cryptocurrency companies have been at a crossroads.  One where collaboration has become a necessity. This trend has led to new forms of partnership and cooperation within the cryptospace.  Litecoin Foundation and Online Blockchain Plc have entered a new partnership.  This time, the Litecoin Foundation Newsletter is being featured by Online Blockchain on the ADVFN network of financial websites. The implications of this are many. E-Crypto News caught up with Clem Chambers, CEO of Online Blockchain Plc. Here is what he had to say:




E-Crypto News Talks to Clem Chambers, CEO of ADVFN & Online Blockchain 1


E-Crypto News:

  1. Congratulations on your new partnership with the Litecoin Foundation.  What are the advantages that are to be gained from this new partnership?

There are a number of advantages on both sides. ADVFN (of which Online Blockchain has an 18% holding) has a huge, private investor userbase that is interested in skilling up on all things crypto. Knowledge is power and now ADVFN users have direct, free access to news and educational content on Litecoin via The Litecoin Foundation Newsletter. In ADVFN, The Litecoin Foundation has a perfect platform to target an engaged, high aggregate net worth audience to promote Litecoin.  


For Online Blockchain and ADVFN – alongside further educating the userbase – the collaboration aids the proliferation and adoption of their PlusOneCoin social media cryptocurrency. Anyone signing up to the newsletter receives 50 free PlusOneCoins straight into their PlusOneCoin wallet which they can use to validate content within the ADVFN community or actually trade (PLUS1 is listed on several exchanges). 


E-Crypto News:

  1. Can you discuss your incentivization model for content creators?

PlusOneCoin enables our users to upvote and amplify content they value to their peers. This is currently on ADVFN and InvestorsHub.com, but could be plugged into any social media platform. The author of the content is rewarded with PlusOneCoin directly into their integrated wallet and is incentivised to post further quality content. It empowers the online community.


PlusOneCoin is also a powerful marketing tool. Sponsored faucets allow external content creators to cut out intermediaries and engage directly with a large, savvy audience and reward them directly for viewing and interacting with their content.


E-Crypto News:

  1. Can anyone take advantage of this opportunity? What do they need to do?

Anyone registered on ADVFN can sign up to The Litecoin Foundation Newsletter right now and get their 50 PLUS1 by visiting this link. This is one of a number of sponsored faucets hosted on the ADVFN network: https://uk.advfn.com/common/plusonecoin From here, users can gain access to investor packs, new research notes, investor presentations and get news alerts and the latest updates on companies of interest simply by clicking on the relevant faucet. They are simultaneously rewarded with PLUS1.    


E-Crypto News:

  1. In your opinion, do you think that the cryptospace can do with more collaborations? Please give us reasons for your answer.

Absolutely. The cryptospace is an ecosystem, it shouldn’t be driven by a competition model. Collaborations will help to realise the complete decentralisation dream faster and push crypto and DeFi mainstream. Flare Networks has recently mooted the idea of a new bridge connecting XRP with the Ethereum blockchain, which is big news on the collaboration front.


After the crypto revolution it’s all about evolution, and collabs will be a catalyst for this.


E-Crypto News:


  1. How can distributed ledger technology (DLT)/Blockchain companies collaborate and cooperate without being seen as monopolistic? 

Litecoin and PlusOneCoin are both proof of work coins. It’s hard to imagine a monopoly situation with POW coins because the miners are the network, and anyone can mine.


E-Crypto News:

  1. Do you think that there can be any downsides to cooperation/collaboration? What are the risks involved?

No, cooperation is an X2 (x squared function) which is why the network effect is so great. Which is preferable cooperation or conflict?

E-Crypto News:

  1. Where do you think that Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT)/Blockchain Technology companies are lacking in terms of partnerships/collaborations?

We are in such an early period of development in Blockchain, there is still massive amounts of foundational work to be done and this has to come before cooperation because collaboration is greatly aided by stability and many situations remain emergent.


E-Crypto News:

  1. Do you think that there is a future for Content incentivization using DLT/Blockchain? Give us your reasons for your opinion.

Content incentivisation is the future. Right now, middlemen are stealing the value of your attention. The blockchain hands the power back to the individual to monetise their own value rather than have it stolen by hucksters who consider their customers their product. Companies will go from farmers of individuals to agents for them. The future for data slavers is going to dim.


E-Crypto News:

  1. Is Online Blockchain PLC planning on offering any new incentivization models in the future? Let us in on a few details!


Online Blockchain’s FreeFaucet.io website is a real breakout product and is officially a       top 10,000 site on Alexa just a year after launch. Completely based on incentivisation, it’s a cryptocurrency hub that allows users to claim an array of crypto assets for free through a host of activities. This can be anything from survey participation and playing online games to taking out a free trial of Amazon Prime Video. New offers are added all the time as more collaborators come on board.    

The site is continually adding innovative ways for people to earn crypto. As well as      having daily faucets, which you can simply claim from there is lots of development on PTC Ads. This is an advertising disruptor, which enables registered users to claim free cryptocurrency simply by checking out interesting featured projects from third parties.  

The site’s Geofaucets are another exciting product. These use QR codes at set                                   physical locations, which when scanned reward the scanner with cryptocurrency. Additionally, anyone can set up their own Geofaucet and make a passive income.

 In the gaming realm, Online Blockchain has FreeLoadr. This is an application, which enables gamers to donate their latent GPU in return for FreeLoadr points. These points can be redeemed in the FreeLoadr store for over 2,500 Steam and Origin titles. FreeLoadr uses this GPU processing power to mine selected cryptocurrencies. The app runs in the background so it’s a straight swap of GPU for games. There’s even a referral programme so gamers can redeem games at a faster rate.


About the author

Christopher is the Blockchain/DeFi Editor for E-Crypto News he also writes frequently about Crypto Gaming and Gambling. He is the author of the book "Profitable Cryptocurrency Gambling and Gaming: A Complete Guide." A content developer, Crypto-Enthusiast, and tech-savvy individual. He is also a Superstar Content Developer, Strategy Demigod, and Standup Guy.

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