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Porn Actress Brittany Andrews Talks to Us About NFTs and More


Anyone who has been “in the know” as per adult content would be familiar with Brittany Andrews, who has been a top Adult Performer for the past three decades.

What most people don’t know is she has many other talents besides acting in Adult movies.

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For instance, Brittany has been so savvy to the point of getting ahead of her peers by minting several NFTs.

Her being tech-savvy has created a new paradigm for content creators globally.

Brittany recently partnered with contemporary artists Toby Mott and Brain Pasta to create several themed NFTs.

These NFTs have sold for quite a bit of value.

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Apart from these talents, Brittany is also a filmmaker, coder (yes, she knows how to code!), and wears other hats as well.

We had a call with her to hear her views on several projects within the cryptocurrency space and other matters. Here is what she had to say.


Brittany Andrews Adult Performer and Content Developer

Brittany Has A Lot of Projects in the NFT Space

When she was asked about the next steps for her in the NFT space, Brittany said.

“Well, I actually got a lot of things going on in the NFT space. As you know, I did my first NFT listing with Brain Pasta. We did a really interesting remix (bleach out) [inspired] by one of my photographs. That’s what’s interesting because when we put it up, we ended up going into Clubhouse to promote it.

While we were in Clubhouse, somebody bought it and put it up for resale. So, one of the things I’ve learned this week is that your NFTs end up having a lot more value if they have sold more than once.

So, I am going to start working on marketing some of my pieces that are up for resale, and that is definitely one of them.

When I was younger, I was a total punk rock b****. Being a Punk Rock girl is part of who I am. So, I have a lot of photographs that inspired [us] to do this collection.

Toby Mott is in the UK, and he has been doing a lot of punk rock stuff. So, he got together I don’t know how many different artists, and I was one of them to be part of this [project] on OpenSea”.

She continued.

“So far, I have done both my listings on OpenSea”.

OpenSea was a Learning Curve

Brittany was forthright about her use of OpenSea.

“I’m still trying to learn [to use] it. You know I’ve been in the adult entertainment industry for thirty years and for someone who has been around for a long time, I’ve learned one thing: Don’t be too stubborn, don’t stick your heels in too far, be really flexible with your business”.

She said.

“When I saw this particular technology, I was really excited to participate in it and I decided: ” you know what, I can sit here and

I can wait until I figure it out completely and jump in, or I can just do a dive off the diving board into the pool. So, I went straight into the pool headfirst”.

She continued.

“I’m still really learning about this Smart Contract aspect of it. Because I wanted to be able to do a lot more with what blockchain and Smart Contracts could do, but I think Smart Contracts are limited to the coding of the platform that you’re using. OpenSea is still a bit limited.

I’m working with other platforms that are in the process of being developed. One of the features that I think that is really important to add into the coding for the blockchain [and] the Smart Contract is to be able to have collaborations with other artists. The Smart Contracts should be able to separate the payments to multiple people.

Which you’re not able to do that right now. You have to have more or less a relationship with somebody where you trust them to pay you, but I know that Blockchain can be coded into a certain way where it actually will directly pay all the parties involved straight to their wallet.

But OpenSea doesn’t have that option. The coders haven’t figured that out. I don’t know if they are looking to add that as a feature, but other platforms I know are going to be doing that. I think that will allow for a lot more people to be able to do collaborations together”.

The Adult Industry has had to Embrace the Cryptocurrency Space

When asked if she was considering leaving the adult industry and moving fully into cryptocurrencies (because of her knowledge depth), Brittany indicated that the Adult industry has faced so many challenges and has had to adapt to changing situations. She also indicated she realized early on that cryptocurrencies solved a lot of these challenges.

She said.

“I have been in the Bitcoin space for years. Not just as an investor but as somebody who has to use Bitcoin on a regular basis which really makes you to understand it. Because you consistently have to always buy it and use it. And you have to use it in a certain way at a certain time. Otherwise, you going to lose your ass in the process of actually owning and using Bitcoin”.

She continued.

” When I first originally got into Bitcoin, I didn’t exactly know what I was going to need. So, I was doing what everybody else does when they need to learn something.

I was watching every YouTube video about Bitcoin. I was trying to educate myself. At that point, I really started getting into blockchain and I was trying to understand that aspect of Bitcoin. I saw that there was a lot of potential for it, but it just wasn’t being utilized at that moment”.

The emergence of Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs) changed the game for her. It provided an opportunity to do things she wanted to do, and this proved to be the turning point in her journey into the cryptocurrency space.

So, when NFTs came out I was like, “you know what? This is kind of when I originally heard about blockchain and its potential”.

This was how I envisioned it per se. Being able to do multiple things. Another aspect of why I really jumped in was I got into the adult entertainment industry in 1991.

So, I’ve been in the business for thirty years. Now 15 years ago, I retired. I retired because it was during the time of Napster. Because at that point, it happened to music first.

