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Top Storylines for the 2022 FIFA World Cup

FIFA 2022

FIFA 2022

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is brewing hot with impressive teams eager to take their chance at winning the trophy. Fans watch out for many expected storylines in the competition, which brings more excitement, especially with elite teams coming for their chance at greatness.

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The FIFA World Cup is the biggest stage in football which brings nations together for a huge event that will name the kings of the sport. The previous edition has brought a lot of storied finishes in the competition, and this year’s tourney promises to be as exciting as the 2018 competition.

All upcoming in-play events at the World Cup are much awaited by fans all over the world. They expect various teams to perform at the highest level, especially with more star players playing for their respective sides. On top of that, fans can also try to win huge prizes with the use of crypto sports betting.

Here are the top storylines for the 2022 FIFA World Cup:

France’s campaign for back-to-back titles

France made history the last time they played in the FIFA World Cup. The champs managed to seal the deal in their trip to Moscow in the 2018 edition and lifted the trophy against all odds. Fans are now expecting more from the team to come up with a win this time and become one of the few teams to achieve a back-to-back triumph on the big stage.

With a roster filled with a flurry of stars, the return of Karim Benzema to the national team is a huge boost. Kylian Mbappe will lead the way, but the high level of attack that the duo has will be enough to be a threat against any other team in the competition. This is why fans are keen to see a repeat of the 2018 FIFA World Cup with France surging up top.

Germany’s new face

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Manuel Neuer and the boys are still up for some challenges in the FIFA World Cup, and they are aiming to bring their best game on the big stage. However, Hansi Flick is the new face on the block who’s supposed to bring them to their success, and he may be preparing a few tricks up his sleeve to shock the world with a success in the World Cup.

Flick is known for being the catalyst of Bayern Munich’s success in their 2020 run. The club went on to win the Bundesliga, Champions League, and the FIFA Club World Cup. Germany fans are now counting on him to replicate that kind of feat in the competition by leading the rest of the squad in a sea of competitive teams in the world.

England’s hyped surge

England may have found a renewed surge after their recent big push in the Euro 2020. The Three Lions emerged as one of the leading contenders for the World Cup after Gareth Southgate’s boys managed to reach the final of the Euros, and it is expected that the squad would even go further by showing the same grit in the upcoming competition.

Under the leadership of Harry Maguire and the rest of the gang, England is bound for a much bigger drive in the FIFA World Cup as the squad hopes to show the world that they are football contenders.

Brazil’s rising frustrations

Brazil may be deemed as the most successful team in the football world, but they are too far gone when it comes to winning in the FIFA World Cup. The last time the team managed to steal a win in the competition was in 2002, which was a stunning victory by the squad. Since then, they haven’t made it back to the top of the tourney, and the drought continues.

Neymar’s captaincy has been in doubt over the years as he is yet to bring a title home for Brazil. The Paris Saint-Germain star may have a lot of chances to prove his worth as a leader for a football nation that is hungry to become the champions of the FIFA World Cup once more.

Italy’s quest for greatness

Italy has been making waves in the past few years, and their success in the Euro 2020 after beating England was a huge feat that they deserved so much. Most of their success can be attributed to the new improved defensive line that they used against some of the highly rated attacks from known squads.

This is one of the reasons why Roberto Mancini’s boys are thriving en route to the World Cup. The competition is their biggest chance to show why they are the best in the sport. On top of that, all upcoming in-play events for Italy are mostly in their favor so far, which should give them a much better chance to show their worth as a football juggernaut.

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