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playNomm Plans to Build 1 Million DAO to Realize the Value of Web3

SEOUL, KOREA, Sept. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — playNomm is proud to announce their plan to build 1 million DAO to realize the value of Web 3.0. In spite of the harsh crypto winter, a new NFT marketplace 2.0, playNomm has been launched this year. Emphasizing on the value of trust and cooperation, their mission is to help the society in needing new jobs, new sources of income, and new social management methods for the 4th industrial revolution era. The 4th industrial revolution era started with Web 1.0 and is now at the stage of Web 3.0.

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Going through the era of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, the contents and information became centralized, making a few platform companies to monopolize and make a huge profit out of it. This brought up the issue of sharing to the table. While the value of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 was sharing, the core value of Web 3.0 is symbiosis, with decentralization. The restoration of data sovereignty of users, and fair and transparent distribution of user-created values are the essential values of the Web 3.0 era.

playNomm is running on its own developed LeisureMetaverse (https://leisuremeta.io/) mainnet. LM project had a lot of thoughts in how to make a better future for the individual and society, beyond the cryptocurrency business and blockchain services. Up until now, NFT has been considered a digital artwork with investment value. However, since the advancement and diversification of Web 3.0, NFT’s scope of application and its value will gradually expand accordingly. LM project believes that NFT should have a real-life value as well as being the digital art collection. They also believe that trust and cooperation are essential values in our lives and society to be sustainable. This project started from this, believing that trust and cooperation are the main values that the blockchain technology delivers.

The blockchain technology enables data verification and distributed ledger without intermediaries, such as small number of platform-owned companies, and NFT enables digital assets to be valued through proof of ownership and scarcity. With DAO, running on the blockchain technology, the DAO participate in the policy making for the network and community through smart contract, and distributes profits fairly and transparently.

The LM project is based on its owned mainnet, LeisureMetaverse blockchain, and the LM token economy. As the first blockchain service platform of LM project, playNomm runs on its owned mainnet, making it highly efficient with secured safety and sustainability, and zero gas fee. Also, the intuitive UI/UX and wallet service enhance user convenience. Furthermore, playNomm implemented a strong reward model and a healthy token economy with its LM token. Along with many advantages of the service, the main distinction of our service is really the value of NFTs playNomm pursuits. Unlike other open NFT marketplace, NFTs being sold on playNomm not only has its artistic value but also many attractive utilities that can be used in the real world, because the NFTs in the playNomm marketplace are selected carefully in planning, creating, and selling stages. This is why playNomm is the new game changer NFT marketplace 2.0. In recognition of the LeisureMeta mainnet based NFT Marketplace, playNomm acquired UAE ‘NFTs E-Marketplace Provider’ license this June which has made a foundation of a global growth strategy for playNomm as a global player.

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Starting with the NFT marketplace 2.0, playNomm, LM project plans to build a metaverse city and a “Blockchain Twincity”, expanding the online business through the real-life infrastructure-based services, for their next steps. playNomm believes that the principal factor to succeed is the DAO, since the value of trust is based on the blockchain technology while the value of cooperation penetrates through DAO. As trust and cooperation are the vital features leading to a sustainable life and society, the importance of a healthy DAO is crucial. This is why playNomm is the DAO platform that realizes the value of Web 3.0.

Since playNomm runs on its own developed LeisureMetaverse mainnet, it can provide unlimited number of DAOs with highly active user activities. While providing rewards for the active DAO users with the LM token, it will nurture the many NFT rooted DAOs to become a sustainable social, economic, and cultural communities.

The ultimate goal for LM project is to build a digital city that connects the virtual world and the real-world. In this “Blockchain Twincity,” NFTs will become the ID and the members of the DAO will experience a life of economic freedom by utilizing the services provided by the NFTs. The goal for playNomm is to become a global NFT marketplace hub embracing both the playNomm’s DAO and the original NFT DAOs.

playNomm is starting its first NFT sale, BPS (Block People Soul) project, this October. A collaboration project by a Brick artist, Jin Kei, and an Ink portrait artist, Younghun Shin, with playNomm’s planning and marketing. The purchaser of BPS NFT will become the first member of the playNomm’s DAO, and will receive the most rewards and benefits, as the early members in supporting the values of playNomm.

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Telegram: https://t.me/playNomm

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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