Where you could steal music and then some people stopped paying for music. And then, right after that, porn happened. As a producer, I literally put out a DVD and my fans will have it on a torrent site the next day”.

NFT’s are a GameChanger

Brittany realized NFTs will forever change creative industries. So, in her usual style of going into things, she dove in. She said.

“This is how I describe NFTs for individuals that don’t understand it. And I’m a very visual person. I always say: “Think of a chain link. We’ve got the blockchain and in the middle of it, you’ve got your content of which more or less there’s a minting process that bakes a serial number into it.

The content can be audio, video, all different sorts of content, or [even] pictures. And then, looking on the left side, that’s where you’ve got your next piece of chain link.

Inside of that, you’ve got your Smart Contract which more or less [handles] the whole aspect of how you get paid for selling reselling, trading that particular piece of content.

“On the right side, you’ve got your payment processing, which mostly is being done with Ethereum right now. There are a lot of companies which are working hard to put traditional payment processing in it”.

It, of course, presents an opportunity for just about any content developer to use these technologies to make money from content generation.

The Adult Industry Screeched to a Halt

Because of the emergence of Napster and other file-sharing technologies, content creators at the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century faced challenges.

Among these challenges was the fact that they were not getting paid for their work.

The Adult industry faced challenges as well.

She said.

“I retired in 2008 because everybody I knew was going bankrupt. All of their content was being stolen. I was a producer/director and literally at the time that the whole (US) economy fell apart. So did adult films.”

She continued.

“It fell apart as well. So then I moved to New York. I did three years of film school. And, I’ve got a Master’s certification in Ableton. I started doing just like mainstream film and music for quite a few years. Then I recently did a comeback to Adult films (in 2018). I always say that the comeback to a porn star is like the relapses to an addict.”

The Internet Changed the Adult Game

The rise of individual content on the internet became a cornerstone for adult performers. It also brought back the Adult industry in ways everyone never thought possible. Brittany attested to this.

She said.

“I started seeing how much money a lot of money models were making on Onlyfans. I was gone for ten years. It was the first time I saw that a model could make money from producing her own content. Because really during the time that I was gone, it was really really difficult”.

The difficulty in getting paid for content produced was the main reason Brittany decided to leave the adult industry. This difficulty was exacerbated by the fact that internet piracy (of content) had become an industry all to itself.

The emergence of the NFTs of course has changed all that. Brittany recognized this and said:

” This is what makes NFTs so [unique]. For me, I’m really interested in them [because of] the simple fact that as a content producer I can put a serial number into it and then make sure that I’m going to get paid for that piece of content through perpetuity of the life of that particular piece of content with digital distribution.

To me as somebody who came from shooting 35mm (when I came into the business), to then all the way to when I had to retire because my content literally had no value anymore. To now be in this space, where it’s almost like a full circle.

To where: Oh! There’s a way for me to get paid from making content again, it makes it a very desirable space to be in”.

The NFT Space is Yet to Warm up to the Adult Industry

The NFT space though relatively new has been somewhat lukewarm to Adult themes and related content. However, that may change soon. Brittany said.

“I’m not looking to go strictly into NFTs at this moment because at the moment I’m not actually putting out any adult content. With NFTs, everything I’m doing is very PG-rated. All of the different platforms have made statements about nudity. They don’t really have a policy and procedure for it at the moment, so they’re not really allowing it.

There’re some that have made it by, but I really don’t want to get my account deleted later on when they do make a policy against it.

So, at the moment I’m just doing PG-rated things but I’m also working with other venture capitalists and I’m working with developers on platforms that are going to be adult-based.

So, when that actually exists, I can start putting my content (my adult content) on platforms where I can mint it into an NFT and [I can] make sure I get paid for that piece of content. Absolutely!

I think that any content provider would like to be able to have a foreseeable future of where minting your content was the norm”.

Brittany’s Eye is on the Cryptocurrency Industry

The cryptocurrency industry is a fast-paced place where everything occurs at the same time. So, naturally, anyone who is involved with the cryptospace will have to keep up. Brittany said.

“When it comes to Bitcoin, I’ve been having to use it for a long time. So, I keep a close eye on it every day because I use it. I’ve got a couple of different wallets. I’ve got wallets where I’m investing in cryptocurrencies, and then I’ve got wallets that I use as a sex worker because I have to pay for everything with cryptocurrencies. So, I’m definitely learning some lessons in the space. Even though I live in Las Vegas”.

She continued.

“I’m not much of a gambler, I’m a risk-taker and I really don’t like throwing money away. But with the whole Bitcoin thing, I’ve got my investment accounts and I’ve been watching Bitcoin non-stop every day for years.

