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Bitcoin Casinos: How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

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Did you know that playing in crypto casinos is not the only way that you can make money from these online gambling sites? And even more, did you know that you can be at either of the two sides of the supply chain in a bitcoin casino, like those found at CryptoGamblingTV: a customer and a vendor at the same time? Enter bitcoin casino affiliate!

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The rise of cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed the traffic to online casinos. that have either transformed into bitcoin casinos or have incorporated cryptocurrency transactions (notably accepting BTC deposits mostly) in their core operations, enabling customers to use cryptos in gambling.

And as these casinos are becoming more popular and the industry of crypto gambling is growing, new bitcoin casinos are added to the already increasing list of sites and competition becomes more fierce.

Of course as a gambler, you are strongly benefited from the rising competition, as it pushes services and products to the high-end boundaries of quality, but the truth is that there is more to it.

Rising competition means that crypto casinos need to effectively promote and market themselves in order to remain competitive, generate greater traffic and be profitable in the bottom line. Because they need to stand out from the crowd, distinguish their offerings and build awareness and preference for their brand.

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So, how do you fit into this? Well, you can have a role to play right there!

Besides being a customer at a bitcoin casino, you can also become a supplier to the casino; a supplier of more customers, a supplier of website traffic. This is how bitcoin casino affiliate marketing actually works. In a nutshell, you can gain money from a site not only by gambling but by offering your valuable services. And which are these services? You can send more customers there!

Bitcoin casinos need as much traffic as they can handle and as many customers as possible. In a very intense competitive online environment, gambling sites are striving for more users and more gambling activity and they often rely on third parties to get both of these.

So, a bitcoin casino affiliate marketing program is when a bitcoin casino renders part of its customer acquisition and product/service selling process on others, who refer the casino to a larger pool of customers.

And how does it work?

Simply enough, anyone can become an affiliate as long as they maintain a website or blog that will ‘partner’ with the bitcoin casinos. So, a platform is required to review, advertise, refer, prompt, direct, and promote the casino to users in a more targeted, structured, and strategic way than the casino itself would be able to do.

In this case, the job of affiliates is to promote a bitcoin casino by increasing the traffic and this is done by making the casino more visible, more accessible, and more preferable to users that are most likely to become customers of the casino.

To perform this job, affiliate programs are developed and these programs essentially determine the terms and conditions of the affiliation, the commission that you’ll be receiving for customers registering and gambling in the bitcoin casino, and any other details that are critical to the partnership.

Therefore, bitcoin casino affiliate programs are largely beneficial for both parties, if termed and established properly and effectively. They increase the profitability of gambling sites and they earn you extra money!

Affiliate marketing is valuable in the world of online gambling, especially as there is continuously growing competition and casinos are trying to keep a solid customer base, expand it and increase their revenues and profits.


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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.