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U.S. Interest in Bitcoin Plummets According to Google Trends

Walter Swift

ByWalter Swift

Oct 28, 2023
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Google Trends data suggests a declining interest in Bitcoin among Americans, with “buy Bitcoin” searches reaching 2023 lows, despite recent bullish market events.

Bitcoin Interest Wanes in the U.S.

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Recent data from Google Trends has shown a notable decline in Americans’ interest in purchasing Bitcoin. The average daily searches for “buy Bitcoin” have discouragingly dwindled to a 2023 low, barely surpassing a score of 20.

A brief spike was observed in early September, hitting a score of 70, suggesting heightened curiosity and potential purchasing intent for the leading cryptocurrency.

Sentiment plays a pivotal role in the crypto world, significantly swaying prices. Positive sentiment often leads investors to buy and hold, anticipating lucrative gains.

On the flip side, during bearish periods, like 2022 and parts of 2023, many opt to liquidate their holdings for stable assets such as USDT or even traditional currencies.

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Market sentiment is fragile, susceptible to shifts based on news, regulatory decisions, or remarks from influential figures. Case in point, Elon Musk, now at the helm of social platform X, faces legal action. Accusations assert Musk intentionally orchestrated a pump-and-dump maneuver, manipulating Dogecoin’s value for personal gain.

Youthful Enthusiasm for Crypto Surges in America

Meanwhile, a new Coinbase survey reveals a significant generational divide in the perception of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Among younger Americans, 38% view crypto as a promising economic avenue, a sentiment shared by just 26% of their senior counterparts.

Youthful affinity for digital currencies extends beyond mere skepticism of established financial systems. Young Americans, driven by evolving lifestyles and unique economic aspirations, actively seek out novel fiscal opportunities such as crypto.

Coinbase’s study paints a revealing picture: a mere 9% of Gen Z (aged 18-25) and 19% of Millennials (aged 26-40) remain confident in achieving the American Dream via traditional routes. A scant 7% feel the prevailing financial framework adequately addresses their needs. 

In a telling statistic, over half admitted to sparingly using the existing financial system, and less than a fifth regarded America’s system as superior to international counterparts.

Notably, 31% of the younger demographic now own cryptocurrencies, a stark contrast to the mere 12% ownership among older generations. A significant 16% of younger respondents emphasized the global accessibility of digital assets as a primary appeal.

Digital Natives Demand Financial Evolution

Having been raised in the era of internet and apps, millennials and Gen Z adults naturally expect financial systems to embrace contemporary technologies. Their experiences have led to perceptions of the existing financial framework as politically charged, costly, antiquated, and sluggish in innovation and processing speed.

Distinctly, about 30% of those aged 18-40 find the system excessively expensive, and nearly 19% deem it perplexing.

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Walter Swift

Walter Swift

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