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TryTrade Review – Low Costs and Intuitive Trading Resources



TryTrade is an incredible platform for traders who demand low-cost investment instruments and user-friendly trading tools.

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Account Minimum: $0

Fees: Zero commissions for stock and ETF trading, $1 per contract fee for options trades

Top Benefits of TryTrade

TryTrade has continually championed low-cost online investing. However, trading on the platform also comes with several other unique perks, as discussed below.

Lower fees and spreads

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TryTrade offers commissions-free stock and ETF trading. It has also eliminated typical costs such as minimum account deposits, account transfer, and closure fees, inactivity fees, checking fees, and domestic wire transfer fees.

Outstanding trade executions

TryTrade ‘s trading platform leverages proprietary trading algorithms that automatically route orders to more than 50 market centers, including exchanges, market makers, and automated trading platforms. That enables traders to get the best price executions.

User-friendly research and educational resources

TryTrade supports multiple trading platforms with highly customizable and intuitive features for a fulfilling user experience. The broker also boasts rich educational offerings in various formats, including articles, videos, infographics, and webinars.

Excellent customer support

TryTrade provides reliable client support with shorter response times and quick resolutions. It has a dedicated phone line, email address, and messaging center for round-the-clock customer support. You can also use the live chat function on TryTrade ‘s trading platforms to speak to professionals in real-time.


On many occasions, this broker’s unwavering commitment to lower trading fees and strong market position has enabled it to top the list of the best low-cost brokers in the industry. Although the broker offers several other benefits, it is not without a few constraints that could affect your trading experience in various ways.


● Lower fees and spreads

● Intuitive research tools and trading tools

● Excellent trade execution

● Rich educational resources

● Diverse investment products

● Exceptional customer support


● Limited geographical coverage

● The onboarding process is a bit slow on all TryTrade ‘s trading platforms

TryTrade Usability and Trade Experience

Although signing up to TryTrade is relatively slow, the overall trading experience is seamless since the platforms have similar tools and functions. TryTrade allows you to open multiple accounts based on your investment goals and needs. That also makes it easier to use the desktop, web, and mobile versions simultaneously.

The broker’s desktop version, web-based platform, and mobile app offer similar asset classes and products. They also support various fundamental and technical tools. The standard account amenities and functionalities available on all the platforms include asset screeners, charts, trading idea generators, portfolio analysis, calculators, multi-leg options, research, and news.

Active traders and seasoned investors should consider TryTrade ‘s desktop version, which offers more sophisticated analysis, research, and trading tools. The primary web and mobile platforms are simpler to use and meet the needs of beginner traders and casual investors.

Trading Instruments

TryTrade also provides various investment products for different types of traders and investors. Their product offerings incorporate multiple asset classes and other innovative trading instruments to delight novice retail traders and seasoned institutional investors. Here are the tradeable products on TryTrade.

● Stocks

● Mutual Funds

● Bonds

● Forex

● Crypto

● Options

● ETFs

TryTrade ‘s portfolio also comprises a broader selection of securities such as IPOs, ETPs, and TIPS. Besides, it supports trading using more than 16 different currencies across more than 25 countries worldwide.


TryTrade has repeatedly ranked top among the best low-cost brokers. Here is a breakdown of the trading and administrative costs on TryTrade.

● No account minimum

● Zero commissions stock and ETF trades

● $1 per contract fee for options trades

● No fees for the account transfer, closure, and inactivity

● No commissions for paper statements, checks, and domestic wires

TryTrade uses a tier-based pricing mechanism for its margin interest rates, ensuring standard minimal fees. However, international trades incur various costs. So, take a careful look at the comprehensive fee schedule on TryTrade ‘s website before entering any orders.


TryTrade does a great job providing its clients with rich educational content. The resources are available in multiple formats, including videos, articles, infographics, and webinars. Besides, traders have access to trading idea generators, analysis tools, and research on all TryTrade ‘s trading platforms.

Our Take

TryTrade is an excellent brokerage for traders and investors who need access to various investment products with lower trading fees and administrative costs. It boasts multiple intuitive trading programs, extensive educational resources, and reliable customer support. Overall, TryTrade is an all-around investment platform with unique offerings to meet the demands of beginners, passive investors, and active traders.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore is the main author and editor for E-Crypto News.