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New York (April 18, 2022) – Founded by a group of futurists with a passion for fine art and specialized expertise in blockchain technology, ART IS is an NFT driven platform offering a full suite of services designed to help artists navigate the digital and physical sea-change disrupting the art market today. The group helps artists amplify their message to a highly engaged, vast global audience through specialized NFT minting services, documentary film profiles, digital exhibition space, and a network of gallery spaces in New York City, Malibu, and Beverly Hills. ART IS partnerships already established include Pilar Zeta, Violetta KomyshanMalik Roberts, Michael Christopher Brown, Tom Franco, and more, with the first ART IS exhibition with Lindsey Price in Malibu, slated for April 28, 2022.“Our ultimate goal is to democratize art curation and through blockchain technology, support artists with a global platform that allows them to showcase their work how, when, and where they choose,” says ART IS Founder and CEO Gabriel Paxton, a serial entrepreneur, blockchain specialist, and virtual reality expert, “Through ART IS, we are proud to onboard artists into the Metaverse, minting and exhibiting their NFT artwork using the power of the blockchain, and amplifying their work to a highly engaged international audience like never before.”


Art is no longer just displayed and experienced at the local institutional level, which is why ART IS has broadened its scope beyond its physical exhibition spaces in New York City (with Allouche Gallery), and on the West Coast in Malibu and Beverly Hills. These venues represent just one facet of the group’s dual digital-physical platforms. The company specializes in onboarding artists to Web3 and the Metaverse, taking a collaborative approach with each partner to conceptualize and produce NFT applications and entire digital collections that best reflect their artistic vision. The group’s digital hub serves as an NFT minting portal for artists, an NFT marketplace, virtual catalog, and gallery, with a membership component that will offer significant value, rewards, and utilities associated with ART IS NFT collections. Regardless of an individual’s chosen medium, says ART IS Co-Founder and Head of Talent Dom Wojnarowski, “ART IS takes an inclusive approach to artist curation and collaboration. We seek to work with creative collaborators whose highly individual worldviews shine through cohesive bodies of work, whether through traditional visual art forms, avant-garde installations, digital creations, or performing arts.” The NFT-driven ART IS platform also offers a measure of censorship protection to vulnerable artists working to effect social change at the grassroots level.  


According to David Li, ART IS Head of Content and Strategy and former HBO executive,  “At ART IS, we believe that art is inseparable from narrative. Each artist has a story to tell,” he says. “That is why our team is producing original documentary programming to help each artist broadcast their vision to the world, and in doing so, exponentially boost their positive impact.” Each episode in the dynamic eight-part series will follow the classic “hero’s journey,” revealing their creative processes, core beliefs, and unique community influence while challenging assumptions and the status quo. The ART IS documentary series will be presented at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, and following its debut, the series will engage audiences across multiple channels. Further ART IS exhibitions and film premiers will be announced in the coming weeks.
ART IS is an art gallery and marketplace, global community, NFT minting portal, production house, and artist advocacy firm. Founded by a collection of futurists with a passion for positive impact art and specialized expertise in NFTs, ART IS aims to disrupt the prevailing narratives in art and technology and democratize art curation by leveraging the power of storytelling and the censorship-resistant benefits of blockchain technology.
ART IS has created a new art ecosystem that displaces traditional gatekeepers and empowers artists, broadcasting their vision and content to a highly engaged global community through our metaverse gallery, documentary series and digital platforms, physical gallery spaces in Malibu, Beverly Hills, and New York City, and NFT minting and artist management services. For more information, visit DISCOVERARTIS.COM

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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