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You Need A VPN These Days…


The virtual private network (VPN) is now a critical part of the lives of everyday internet users. 

Individual privacy has become scarce in the twenty-first century. 

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So many issues have created a new paradigm.

 Internet users have discovered many reasons why privacy is important.

These range from the discovery of data tracking, to the multiple data breaches that have occurred.

Internet users all over the world are now looking for ways and means of staying anonymous. 

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The age where humanity was excited with the emergence of the World Wide Web has ended. 

Now, the internet has become a regular part of our lives. 

In many cases, it has also become a bother.

Many people now create “downtime” for themselves away from the web.


World Governments Have Become Intrusive 

We live in an age where terrorism and other forms of violence are a regular occurrence. 

World governments have been looking for ways and means to keep track of criminals.

In the name of security, governments have limited the freedoms that populations enjoy. 

We have ever-reaching spying on internet activities in virtually every country. 

It has caused quite a storm. 

Many have tried to protest against the attempts by state actors to surveil the activities of their populations. 

The smart ones, however, look for the best VPNs that can protect them legally from the prying eyes of governments. 

It has created a new industry where anyone with the right technical skills can assemble a team and start a VPN company. 

However, privacy isn’t guaranteed with many VPNs, as anonymity is achieved in name only. 


Mediocre VPN Providers Litter Cyberspace

VPN providers have increased as the need for privacy has increased over time. 

However, this increase has brought challenges. 

The quality of many VPN providers has dropped.

Many of them are in the space to make quick profits without providing the best services. 

And it has created a lack of confidence within for many people. 

The anonymity the average internet user craves doesn’t exist on many VPN providers. 

They still can be tracked in many ways. 

However, with accurate information, users get to enjoy the best services.

Popular VPN comparison websites NordVPN and ExpressVPN are examples of platforms where accurate information is available to everyone.


The Right Information Affects VPN Usage 

Before now, we got information about VPNs from platforms run mostly by techies and hobbyists. 

The net effect of this approach has been the many inaccuracies about VPNs out there.

 It has led to the patronage of mostly sub-par VPN services.

A professional approach towards presenting accurate information gives everyone a new perspective. 

It also focuses on users who want the best is the right way of ensuring privacy.

Users get discouraged when they realize their VPN services aren’t working. 

And they give up the quest for privacy altogether. 

As such, the decline in VPN services has more to do with the sources of information available. 

However, this trend is on the decline. 

New sources of information are available.

Content platforms vet VPN providers before they are recommended for use.

And VPN use is on the rise again.



Hackers are Having a Field Day 

Cybersecurity has been one of the critical issues since the COVID-19 pandemic occurred.

The internet has been awash with all kinds of security breaches. 

Personally-identifying information (PII) is being sold today in the darkest corners of the web at the cheapest prices. 

All of this is occurring because of lax security policies that network administrators of internet service providers (ISPs) have put in place. 

It has also necessitated for use on an almost constant basis for VPN use. 

Wi-Fi networks these days are no longer the bastions of security we thought them to be. 

As such, information transmitted across such and other networks needs to have an extra layer of security. 

Again, as hackers update their tricks, the best VPN providers always update their defenses. 


Corporate Organizations Have Issues

We live in an age where intellectual property is pure gold. 

With the trends moving towards remote work, corporate organizations now have to transmit information to their teams who aren’t in the same location.

It has given rise to cyber thieves who find new ways and means of stealing corporate secrets.

The use of VPNs when communicating with teams across different jurisdictions ensures hackers have a hard time dealing with corporate entities. 

In this case, corporate privacy is assured by the use of the right VPN provider. 

Express VPN, as a premium information provider, gives everyone accurate and up-to-date information.

Personal Freedom is a Right

In many countries, personal freedom is not guaranteed by the authorities.

Firewalls and other network infrastructure limit access to information. 

So the individual’s worldview is shaped by the kind of information that is accessed.

This restriction of information has created multipolar societies.

The person who has access to more information rules. 

VPNs give individual users the right to search for the information they require to make critical decisions. 

And with the anonymity they provide, privacy is ensured.


Your Privacy Protection is up to You

The journey towards perfect privacy protections won’t be complete without the users’ participation.

The choice to protect yourself from hackers, from government intrusion, or simply the desire to keep personal stuff private is yours.

Many people miss out on the fact that privacy starts with the person involved.

You can either choose to be ignorant about the fact that privacy issues are real, or you can make decisions to improve your personal and professional cybersafety by using VPNs that provide excellent service. 

One of the best information resources for personal and professional privacy protection out there is Surf Shark VPN.

Their careful attention to detail provides a backdrop for effective privacy protection. 

And that is how privacy works! 


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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.