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Continuous Growth for iBG Finance on Ethereum Blockchain

iBG Finance


Greets launch of Flexible Lock Staking platform

iBG Finance

 iBG Finance, a sister-concern of ICOA Inc (OTC Pink: ICOA) sees continuous flourishing growth for its native token on Ethereum as March kicks off the last stretch of Q1 this year.

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iBG Finance is an ecosystem of smart DeFi wealth management products uniquely designed to bring simplicity and efficiency to users interested in entering the cryptocurrency and DeFi markets.

iBG takes on the vision decentralized finance strives for and takes it a step further through innovating easier, alternative solutions to the complexities currently available on the market. No cryptocurrency platform has yet to create an ecosystem with user experience at its core; none until iBG Finance.

March saw greener pastures beginning the 5th at $0.153, steadily growing to $0.184 by the 8th, this week soaring to greater heights $0.658 to end the week strong on the 11th. An exact 108.7% growth quote from CoinGecko indicates a paving way towards higher milestones for both iBG Finance and its consumers on the Ethereum chain.

The prosperous stage set by the iBG Token’s steady climb on the charts is further supported by iBG’s latest launch of their Flexible Lock Staking feature on their Ethereum staking platform.

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Flexible Lock Staking, the latest innovative component of the iBG ecosystem, employs a twist on the typical locked staking platforms available on the blockchain. Prospective users can enjoy locked staking time periods adjustable based on their own distinction, the pool weight of their deposit based on their selected timeframe automatically calculated on-screen. From a range of 1-12 months, users can experience a unique sense of freedom despite the essence of their investment being locked in.

A feature of iBG’s Flexible Lock Staking that sets itself apart from mainstream DeFi farming platforms is its approach to the investor’s initial capital.

Even without the chosen lock-in period expiring, the investor is able to claim his yield rewards immediately! Claim daily and receive your day’s yield reward a year after first claiming. This enables the investor to further his flexibility with his capital while having a safety net of iBG Tokens at his disposal after a year.

I am delighted to present our new Flexible Lock Staking to the public,” says iBG Finance CEO, Samuel Chng. He further explains, “we created the platform with our consumer base in mind. In this day and age of cryptocurrency, liquidity reigns king. We at iBG understand users’ need to be adaptive to the market and thus designed this feature accordingly.

iBG Finance truly finds itself at the forefront of a new wave of cryptocurrency integration to man’s daily lifestyle, beginning with the platform’s consistent approach to simplicity and accessibility in regards to its releases and further upcoming launches.

The Flexible Lock Staking of iBG Finance went live on eth.ibg.finance on 10 March 2022, 17:00 GMT+4, effectively enabling users to diversify their cryptocurrency assets in a fresh, appealing fashion.

About iBG FinanceiBG is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) wealth management platform designed to bring simplicity to users interested in entering the cryptocurrency and the DeFi market. iBG is equipped with the latest Robo Advisory technology to offer algorithm-driven recommendations.

Website: https://ibg.financeTwitter: https://twitter.com/IbgFinance

About ICOA, Inc.ICOA, Inc. is a national provider of wireless and wired broadband Internet networks in high-traffic public locations. ICOA provides design, installation, operation, maintenance, and management of WI-FI hot-spot and hot-zone Internet access. ICOA owns or operates broadband access installations in high-traffic locations across 40 states, located in airports, quick-service restaurants, hotels and motels, travel plazas, marinas etc. ICOA networks are compatible with widely used 802.11x technology and with virtually all Internet service providers. ICOA is currently entering the DeFi, Blockchain and Crypto Space through multiple acquisitions.

Website: ICOATwitter: https://twitter.com/icoa_inc

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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