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What Is Tokenframe And How Does It Work?

What Is Tokenframe And How Does It Work?



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Tokenframe is all about showing off nonfungible tokens (NFTs) in a digital display. The Tokenframe covers everything about the web3 wallet connection. Anything else and you may as well be looking at a priceless print of the Mona Lisa.

The Tokenframe NFT Display supports a straightforward and simple display of NFTs within an integrated blockchain wallet. This display frame easily links with a web3 wallet using the native Tokenframe app, enabling the owners to cast their nonfungible tokens directly from their wallets.

This guarantees the verifiable ownership of all displayed tokens on the Tokenframe since the wallet owner requires to have direct access to display particular tokens. Setting up a functional Tokenframe platform is easy. Just invest in a display and link it to an NFT wallet.

After that setup, you can readily show off all the acquired digital art. Tokenframe puts digital NFTs in the real world, offering the option to swap the art anytime that you are ready and willing to do so.

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While using the app, you can control the background color, artwork size, and a lot more to guarantee that it is a perfect fit, irrespective of the aspect ratio.

If you have some digital art, now it is time to bring it into your personal space. Whether it is your office, home, or gallery, Tokenframe NFT Display has got you covered.

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As the NFT community keeps thriving, it is advisable and important to come up with viable ways to display digital art for you and others to see and enjoy. All you are needed to do is to plug in the Tokenframe, scan the QR code to link it, access your desired wallet, and cast your nonfungible token.

That process is quite easy. Many Tokenframes can be connected all over the home so that you can display as many nonfungible tokens and digital arts as you may want.

Sign in through Fortmatic, Metamask, or WalletConnect to access your NFT Gallery. All of them are integrated into the Tokenframe app. Furthermore, you can cast your NFTs to any Tokenframe that is connected to the app and control the features of the nonfungible token, including the border color and width, the art fit and fill, and a lot more.

The platform is also compatible with Ledger or Trezor through Metamask on a PC. Interestingly, their app is non-custodial. That means they will never have any access to your NFTs or private keys.

Every TBLTP Tokenframe comes in actual wooden frames with non-fungible woodgrain and custom, anti-glare screens that comprise 1080p resolution for a defined, sharp, and detailed display. Experience the entire force of your NFTs with the help of built-in stereo speakers and headphone jacks. These Tokenframe displays are available for sale in 10″ for $283, 21.5″ for $727, and 32″ for $949.

Tokenframe NFT Display

How Does Tokenframe Work?

Access your nonfungible token (NFT) Gallery by signing in with your web3 wallet. MetaMask and 50 other wallets are supported on this platform. You can power on your Tokenframe, link it to WiFi using a mobile hotspot without a password, or use an Ethernet cable connected to your router.

Enter the password for your local WiFi to enjoy a permanent connection. Then, you can enter the unique device ID on the screen to enable it to connect to your profile. After that, cast your nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and control the fit/fill, digital mat color, smart settings, mat thickness, slideshow, and a lot more.

Currently, it supports all ETH-based NFTs. Nonetheless, there is Solana, Flow, Polygon, Tezos, and a lot more to add in 2022. Eventually, you can connect to as many Tokenframes as you would like and cast various NFTs to every Tokenframe to become the curator of your gallery.

The team confirms that you can use the mobile app or web app to control most aspects of the digital display settings including:

  • Energy-saving schedules
  • Power (on/off)
  • Customizable slideshow
  • Show NFT QR code (on/off)
  • WiFi settings
  • Brightness and volume control

primary image on Tokenframe app

Energy Saving Schedules

The Tokenframe app is designed ideally with energy efficiency in mind. It comes with many scheduling options where you can set your normal routine and have the platform power off whenever you are away at work, you are asleep, and whenever you are out and about.

Customizable Slideshow

Select as many NFTs as you want and place them into a Slideshow Group. Then, decide on the order of the artwork and decide how often every piece will switch to the next piece (1 min, 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins, 45 mins, 1 hour).