I thought like this thing would not go past like $3,300 so I sold all my investments [in] Bitcoin at $32,000. I’m not going to be purchasing fr***ing Bitcoin when it’s at $60,000.

On the opposite side of the coin, I’ve got wallets where I don’t sell any of it (Bitcoin). I just use it. So, [with] that particular wallet, it’s just been a lot of free money, but I can’t really invest that money for various reasons.

I have to just use it. Because that’s how those wallets are set up for myself. And I’m like: “Oh sh***, I have to go buying a bunch of stuff”. Because at the end of the day, I’m not just not sure how high it will keep going.

Obviously with Elon Musk putting Billions of Dollars into it. Apple putting Billions of Dollars into it. It’s definitely raising the value and I do believe that as foreclosures and other aspects of the economy start making [themselves] apparent [because] of the pandemic, I think quite often it’s not parallel (it’s the exact opposite of parallel). So I think that the value of Bitcoin will be going up in that aspect as well.

But, I am not going to buy when it’s this high, so I keep telling myself (and I’m compartmentalizing my brain as an investor) I’m not looking at Bitcoin. But as somebody who has to use it every day, I am.

And I’m like: “You know what? wait a year until it goes down again and then go ahead and buy”.

Cryptocurrencies are Difficult for the Average Person to Use

When it comes to the adoption of cryptocurrencies, we all know that it has been quite slow. Brittany thinks that understanding and usage are issues that slow the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

She said.

“I still think as somebody that has been using cryptocurrency for a long time. It’s difficult for the average person to use. Money that literally goes up and down every day and at different times. Like maybe people are willing to mine it or not and the rates to get mined are really expensive and then smaller transactions are really difficult to get mined [and confirmed].

So, all of the people that are investors of cryptocurrencies, they don’t have the kind of experiences I do as somebody that’s literally having to use it on a daily basis to pay for things.

Whenever you’re paying for things with cryptocurrencies, you got a timer on it, right? And you’ve got to pay for it within this clock. And if it doesn’t happen within that clock, you’ve got to start that process all over again.

Let’s just say that it did go through, but then there’s a whole another layer with the platforms of where it has to go through. And then a lot of times I think it went through because when I was in the process of paying for something, it did go through on my side at that time. But the whole thing didn’t happen.

The handshake never happened on their side. So, I come back two days later thinking it was done, and it wasn’t done, and now the price is completely changed.

So, then I either have to get a refund if whatever I was doing only half of it got paid. It’s frustrating. A lot of platforms don’t have good refund policies with cryptocurrencies at the moment.

So, I think that investing is one thing and just moving around money is all fine and dandy at this moment, but actually, using it as a currency? It’s still really difficult, especially for people who aren’t actually going to be blockchain [savvy].

Right now, [Bitcoin] is kind of stabilized in the higher fifties.

But you know there are certain days when it can really be volatile and run the gamut you know like [between 20 to 30] points. [If] you’ve got a lot of numbers in it, if you’re doing thousands of dollars that’s a lot of money to lose because people are watching what it was doing today so,

I think it’s definitely still not for the masses. It’s for a specific kind of consumer. Until things stabilize more and there’s more technology, that kind of helps the average consumer be able to not have to be so tech-savvy.

Even with the NFTs, you have to have multiple wallets. You know for someone like myself who has primarily been using Bitcoin now I’m having multiple Ethreum wallets. That’s its own learning curve as well. So, yeah, if you’re not a bit tech-savvy you can get lost really fast”.

The Adult Entertainment Industry Could Experience a Comeback because of NFTs

Brittany was forthright about her belief that the Adult entertainment industry could experience a comeback because of the emergence of NFTs. She said.

“Once there are some platforms that are made [for the adult industry]. Like I said, I am working with a couple of them right now. That Adult stars can go on and start selling wares like an OnlyFans. They know that no matter what that A. It won’t be stolen by a fan and B if it is going to be on a particular platform and that platform goes belly up or whatever, the Smart Contract lasts and you still will get a royalty moving on in the future. I mean, I’ve been in the business [for] thirty years. Do you know how much content I’ve made?

If NFTs existed thirty years ago, I would be making royalties on everything I shot in the last thirty years. So, I think it’s a really huge thing for digital distribution for content creators. Whether it be mainstream, whether it be cyberpunk, digital art, porn, or if its celebrities doing baseball cards.

Whatever it is you can imagine and you can put something out creatively if you can mint it put a serial number on it, put a Smart Contract along with payment processing, so that you get royalties for the rest of your life, it sounds like a great idea. Sign me up! I am so [lit] up!”

So whatever you may think of the Adult entertainment industry, it goes to show that cryptocurrencies and their underlying technologies have a use for everyone, everywhere.

Also, Brittany’s transition from being strictly an adult entertainer to an all-around tech-savvy content developer is obvious.

We are just waiting for the butterfly to emerge from Chrysalis.

Way to go, B…


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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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