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AI Trillion : If You Have a Shopify Store You Better be Using This App!

AI Trillion


I’ve run numerous Shopify Stores for close to 5 years. Some of these stores did great -some didn’t. If you’ve run e-commerce sites before you know thats how the cookie crumbles. When you have a Shopify Store one job is to get customers to convert when they visit your store. Starting a Shopify Store has become easy with the numerous themes available – but what about the actual marketing features that every store needs to succeed?

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These marketing features aren’t included with your theme purchase. You are going to need numerous apps to achieve this goal. AI trillion is an incredibly powerful all-in-one marketing solution that I wish I had years ago. For 19 dollars AI Trillion has boosted my sales 42% in 60 days. If you want a free trial with AiTrillion click this link

Here’s Every Reason Why You Should Get This Product

E-commerce stores have been gaining traction using AI Trillion. As more businesses came into the picture, the competition heats up. Connecting with customers and building a brand in a seemingly cutthroat competitive industry is a difficult feat to muster.

If you are a Shopify store owner, you might be faced with the daunting task of keeping your business thriving. Well, this is your chance to learn the best email marketing platform for e-commerce.

AI Trillion offers promising growth and success for any Shopify store or an e-commerce business out there. As such, here are some of the key reasons why you should buy this product if you want to get the optimal results you envision for your business.

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AI-Driven Personalized Product Recommendation

Leverage AI-Powered analytics to deliver a personalized shopping experience for your customers. Make your recommendations unique by analyzing the shopper’s behavior and intent.

Send Hyper-Personalized Emails

AI Trillion has a reputation to uphold: it is the best email marketing platform for e-commerce. With robust e-commerce email marketing features, AI Trillion offers hyper-personalized emails you can send to the right audience at the right time.

It guarantees that your email series is automated for email delivery to transform a personalized experience with customers. Once a customer visits the store’s website, it will automatically send pop-ups, discount codes, and loyalty programs suited to the customer’s needs. It’s simple:

AI Trillion knows how to send the right email to the right customer. If you are a Shopify store owner, this is the time to transform every email into a personalized customer experience.

Creative & Unique Email Marketing Templates

At AI Trillion, it is easy to just get started.

All you need to do is to choose an email or newsletter template, personalize the message you want to send through the drag and drop editor, add creative design elements, select the right audience, and hit send!

If you own a Shopify store, you can harness this to your advantage by choosing the right email marketing template you want to push through. AI Trillion also has its content gallery where you can store and manage all of the images and files you have uploaded so you can always find the files that you need in an instant.

AI Trillion never misses out on trendy graphics found in its gallery. Whether you need an automated workflow or you want to track your customer relationships, you can always find something that will suit your needs through AI Trillion.

AI Trillion

Use Automations for Email Campaigns

Imagine, even if you are sleeping, you can still connect and build relationships with customers. Never miss out on opportunities in engaging with customers no matter what time it is, and turn them into avid and loyal customers.

As they say, e-commerce never sleeps. AI Trillion’s e-commerce marketing platform delivers automated welcome emails, push notifications, loyalty points/programs, right at the customer’s screen. You can perform actions such as Delay, Update List, Send Push, and Send Email to deliver recent and relevant messages to your customers highly based on their past interactions with your brand. With AI powered email marketing, you can almost do anything you want for your email campaigns.

Track real-time email performance, incorporate email campaigns with reward points and discount codes and add in loyal customers. Deliver Personalized Email to the Right Customer Here at AI Trillion, sending the right message to the right people precisely at the right time is an easy feat to achieve.

Increase Conversion Rate

The best way to attract new customers is by showing trending products or fresh arrivals at your store. These are most likely to attract first-time visitors to browse your store and entice them to make a purchase.

You can help customers by recommending products of a similar style or type to meet their unique tastes and preferences. It also reduces cart abandonment by helping shoppers find alternatives even if the item is running out-of-stock.

Review Management Software to boost sales

Understand your customers better by capturing unique customer insights through targeted feedback. Easily collect customers’ generated content and share them to social media platforms, email marketing campaigns, and marketing programs to increase outreach and engagement.

  • Host a Q&A section on your product pages.
  • Question answer option with form.
  • Select who can give answers to the question.
  • Reward your customers.
  • Showcase real images of the product.

Designing marketing campaigns has never been easier through the built-in automated feature of AI Trillion. Here, gathering data from customers is highly possible which then allows store owners to create a segmented list of customers. And in turn, you can deliver the most personalized content to every customer you have out there.

More than this, you can add Shopify tags and AI tags before sending the personalized email to the right audience. This makes your email marketing campaign obtain optimal results in an instant.

Deliver the right email to your customers and you hit your target market in no time. Ample Data Analytics Working in the e-commerce industry means measuring and understanding what works best for your business through data analytics. AI Trillion is the best email marketing software for Shopify store owners as this allows them to keep tabs on their ROI and target sales tracking.

Knowing how much revenue you gain in every campaign, you get to understand how your customers are interacting with the brand. Here, ample data analytics is shown through email open rate, email delivery, unsubscribes, new subscribers, and orders placed.

AI Trillion enables actionable data analytics where each dedicated email is directly sent to the customer base on the significant trend seen from the data analytics. It’s simple: AI Trillion directs store owners on what they should do with the data they have in hand.

As such, if you want to keep building a huge audience, speak the numbers. Know what it means to your growing e-commerce business and harness this data to your company’s benefit. Send Personalized Tags AI Trillion tailors personalized tags to product recommendations and discount codes you send to your audience. Here, delight and engage your customers with creative, unique, and automated workflows.

AI Trillion

Shopify store owners get the best features AI Trillion has to offer

as its email marketing campaigns allow store owners to cross-sell, up-sell, get reviews/feedback from customers, and offer discount codes to keep them back to do more purchases. With the right exclusive offers and store updates, you nurture and maintain the relationship you have with your customers. A dynamic email campaign or newsletter makes a difference.

It catapults your business into growing trends in no time. And, based on your customer’s shopping behaviors, AI Trillion helps you provide the actions you need to take with this information in mind. Minimizes Email Bounce Rates Gone are the days of skyrocketing email bounce rates.

AI Trillion validates the customer’s email addresses before clicking the send button. In turn, this lowers bounced emails and blocks rates you don’t want to deal with. Essentially, you can focus on what really matters and allot more time in increasing sales and customer engagement.

Also, this optimizes your email campaigns as AI Trillion has this built-in feature of authenticating a recipient’s email address before sending an email. You can craft more engaging emails, sell personalized content, and improve email deliverability.

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