Vincent Roux of OCode Explains Object Authentication of Physical Objects Using NFTs And More 

  Object tracking and identification have found new use-cases across several fields. Things often get lost, stolen, or even difficult to track. Web3 technologies have proven use-case scenarios that provide...
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Kosher NFTs and Virtual Synagogues? Gergő Csiszar Explains…

  Faith has come to the Metaverse! The world’s first virtual synagogue and Kosher NFTs have been introduced! The CryptoJewish Project has presented a use-case scenario for web3 technologies like...
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Mintable CEO Zach Burks Talks to Us about the Opensea Stolen NFTs and Their Recovery

    NFT theft has been on the rise since the industry exploded became a part of popular culture.  The February theft of three Azuki NFTs didn’t go unnoticed by...
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Hanna The Artist Talks to us about -The Diversity Ladies NFT Project

    In continuation of our support for diversity we look for stories that openly do the same. Several projects within the space continue to show how diverse humanity is....
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US President Joe Biden’s Crypto Executive Order- What Are The Implications? We Talk to 31 Crypto Heavy Hitters!

  US President Joe Biden on March 9th, 2022 recently issued a wide-ranging crypto executive order that covers the entire cryptocurrency industry.  We reached out to Crypto industry experts on...
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Delta App

We Talk to Delta App Founder Nicolas Van Hoorde about Cryptocurrency Investment Tracking And More  

Making investment decisions on the go is fast becoming a trend within the financial industry. The merging of networks, infrastructure, and relationships between different asset types occurs faster than we...
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Matt House, Founder and CEO of SportQuake, Explains Web3, Sports Sponsorship and More

The sports industry has been leading the charge for the adoption of web3 technologies.  Under the hood, organizations have been ensuring that this lead is maintained. We reached out to...
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Roundtable Interview-What is the Effect of The Russia-Ukraine War on Cryptocurrency Prices?

  The Russian-Ukraine conflict has sent the world teetering on the edge of something much bigger.  The cryptocurrency space is playing a fundamental role perhaps for the first time on...
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Nick Agar Founder of AXIA Talks to Us about Their Decentralized Network and Inclusive Blockchains

    Many blockchains have sprung up since Satoshi’s publication of the Bitcoin whitepaper. However, several haven’t turned out as planned or perceived. Inclusive blockchains have become very much like...
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Maxim Ermilov of Overnight Explains Yield-Generating Stablecoins And More

On the horizon, the decentralized finance (DeFi) space is set to take over the financial industry, rule and reign. Innovations such as yield-generating stablecoins have been introduced and are going...
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