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Sonder Group Review- Interactive Copy Trading

Sonder Group


Sonder Group is an excellent choice for beginners and casual traders who demand an intuitive social trading experience.

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Minimum Account Deposit: $0

Products: Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds, ETFs, Options, Crypto, and more

Fees: No-commissions stock trading

Why We Choose Sonder Group

Sonder Group has gained significant traction in the industry, attracting retail traders and institutional investors globally. Here’s a rundown of Sonder Group’s top benefits to traders and investors.

Intuitive social trading resources

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Sonder Group’s copy trading function is one of the key highlights that give it an edge. The copy trading feature allows users to mirror the portfolios of other experienced traders. This broker’s social trading feature enables you to significantly reduce risk exposure and gain hands-on trading skills without undertaking prolonged courses and training.

Diverse product offerings

Sonder Group offers an impressive selection of asset classes and other unique products to delight different types of traders and investors. The broker’s portfolio is robust enough to meet the demands of passive investors and active traders.

Multiple trading platforms

Sonder Group supports desktop, web, and mobile versions. The platforms integrate robust, customizable trading tools and resources that allow every user to personalize the functions to their specific needs and preferences.

Sonder Group


Sonder Group ranks highly among the best social trading platforms in the industry today. However, the success did not come all at once. Instead, the broker has continually innovated its trading policies and practices to appeal to different types of traders and investors. Sonder Group now boasts a streamlined approach to online trading, but it still falls short in a few areas you should find out before investing.


● Intuitive social trading tools

● Multiple trading platforms

● Diverse product offerings

● Extensive industry research and investor education

● Reliable customer support


● The mobile app supports limited features and functions

● Sonder Group’s services are inaccessible in some regions

Trading Experience

Traders and investors can quickly sign up to Sonder Group via their desktop, web, and mobile versions. Onboarding is straightforward and quick across all the platforms since they share similar features. The absence of account minimums means you can immediately open an account without funding.

There are several other fundamental and advanced tools that you can access on Sonder Group’s desktop, web, and mobile platforms. The typical trading resources and amenities include charts, screeners, drawing tools, portfolio analysis, price alerts, multi-leg options, research, trading idea generators, and news.

Copy trading

The copy trading function is accessible on all Sonder Group’s platforms. It features a comprehensive menu with various tools and resources to simplify trading. Users of Sonder Group’s copy trading have access to the portfolios of different expert traders and convenient means for analyzing and evaluating the trades before copying them onto their portfolios.

The menu features the past and current portfolios of various experienced traders that you can copy directly or use as a reference for developing your portfolio.

Range of Products

Sonder Group boasts extensive product offerings that include a mix of ordinary assets, new asset classes, and other unique investments. The range of their trading instruments seeks to meet the varying demands of retail traders and institutional investors. Sonder Group frequently adds new products to its portfolio based on customer demand.

Sonder Group’s product offerings include the following.

● Stocks

● Mutual Funds

● Bonds

● Forex

● Crypto

● Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

● Options

Sonder Group provides a robust selection of all the major cryptocurrencies and currency pairs, mutual funds, bonds, and high-growth stocks. Besides, they plan to introduce several new fixed-income products to give investors more options.

Fees and Commissions

Sonder Group’s clients are not subject to minimum account deposits, account transfer or closure fees, and inactivity fees. Besides, stock trades are also commission-free on Sonder Group. The margin interest rates and other costs vary according to your chosen assets, transaction volumes, and the services you acquire from the broker. Nonetheless, Sonder Group strives to keep its fees and spreads within the industry averages.

Who is Sonder Group Best For?

Sonder Group shines with intuitive social trading resources, various investment products, extensive investor education materials, and reliable customer support. It is an incredible platform for beginners and passive investors who need hands-on trading experiences without intensive training. However, active traders can still find Sonder Group to be an innovative platform for online investing.

Disclaimer: This is sponsored marketing content.

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Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

Kevin Moore - E-Crypto News Editor

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