• Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

FOMO Lab Launches their Product Ecosystem Alongside the $FOMO Token


Fomo Lab, the market leading Metaverse architects, intellectual property specialist,s and creation studio has today announced the launch of the long-awaited $FOMO token which will go live on the Ethereum mainnet. In just under a year and a half, Fomo Lab has established itself as the bridge between the Web2 and Web3 space.

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With the revolutionary NFT marketplace The Avenue, Fomo Lab has to date sold over $3.5 million in NFTs which has included partnerships with world-renowned celebrities, artists, musicians, and fashion icons including Mr. Bean, professional road racing cyclist Mark Cavendish, and Tyson Fury (the professional boxer’s NFT selling for $987,000).

Khalil Kassam, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer at Fomo Lab commented on the project’s new developments:

Fomo Lab is a one-stop shop for Web3 enthusiasts and NFT lovers. The recent developments we have been working on, around enhancing our product ecosystem have all had one goal in mind: making NFTs and the Web3 world more accessible to the masses. We listen to our community and following the true ethos of decentralisation, we continue to develop user-friendly onramps for people to discover decentralised financial technologies through education, media, communities, and culture.”

“We have big plans and are looking to catalyse Fomo Lab as a household name by bringing tier 1 “In Real Life” brands into the Web3 space and assisting companies in successfully launching their NFT collections and metaverse builds. Fomo Lab was created with the purpose of connecting Web3 enthusiasts and communities to enhance lives and businesses through new technologies and this is exactly what is happening now.”

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$FOMO Token

The $FOMO token Token Generation Event will commence on the 28th of September at 3PM UTC.

The community will be able to purchase the $FOMO on Fomo Lab’s partner launchpad IDO platforms (GamiFi and GemPad) as well as via UniSwap. Legacy BSC/FOMO token holders will be able to deposit their tokens into the Fomo Deposit Dashboard (https://deposit.fomolab.app/) and will be able to claim their tokens a day after Fomo Lab’s TGE event – on the 29th of September at 8am UTC. Alongside holders that deposit their tokens, Seed and Private sale investors of the $FOMO token will be able to claim their tokens via the Claim Dashboard via https://dashboard.fomolab.app/.


The $FOMO token will include and span from (amongst other utilities):

  • Within the FomoVERSE — as a means of transacting and earning rewards throughout the MetaGALLERY and the Play and Earn Battlechain game (integration to be enabled after Alpha and Beta releases)
  • Usage within The Avenue NFT marketplace as a token to purchase, sell and list digital assets.
  • As well as being the core fee token associated with listing and trading assets on the market Ecosystem rewards (P2E rewards, Loot Boxes, Airdrops)
  • A token to be used within the FomoLAUNCH Pad for access to IDOs as well as a reward token to be used in the FomoSTAKE dApp
  • Utility for other GameFi developers with the creation of the Fomo Lab ERC-20 SDK for Unreal Engine & Unity.
  • $FOMO will also be the core governance token for making proposals on Snapshot, DAOHaus, and eventually our own standalone DAO platform/Dashboard.


The Avenue NFT Marketplace

The Avenue will amalgamate the features of Web2 social media platforms as well as the functionality of NFT marketplaces, where users are able to connect their wallets to buy, sell and bid on NFTs that exist on the marketplace.

Alongside this, The Avenue is proud to present the innovative functionality of being able to comment on different NFTs on the platform as well as being able to stake different NFTs in staking pools and be rewarded for doing so in $FOMO tokens. The platform endeavors on providing full control of users’ NFTs when engaging with the platform and wants to bring NFTs to the masses.


FomoLAUNCH Pad Platform

The Fomo Lab Launchpad will allow for crypto / NFT / GameFi / DeFi / Metaverse projects to proceed with their IDOs (this will be released on the native ETH Mainnet), the purpose of the Launchpad is to allow projects to gain new eyes, raise appropriate funds and have full control over their launch strategy.



FomoSTAKE dApp

The FomoSTAKE dApp is a multi-chain staking platform that will enable holders of the $FOMO token to stake both $FOMO and $FOMO LP tokens to earn passive $FOMO tokens. This will be linked to the lock-up period and APR of the staking pool in which the holder participates. Community members can earn up to 32.4% APR when staking the $FOMO token.


The Fomo Claim Dashboard will allow users to claim their Seed, Private, and claimable $FOMO token exchange.

Legacy holders of the BSC token are able to deposit their tokens and claim their $FOMO tokens on the ETH mainnet on the 29th of September at 8 am UTC.


Fomo Claim Dashboard

The Fomo Claim Dashboard will allow for users to claim their Seed, Private and claimable $FOMO token exchange.

Legacy holders of the BSC token are able to deposit their tokens and claim their $FOMO tokens on the ETH mainnet on the 29th of September at 8am UTC.


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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.