July 18, 2020

Twitter says hackers downloaded the data of eight users in Wednesday's hack

Twitter has provided another update in its investigation into its Wednesday security incident when a group of hackers breached its backend and tweeted a cryptocurrency scam on behalf of high-profile...
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How to reach the right state of mind before a mission to Mars, according to an astrophysicist

Imagine being confined to a metal cell with a couple of other people and few amenities for months or even years. Maybe after that, you’ll be moved to a new...
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GitHub is using archival film stored in the arctic to backup all repositories

In a nutshell: On February 2, GitHub grabbed a snapshot of all the public repositories live on the site at the time. They moved the data onto archival films and...
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Hitting the Books: How to huck a human into low Earth orbit

The phrase orbital mechanics—like nuclear particle physics or the theory of relativity—is something that makes many people’s eyes glaze over. The average person thinks that subjects like these are far...
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Mac Users Suffer From Crypto Scammers’ New Trojan

Reports have emerged that crypto scammers have now managed to steal considerable amounts of cryptocurrency funds from crypto traders. The cybercriminals are using a new trojan that targets trading applications...
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Playing Iron Man VR: Why I think it's better than the critics say

In context: Iron Man VR launched last month and I was surprised to find critics panning the game. I had played the demo and thought it was quite fun. Interested...
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Delta just gave United a stark lesson in pandemic business leadership

A better model for tech companies? Airlines are a lot like tech companies. A mere few hold almost all the power. Just as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft dominate...
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Will we ever find Planet 9? The mystery that could lie at the edge of our solar system

What’s that you say? Planet 9’s caught in a gravitational well? In 2014, Chad Trujillo and Scott Shepherd published a paper noting an unusual feature seen in the orbits of...
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Twitter confirms 'Bitcoin' hackers copied the data of several accounts

Our investigation and cooperation with law enforcement continues, and we remain committed to sharing any updates here. More to come via @TwitterSupport as our investigation continues. — Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport)...
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