Celebrity-Based Crypto SCAMS On The Rise Regardless Of Bitcoin Performance!

Top UK Chef Gordon Ramsay Used To Promote Fraudulent Software


“Bitcoin is making people rich, and you can become the next millionaire!” Believe it or not, this latest cryptocurrency scam dubiously named “Bitcoin Era” will have you believe that top UK chef and owner of 16 Michelin stars Gordon Ramsay is leaving the restaurant business and investing all his fortune in a piece of automated trading software which executes trades on auto-pilot.

According to the sales pitch, Ramsay is using this software to generate thousands of dollars on a daily basis. In fact, it is explicitly mentioned that Ramsay used the money he made from his new Bitcoin business to buy a new Ferrari. But that’s just the start of it! As viewers keep reading about this “ground-breaking” new software, they are also exposed to a barrage of fake testimonials that rave about how much money was generated after investing as little as £250 using one of the recommended CFD brokers assigned automatically.

In reality, Bitcoin Era is merely the last in a series of copied or “cloned” scams which have been designed for the sole purpose of getting opportunity-seekers and uneducated day-traders to invest in a scheme most commonly referred to as a revenue or profit share compensation package. This means online promoters refer clients, and their loss is actually the profit which is divided between the promoters and offshore Forex brokers which may or may not be regulated.

Bitcoin Era Software

Members signing up for this software are actually signing up for a broker which they know nothing about and have not properly researched. It’s also interesting to note that some high profile websites have endorsed this software and are advising their members and viewers to try out this software. This is a direct conflict of interest as these websites are acting as affiliate marketers and directly benefiting from losses incurred by members which have been referred through advertisements and product reviews on their sites.

Bitcoin Era Gordon Ramsay

The Sales Pitch
“Listen, I’ve been wanting to do something different. Something special. You see, I’ve been blessed to live my dream life because I’ve had the privilege of owning my own restaurants and starring on reality TV shows.

Today, I want to give back and show everyone EXACTLY how I’ve made millions of dollars over the last few months outside of my regular businesses. It’s something I’ve been doing on the side, and something anyone in the UK can do, and it’s made enough for me to buy my ninth Ferrari.

My passion will always be cooking, but recently I’ve been learning about investing. I stumbled upon a new system called Bitcoin Era that’s made me more money in the last 6 months than any of my other businesses. And the best part is, this amazing opportunity just became available to regular folks in the UK so I have to share it with everyone.

I’ll explain what Bitcoin Era is in just a bit. But first, to prove how amazing this system really is. Holly, I’m going to give you £195 to deposit and try it for yourself right now.”

The Laptop Lifestyle
Members signing up for similar trading systems are usually lured by hyped up and exaggerated claims of easy money which can be generated at the click of a mouse. Inflated bank accounts and fake claims about “laser-accurate” trading technology which generates signals with a “99.4% degree of accuracy”, is not only unrealistic. It’s highly misleading, deceptive, and most importantly illegal as this type of sales presentations squarely falls under the description of “false advertising”.

Gordon Ramsay This Morning Show Holly Willoughby
Scammers have also used photo-shopped images of Gordon Ramsay being interviewed on This Morning Britain with Holly Willoughby. In the fake website, Ramsay has Willoughby “eating out of his hand” and showing her how he was able to generate massive money using this revolutionary new trading app.

The Truth
Ramsay did participate in the “This Morning Show” on January 12, 2018, where he talked about his healthy lifestyle and cooked while being interviewed. And we are 100% convinced that Ramsay did not earn 13.5 Million USD using this software, as we have made inquiries and know it to be a fact. So if you have been illegally solicited to join this fake trading app, please make sure to avoid it and report it to Facebook or Google.




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