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Growwland is Revolutionizing the Banking Industry with the Launch of the Growwcoin




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The solution that all cannabis companies have been waiting for.

GrowwLand is today announcing the global initial coin offering – GrowwCoin, the revolutionary cryptocurrency designed for the hemp and cannabis communities to help them work around the banking issues that have plagued them for years. Here is how to get involved.

20th of April, 2022, Los Angeles; GROWW LAND LLC is here to revolutionize the hemp and cannabis industry, by offering an alternative solution for the ongoing banking issues that are affecting the majority of the cannabis companies worldwide. For those unaware of the issues, businesses within the hemp and cannabis communities, particularly in the United States, either cannot open a bank account, or have to pay ridiculously high monthly fees if they are able to find someone willing to assist in banking services.

The US national cannabis industry is expected to be worth over 30 billion USD alone in 2022. Even so, banks are tightening up on their regulations and processes on the cannabis companies that are trying to open a bank account. Many companies are now looking to cryptocurrency as the answer to their problems, and GrowwCoin is looking to be amongst the biggest cryptocurrency worldwide by 2025.

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GrowwCoin is created by, and for the hemp and cannabis communities. It’s designed as a straightforward coin cryptocurrency, and can do whatever any other coin cryptocurrency can do. Big industry profiles have already expressed their excitement about the innovative solution, and have been quick on getting behind it. “The world is changing rapidly, the cannabis industry and cryptocurrencies are disruptive markets that will help with this paradigm shift. Welcome to a new era”. – Says the Co- Founder Jiangsu Wongpec.

There are two different ways of getting involved in GrowwCoin, it’s either as a consumer, or a hemp and cannabis company. Let’s dig deeper into what this means:

B2C: You need to download a wallet (available on apple and android) and buy x amount of GrowwCoin. Then go to your dispensary or CBD store and tell them that you want to pay with GrowwCoin (your wallet is in your phone so you have it with you). Over time, more and more businesses will accept this payment method but it will start with you, the consumer.

B2B: Businesses within the industry, from dispensaries, manufactures and all the way up to seed salesman need to make the move of accepting GrowwCoin from your customers. Negotiate with suppliers to use GrowwCoin. Pay your employees with GrowwCoin (they have bank accounts). While doing these things won’t completely solve your problem, doing them will take a significant portion of your business away from needing a bank account.

GrowwCoin is available for any two people with wallets and wills to conduct business of any subject together through use of GrowwCoin. It can also be used to shield oneself from inflation which is a significant current issue with fiat currency. Built for the hemp and cannabis communities, with unique banking needs, GrowwCoin will be a game changer.


Read more and download the wallet available for iOS and Android and be part of the revolutionary change – GrowwCoin.





Find the GrowwLand wallet on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android)

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.