January 1, 2020

EPA scientists warn the EPA against proposed regulation rollbacks

One of the proposals the board criticized is the administration’s plan to reduce Obama-era vehicle emissions standards for car and light truck models up to 2026. The 41 scientists in...
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The most popular TechSpot stories and features of 2019

Recap: Happy New Year everyone! Before we put behind us the hundreds of stories that made up the year in tech, let’s take a quick look back at the most...
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Taylor Monahan on Crypto’s Divergent Possibilities in 2020

Taylor Monahan is the founder and CEO of MyCrypto. In this interview as part of The Breakdown’s end of year coverage, she argues that the level of discourse in crypto...
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On today’s holiday episode of Markets Daily, we celebrate the new year with a classic song from the early days of bitcoin, written and performed by my good friend John...
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Scientists explain why we (probs) won’t rebel against totalitarian rulers

Margaret Atwood’s novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, described the horror of the authoritarian regime of Gilead. In this theocracy, self-preservation was the best people could hope for, being powerless to kick...
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Samsung's QLED 8K TV will be one of the first certified by the 8K Association

The certification is important, as Samsung will be able to promote its 8K TVs as being validated by the 8KA, complete with a logo. “Our goal is to provide consumers...
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Chrome extension caught stealing crypto-wallet private keys

A Google Chrome extension was caught injecting JavaScript code on web pages to steal passwords and private keys from cryptocurrency wallets and cryptocurrency portals. The extension is named Shitcoin Wallet...
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How to stop AI from perpetuating harmful biases

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already re-configuring the world in conspicuous ways. Data drives our global digital ecosystem, and AI technologies reveal patterns in data. Smartphones, smart homes, and smart cities...
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WSJ: FDA vape ban will target fruit flavored pods

A few days ago, the FDA officially raised the minimum age of sale for tobacco products from 18 to 21, and according to a Wall Street Journal report, it’s close...
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Veriblock Captured Close to 60% of BTC’s OP Return Transactions in 2019

During the course of 2019 the most used BTC-based OP_Return protocol, Veriblock, outshined Omni Layer outputs. According to statistics, Veriblock captured 57% of BTC’s OP_Return outputs in 2019. Ever since...
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