Video: Apple’s slowing down your old iPhone – here’s how to fix it

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Look, you haven’t lost your mind. Your old iPhone may actually be slower than before. Why? Because Apple introduced a software feature that slows your device down when it has suffered a battery-related shutdown.

Even if the change was meant to stop iPhones randomly turning off, the fact the company did it without the public’s knowledge (rightfully) pissed a whole bunch of people off. In response, Apple tried to make amends in two ways. The first was to give people a big price reduction on iPhone battery replacements. The second was to let people turn the throttling feature off.

So, if you want to discover if this has happened to your phone – and how you can fix it – check the video above. It’s short and gives you all the info you need.

Oh, you don’t fancy watching something? Well, that’s a shame. Luckily, we have your back and you can read a text version of it here.

Remember though – Apple introduced the throttling feature for a reason. If you disable it, your phone might randomly turn off. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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