Bespoke Woodlike Frames

Woodlike frames and physical white mat borders add some well-curated touch of elegance to the timeless design.

1080 Resolution

The platform’s sharp and detailed 1080p screens seem amazing on the 10″ screens.

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Designed For Audio

The built-in speakers enable users to entirely immerse themselves in their NFT masterpieces and experience them as they were intended originally.

Auto-Switch Orientation

You can easily rotate the Tokenframe™ at 90° and the artwork displayed on it automatically switches orientation as is the case with smartphones. Furthermore, you can adjust the artwork’s size and digital border through the app.

Tabletop Stand

The platform lets you place the TBLTP Tokenframe™ horizontally or vertically and this stand props it up in the most perfect viewing position.

Tokenframe lets you style your space with a digital canvas that cannot be rivaled by any other. Select from the available sizes and many frame colors to match the interior décor and palette. This lets you transition seamlessly from portrait to landscape orientation to enjoy an unparalleled library of art and all of your most cherished photographic memories.

Tokenframe App NFT Display

The pictures on this app are perfect from every angle. Four Frame offers real wooden frames with physical white mat borders and adds a touch of elegance to the timeless design. 4K and 2K options with vivid and anti-glare screens are mainly designed for digital art. The 10″ TBLTP Tokenframes has 6 different frame options.


It is all about the Web3 wallet connection. The app enables you to control the background colors, artwork size and to guarantee that it is a perfect fit regardless of the aspect ratio. You can readily access your NFT Gallery by logging into the web3 wallet Fortmatic, Metamask, and WalletConnect which are all integrated into the Tokenframe app.

The superior-tech used to develop the app ensures that you can rotate the Tokenframe™ at 90° and the artwork switches orientation to cater to the rotational changes. In that context, the rotating wall mount is featured in every mountable Tokenframe. Stereo speakers, custom software, and headphone/speaker ports are all built-in.

The Digital Renaissance

Mitigating the gap between the old and new, Tokenframe is seen to help in linking physical and digital art and ensuring that they coexist efficiently. Inviting digital art into your office, home, or gallery gives it a trendy and contemporary appearance. This gives a new breath of life and excitement to the nonfungible token (NFT) community. That is the intention and mission of the company.

Art, beauty, and creativity are what Tokenframe lives for. Progressing the NFT community is what the platform strives for.

Bridging Digital Art With Physical Art

Tokenframe has partnered with Gallery to deliver what the NFT world has been waiting for. With NFT art collections growing, the desire to display these pieces at home, office, lounge, or any other space has also increased.

Imagine relaxing in your living room and viewing your NFT collection displayed on your physical wall, similarly to the traditionally displayed art. NFT enthusiasts, artists, and collectors are excited to see the premium NFT art from Gallery displayed in Tokenframe.

Tokenframe NFT Display

Tokenframe is perfect since it integrates the digital world with the physical, powering your desire to build and display your NFT collection. In most cases, the collectors have been hunting for the most sought-after items for a long time.

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People are ready to pay a top dollar for exclusive and one-of-a-kind items like coins, cards, art, and stamps. With the inception and thriving of blockchain technology, NFTs are seen to represent the collector’s mentality shifting to the digital space for the first time.

The distinct and validatable nature of NFTs enables artists and collectors throughout the world to create one-of-a-kind digital collectibles that are powered by the blockchain. This budding technology makes it easy to guarantee authenticity and ownership in the digital space.

Nonetheless, what is most interesting is that digitizing a collectible in no way means eliminating it from the real world. Thus, it is highly likely to have both the physical art collectible and its digital counterpart which connects the virtual world with its real-world equivalent.

Tokenframe offers endless opportunities for you to bring all your NFTs and other collectibles to life. They use blockchain integrations to guarantee that any nonfungible token that is displayed is verifiably owned by the user. Authenticity is definitely their top priority. Sign up today to enjoy these top-quality products, tools, and services!

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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