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Plethori, by description, is the first cross-chain ETF trading and development platform that is powered by Polkadot. The era of decentralized finance (DeFi) has already kicked off and it appears like the new segment of digital finance is here for the long term.

With a strong foundation already in place, major investors are entering the world of decentralized finance. With the growing demand comes the need for definite financial services and products.

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Traditional investment structures are gradually starting to join the cryptocurrency sector. Among the serious investors is Plethori which is designed to meet the demands of the users. The team aims to deliver Cryptocurrency Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) to the masses via their platforms. It will soon launch crypto’s premier ETF Creation and Trading Platform.

Today, the value of ETFs globally exceeds $7.7 trillion and investors are turning their attention to the rapidly growing decentralized financial market. The massive demand introduces complex ideas that accommodate different types of investors. ETF platforms enable investors to benefit from entire industries like NFT, Insurance, and Oracles as the trends in the crypto space keep changing significantly.

Plethori brings in cross-chain functionality for smooth trading between the Polkadot and Ethereum ecosystems.

Plethori Main Features

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The need to create a cross-chain project has never been this critical. It is due to the recent increase in high fees that are charged by the networks like Ethereum. The high fees make trading and investment opportunities quite unprofitable to small-scale investors.

Despite the massive network fees, Ethereum still maintains its throne as the home of decentralized finance due to its developer saturation and scalability. Eth Layer 2 Optimism offers a solution to the current fee dilemma with Polkadot aiming to build on top of it. The Plethori platform comes with a smart contract functionality and compatibility through the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), where most of traded DeFi assets are native.

The most striking advantage of the cross-chain protocol is the affordable costs, enabling users to invest extra funds that would have otherwise been consumed as transaction fees. This platform’s functionality is maintained at an optimal level, mainly since the developers can mitigate service lag arising from singular network congestion using the cross-chain protocol.

Gamification is taking over the crypto and digital space as well and it will be another integral feature of the Plethori ecosystem. Recently, its role in the crypto sector has grown tremendously. ERC-721 integration will offer to support the delivery of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to reward the fund managers as continue rising through the ranks.

Undisputedly, Ethereum is the home of decentralized finance. However, the sharp increase in network fees is making investors consider looking elsewhere. Plethori mentioned that it will be using the ETH Layer 2 solution, Optimism. In the interest of operating a decentralized ecosystem, Optimism fits in perfectly.

Notably, their fiat gateway integration will enable users to invest in cryptocurrency funds through the platform. That will facilitate fiat to token investing and creating a link to the world of traditional finance services. With all these features and functionality, the bridge to the traditional finance world is expected to be achieved easily and seamlessly within the platform.

The Plethori Platform

Plethori is a Cryptocurrency ETF Investment Platform that supports open trading and the development of ETFs using Eth Layer 2 solutions and blockchain technology. The platform offers decentralized cross-chain investment for ETFs developed on the Polkadot and Ethereum blockchains.

The team has created a service that will let investors deposit capital in PLE tokens and then invest in an array of ETFs. This strategy will support investment in many industries including insurance, NFTs, Oracles, Derivatives, the Polkadot Network Projects.

By using the immutable nature of the blockchain, Plethori will offer a secure and trustless service to the users. Its structure is significantly more affordable compared to the existing TradFi and DeFi products.

The V1 platform offers users a chance to also invest in several system-generated ETFs. The V2 platform enables users to stake some collateral in exchange for the chance to create customized ETFs using their unique portfolio of tokens.

After they are created, the customized ETFs can be made available for purchase by potential investors. There is a built-in mechanism offering fund creators with some part of all transaction fees connected to the buying and selling of the customized ETFs. The better the performance of ETFs, the higher up in the leader boards the fund manager ranks. Also, the highly-ranked funds attract more investors.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.