Valtech Launches Inaugural NFT Experience for Attendees at C2 Montreal

Valtech re-imagines the possibilities of in-person events at C2 Montreal 2022, leading and creating an extensive NFT experience to enable participants to collect POAPs, prizes, and more

Valtech, a global business transformation agency, today announced a partnership with C2 Montreal 2022, an immersive event that relies on experiences, to launch the first-ever extensive NFT experience for event attendees. Through a combination of gamification and Web3, the experience delivers an innovative touch to the return of in-person events by creating personalized experiences at scale and initiating long-lasting engagement and community.

“We saw the explosion of the NFT marketplace during the pandemic while events and conferences were put on hold or went entirely virtual, and we’re excited to partner with C2 Montreal to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind experience for event attendees that incorporates the latest in experiential innovation,” said Damien Lefebvre, Executive Vice President, North America, Valtech. “We’re especially thrilled to help C2 Montreal launch its first-ever NFT experience, and we are looking forward to continuing to scale and personalize the experience for guests at future C2 events.”

Valtech delivers captivating, one-of-a-kind, hands-on experience at C2 Montreal 2022Valtech is partnering with C2 Montreal 2022 to provide registered guests with the opportunity to walk away from the event with more than just memories. Guests will have the opportunity to learn how to create their own crypto wallet, with the assistance of ten Valtech Web3 experts who will be on-site to demonstrate how to set up wallets for participants.

Crypto wallet holders will then be able to collect tradable digital badges as Proof of Attendance Protocols (POAPs) while participating in ten event activities for a more playful, future-forward experience. Not only will guests receive a special commemorative experience and be able to take home their token wallets, but metadata collected from the POAPs and token wallets will also provide attendees with the opportunity to participate in a raffle and win prizes at C2 Montreal 2022. Each POAP collected increases a guest’s chances at winning the raffle, and POAPs collected at this year’s event will be applicable at future C2 Montreal activities.

“For this edition of C2MTL22, we decided to collaborate with a company with strong local ties to develop our first ever NFT experience,” said Anick Beaulieu, Vice President, Growth and Partnerships, C2 International. “The approach we are taking with Valtech is to make this technology accessible to the largest number of people, while also adding a touch of gamification to our event.”

Valtech Leaders at C2 Montreal 2022In addition to the NFT experience, C2 Montreal attendees will have the opportunity to hear insights from Damien Lefebvre on how brands can invest in the NFT world to increase proximity to their communities. The panel event will include co-presenters Avery Akkineni, President of Vayner 3, and Alexy Préfontaine, a leading NFT artist for Aeforia, and be moderated by Shira Lazar, Founder and CEO of What’s Trending.

For more information on Valtech’s NFT experience at C2 Montreal 2022, please visit:

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