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Do You Really Need Deep Pockets for Bitcoin Mining?


Why Bitcoin Mining Needs Massive Investments

Using a crypto wallet is very similar to making a stake in gambling. Both contain risks but also promise a high reward if played right. If customers are keen on making money and are ready to take certain risks to attain it crypto is ideal for them and they can take a chance and invest in Crypto-Currency.

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The maximum number of Bitcoins that can be created or mined is approximately 21 million. Studies have shown that at the start of 2017, Bitcoin miners were using 6.6 terawatt-hours of power a year to extract bitcoins. Because of its complex nature, it requires thousands of hours of labor, manpower, and electricity to function.

In October 2020, energy consumption went up to 67 terawatt-hours with the increase in the popularity of bitcoin. After a few months later nearly doubled to 121 terawatt-hours which could run a University like Cambridge for 700 years.

Bitcoin like natural resources needs to be mined because even though it is a complex chain of mathematical equations there are not infinite. One of the key reasons behind Bitcoin’s spectacular growth and popularity is its easy usage across the most popular online casinos. While Bitcoin ensures certain anonymity, legitimate crypto casinos listed on popular websites such as Strafe have been a crowd favorite.

What is Bitcoin Mining?

It is important to understand Bitcoin mining to understand the reason it requires massive investment. They are essentially complex computational and technological processes that validate bitcoin transactions over the Bitcoin network.

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Bitcoin mining verifies Bitcoin transactions on the blockchain and generates new Bitcoin just like the central bank does. For enthusiasts looking for the latest updates on crypto, many popular websites provide detailed News styled articles that could be of great help.

What Bitcoin Miners Need


It is clear that in bitcoin mining one needs to invest energy to generate Bitcoins. Which in this case would need electrical energy.

Since the miners have to compete against each other to solve complex crypto codes and all the guessing of specific numbers is all done by the computer. Therefore, it is evident that the more powerful a computer the more guesses a miner can make per second hence increasing chances of winning. And the more powerful the computer the more expensive it is.

Installing Mining Software and E-Wallets

Along with powerful hardware requirements, a miner also needs software such as CG miner, XMR miner, multi miner, and so on. Though most of these are free to download it does consume a considerable amount of data as nothing is free in the world. Moreover, a miner would also require an e-wallet to store the bitcoin. Conclusively, the process is not inexpensive.


Electricity is a key component to any virtual transaction, be it a Google search or a photo saved to the cloud. All these actions require data and power. Bitcoin requires an enormous amount of electric power to keep going. So much so that its energy consumption can be compared to the energy consumption of countries at large.

Bitcoin is slowly gaining a lot of popularity. And with popularity comes a greater demand for bitcoins. Which would mean an increase in the need for energy resources to extract these bitcoins. Obviously, this kind of enormous energy consumption requires a massive amount of investment.


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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.