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Useless Crypto Releases AllForOne Multichain Wallet

 As CEO David Wyly Named Cryptopia DeFi Panelist

OREM, Utah, April 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A migration from Binance Smart Chain to Harmony Protocol has proved very fruitful for the ironically-named crypto startup this week. On the heels of the Open-Beta launch of their highly anticipated multi chain wallet in the AllForOne App, Useless is exceptionally pleased to be featured among the many talented Salt Lake City Tech companies at this year’s Cryptopia SLC on May 26th.

The AllForOne app is quickly becoming the Swiss Army knife of DeFi, with capabilities like charting in multiple timeframes, live blockchain transaction data, whale watching of the top 50 holders, the popular community ranking feature of Eclipse, and now their multi-chain wallet currently supporting BSC, ETH, and Harmony network tokens all neatly visible on one screen. AllForOne also boasts better security than even the most popular Defi wallets like Metamask, by ensuring private keys and seed phrases are never stored to a cloud, and secured only on the local device, behind biometrics.

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The wallet’s multi-chain integration comes after a contract upgrade and migration of almost half their LP from Binance Smart Chain over to Harmony One, and immediately becoming a top project by MC on the Harmony protocol. The contract upgrades boast big benefits for holders, such as a reduction in tokenomics taxation down from 8% to just 3%, with 1% to Marketing, 1% to LP/Burn and 1% towards Rewards. Favoring the Harmony network and encouraging migration for its holders, tokenomics rewards and benefits will only take place on the ONE chain via holding $USE/$ONE. Taxation on BSC (and after May 5th, ETH) has been reduced to 0% to encourage volume trading and arbitrage between chains.

Their CEO’s recognition as a DeFi Panelist at Cryptopia is by far the most exciting news for the team this week though, being a Utah-based startup, with the conference taking place in Useless’s own backyard. Not only will David Wyly be speaking, but all doxxed devs will be managing the booth inside the events center with Useless Merchandise for giveaways and featuring a video display of the AllForOne App. The Useless team is incredibly excited and looking forward to the full-feature release of the AllForOne app that will include fiat on-ramping, and buy/sell buttons on all tokens, by end of Q2 2022.

The team is also in the process of securing its first round of VC funding to bring the best full-featured product to market once out of open beta, and things are looking promising.

Contract addresses for Useless are:USE/ONE : 0xC079d0385492Ac2D0e89ca079c186Dd71ef49B1e1USE/BSC : 0x60d66a5152612F7D550796910d022Cb2c77B09de

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.